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Below is a complete Monster House episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Monster House episodes are listed along with the Monster House episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Monster House episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Hero: Police Station” and “Miniature Golf House.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Monster House episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Old English House Aug 25 2003
Steve and his team of builders have five days to turn an average suburban house into an English style pub. It comes complete with gas lamps, steam vents, a projection of Jack the Ripper and a ...more
Race Car House Jun 02 2003
Kara and Santiago love anything that involves speed. They each have their own drag-racing cars and compete at local raceways, bringing their sons Eddie (12) and Myka (4) along for the ride. So ...more
Retro Future House Sep 22 2003
Part of a tight-knit family, Andrew and Megan pooled their resources with Megan's parents and sister and bought a five-bedroom fixer-upper about a year ago. Together, the five of them sanded, ...more
Hacienda House Aug 11 2003
The team has 5 days to tunrn a surban house into a Hacienda with Aztec and Myan themes. With Everybody at each others throats, and morale being at an all time low, and general half-assing by the ...more
Zen House Jul 21 2003
Steve Watson and team renovate a retro-50s style house into Zen fun. While two sisters hang in a trailer for six days, the house they inherited from their grandma gains bamboo flooring and a ...more
Family Vacation House Nov 24 2003
After getting all their immediate neighbors to sign off on the filming (per some very stringent city regulations), homeowners Eric and Melissa asked the producers for an All-American House. But ...more
Mad Scientist House Apr 19 2004
Steve and his crew of four builders and a Maverick Mechanic renovate an average suburban home (aren't they always?) into a mad scientist's dream home. It comes complete with a lab table, the ...more
Jul 14 2003
While Jenni, an action-film director, and Jeff, a film producer, were clearly part of the silver-screen set, you'd never have known that from their house. In need of an economic way to remodel, ...more
New York House May 03 2004
Meet Kieran, Bernadette and baby Liam, a displaced big-city family with a new home. Kieran, who hails from Manchester, U.K., hankered for a Manchester United House, but you know how funny ...more
Medieval Castle House Jun 23 2003
During their last visit to the United Kingdom, Sid and his wife Roya toured the legendary Warwick Castle and found themselves ... inspired. So much so that upon their return to their pleasant ...more
Race Car House - Revisited Feb 09 2004
The crew races into their first challenge. A mild-mannered house is given high octane makeovers, from the kitchen inspired by a racing pit stop crew, a bed with four speed vibrations and a ...more
Sultan's House Aug 18 2003
The team has 5 days to turn an ordinary house into a Sultan's Temple. All goes well until tensions rise and lack of sleep takes it's toll, Kent goes AWOL and the rest of the crew pull off the ...more
Christmas House Dec 27 2003
Nancy, a native of Hoddesdon, U.K., came to the States a few years back and has been missing home ever since. She and her husband, Jeffrey, love Christmas, and since Nancy's unable to see her ...more
Roman House Mar 15 2004
Partners in crime, Tyrus and Baird, not your run-of-the-mill homeowners, live in Las Vegas, NV and work in the gaming industry. Looking for something more decadent, they turn to Monster House to ...more
Viking House Apr 12 2004
Peter Thordarson, the thirty-something homeowner, recently bought a new house and needs some serious help. He is longing to surround himself with a home that reminds him of his childhood and ...more
Mobster House Mar 08 2004
The Godfather. The Sopranos. The Untouchables. There's little denying America's fascination with the shadowy, secret world of organized crime, and newlyweds Bryant and Tania are no exception. ...more
Sports House Feb 02 2004
You think you're the ultimate sports fan? Well, you don't know Glenn and Renée, whose ideal weekend is spent hanging out in the living room, flipping from game to game. And they ...more
Jurassic House Dec 20 2003
Married for three years, Tony (a dino fanatic as a kid) and Kim have five children between them, ranging in age from 13 to 8. Tiffany, Renee and Michael live with Tony and Kim, while Christine ...more
May 10 2004
A confident team of builders tackle turning a tract house into a Monster Midway. The centerpiece was a working merry-go-round table, along with a roller coaster slide, hand made arcade games, ...more
Retro Future House - Revisited Feb 23 2004
Steve Watson and team renovate a retro-50s style house into Zen fun. While two sisters hang in a trailer for six days, the house they inherited from their grandma gains bamboo flooring and a ...more
Jun 16 2003
One day, an email happened to cross the desk of Christopher, the owner of a sparsely furnished '70s-era house. The email sought volunteers for a sci-fi home makeover. Feeling he had nothing to ...more
Fright House Oct 27 2003
When you're the lead singer of Suicidal Tendencies, you tend to travel around the world with some frequency. And you collect a lot of unique items — particularly those with ...more
Tropical House Jun 09 2003
Newly engaged couple Tyler (28) and Emily (25) saved all their money to purchase their first home in California's San Fernando Valley, which they absolutely loved. But they weren't ...more
Old West House Jun 30 2003
The Monster House crew attempts to convert this latest home into a ranch reminiscent of days of Jesse James, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. One of the crew members is an imposter and host Steve ...more
Mardi Gras House Mar 01 2004
Natosha and Christopher, along with their two daughters, Barbie and Taylor love Cajun culture. Chris is a jazz aficionado and Natosha is a gourmet cook. Their love of music and good Cajun food ...more