Full List of Moesha Episodes

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Below is a complete Moesha episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Moesha episodes are listed along with the Moesha episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Moesha episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “Niece” to “Double Date.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Moesha episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Pilot Jan 23 1996
Moesha copes with the fact that her father, Frank, has a new wife, Dee, which means that her plans of caring for Frank and brother, Myles, are over. Moesha soon becomes jealous when she finds ...more
Friends Jan 30 1996
"Friends" is the second episode of season one of the UPN Television Network television series Moesha. The episode was written by Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears. It was the first ...more
Sixteen Feb 06 1996
Moesha turns 16 and is officially able to date. She anxiously enters the dating game...at least wants to but no one asks her out. After reluctantly accepting a date with Ohagi, Dee has a ...more
Hakeem Owes Moesha Big Feb 13 1996
Moesha loans Hakeem $20 but then has to wait for him to repay her. After two weeks, she angrily tracks him down and has to learn that his mother has been laid off from her job. With a little ...more
Million Boy March Feb 20 1996
Musical guest: Jodeci Moesha and Kim want to join the ""Council of Concerned Youth,"" an all-male organization. Whitlock, the leader, doesn't believe in girls having the ...more
Driving Miss Moesha Mar 05 1996
Frank surprises Moesha with a brand new car, but she declines the car because it's a Saturn and not the Jeep she wants. Standing her ground, Mo persuades her father to let her find her own car, ...more
Chain, Chain, Chain Mar 12 1996
Moesha and her family receive individual chain letters. Non-believer Mo simply burns her letter and encourages the family to do the same. But with the results of the chain letters, in bad ...more
Job Mar 26 1996
Moesha and Kim land jobs in ""market research"" at the mall. Mo becomes excited at the prospect of earning her own money and getting a taste of adulthood, but she accepts a ...more
Niece Apr 09 1996
Standoffish Moesha begins to see a side of Dee she hadn't opened her eyes to when Dee's niece Charisse visits to spend some time with her aunt. Meanwhile, Andell goes on a date with her old ...more
Reunion Apr 23 1996
Frank arranges a reunion of Moesha's old friends, including her closest friend, Matt, but when romantic sparks fly between Moesha and Matt, Frank's concern for Moesha's well-being leads him to ...more
The Ditch Party Apr 30 1996
Moesha competes with her locker partner Gabriella for an internship with the L.A. Times and, after Gabriella gets a killer story (thanks to Hakeem), Moesha has to write an even bigger story. So ...more
Mother's Day May 07 1996
Musical guest: Out of Eden Mother's Day approaches and Frank makes plans to treat Dee to a holiday brunch at The Den, but Moesha, still grieving over the loss of her mother, tries to resist a ...more
Baby Love May 14 1996
Frank and Dee announce they would like to have a baby. Moesha doesn't think that it's a good idea and tells Myles that if he agrees with them, he'll be replaced. But after realizing that she's ...more
Hakeem's New Flame May 21 1996
Hakeem begins dating a beautiful girl from Hamilton High named Geneva, but Moesha soon misses his constant presence in her life. So Kim enlists her help in a scheme designed to break up the new ...more
The List Aug 27 1996
The boys' annual ""list"" comes out and Moesha isn't pleased to discover that she's been named as having the ""biggest booty"". (Kim is named as having ...more
Credit Card Sep 03 1996
After passing on the Saturn, Moesha now receives her Jeep, but she already regrets it. After her car runs out of fuel, being short on money and bothering her parents for money and a ride, Frank ...more
Mama Said Knock You Out Sep 10 1996
Kim becomes jealous when Moesha begins to hang out with her new friend Teresa. Then, when Teresa gets along well with Q too, Kim talks Moesha into believing that Teresa wants to steal him. A ...more
Basket Case Sep 17 1996
It's the annual Basket Auction at Crenshaw High. (The boys put together a basket, which is auctioned off to raise money, the girls then gets a date with the boy behind the basket they bought.) ...more
The Whistle Blower Sep 24 1996
Terry Hightower, Crenshaw High's star basketball player, asks Moesha for help on the upcoming S.A.T. He asks her to write the test for him. Mo declines, but encourages Terry to at least try ...more
Labels Oct 01 1996
When Hakeem shows up with his cousin Omar at the Mitchell's, everyone fears he could be another Hakeem. Instead he seems to be nice and responsible. Moesha, still grieving about her break-up ...more
Women are from Mars, Men are from Saturn Oct 15 1996
Frank begins to hang out with the guys a lot that he ignores Dee (who wants Frank to be at home with her). After Frank's complaining doesn't calm down the situation, Dee decides to get even and ...more
Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Look-- Clarkzilla! Oct 29 1996
Frank's nerdy nephew Clark visits. Alone the thought of Clark's visit sends the whole family a shiver down the back and Dee soon learns why. After his arrival, Clark doesn't waste a minute and ...more
A Concerted Effort (1) Nov 05 1996
Musical guests:A Tribe Called Quest, Blackstreet Moesha wins four tickets on a radio show for the MTV MegaFest. For Kim, Niecy and Hakeem, it's clear who she'll take along with her. But when ...more
Nov 05 1996
Musical guests: Soul For Real, Xscape, Mc Lyte, Nancy Wilson and 112 After Moesha sees Q with Ebony, their relationship freezes again. Kim and Niecy continue to try to gain access to the ...more
The Regulations of Love Nov 12 1996
Moesha hosts a dinner party for her friends. Kim tries to get Hakeem to notice her by using her how-to-book called ""The Regulations of Love."" But Hakeem isn't interested. ...more