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Below is a complete Moral Orel episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Moral Orel episodes are listed along with the Moral Orel episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Moral Orel episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Nature (2)” to “Omnipresence.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Moral Orel episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.



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The Best Christmas Ever Dec 12 2005 - After Reverend Putty teaches Orel that Jesus will one day return to the earth, he believes that his younger brother, Shapey, is the second coming of Christ. Orel's parents plan for their ...more

The Lord's Greatest Gift Jan 22 2006 - After learning that God's greatest gift is life, Orel recruits his friend Doughy to help protect that gift. A library book, a graveyard full of dead townsfolk, and Orel's convictions spell ...more

Waste Jan 29 2006 - Orel Puppington learns that God doesn't look kindly on the wasteful. After lessons from Coach Stopframe and his father, he sets out with two goals in mind. Orel must stop his own wastefulness, ...more

Charity Feb 05 2006 - After Orel is taught that the Christian way is to help the poor, he befriends a homeless crack dealer. The homeless man offers a gift in return, and well - it just wouldn't be polite to refuse. ...more

The Blessed Union Feb 19 2006 - Orel learns that people should do everything they can to keep their wives happy. He goes around town and asks women including his mother, what they want.

God-Fearing Feb 26 2006 - Halloween is boring for Orel when he believes that he doesn't have anything to fear since God is with him at all times. Hoping to get scared, Orel decides to make God angry with him by breaking ...more

Maturity May 14 2006 - After getting shot in the eye with Shapey's BB gun, Orel's father tells him to be more repsonsible and mature. In order to learn more about maturity, Orel goes to the local pub and drinks ...more

Loyalty May 21 2006 - After running into Orel at church, Coach Stopframe asks if Orel would become Bible Buddies with his nephew Joe, who isn't settled into christianity yet. Despite Joe doing bad things for fun, ...more

God's Chef Jul 30 2006 - In order to masturbate and still go to heaven, Orel has a scheme that turns Moralton topsy-turvy

Omnipresence Feb 12 2006 - Orel learns that God is present in everyone and everything. He ends up excusing himself from school, and going on a trip across town believing that he is able to stop people from sinning and ...more

God's Image Nov 12 2006 - When the young Italian Figurelli boy, Billy, gets hurt, Orel tries to put a band-aid on him with the same color as God's skin but the band-aid doesn't blend in with Billy's skin color. However, ...more

Love Nov 19 2006 - Orel befriends a stray dog and Bloberta allows Orel to keep it. After a while, the two grow very attached and Orel becomes worried that he's loving his dog Bartholomew more than Jesus. ...more

Satan Nov 26 2006 - Coach Stopframe goes to a meeting of a Satanic cult, taking Orel with him. However, Coach Stopframe is turned off from the cult when he sees that everyone in the meeting is overweight, wandering ...more

Elemental Orel Dec 03 2006 - Orel solves problems using logic. After the money from collection at church is stolen, he sets out to find out who took the money, only to discover a bigger mystery involving his mother.

Offensiveness Dec 10 2006 - Miss Censordoll takes Orel under her wing.

God's Blunders Dec 17 2006 - Orel's friend, Tommy, is placed in the 'Special Retarded Education' program.

Pleasure Jan 07 2007 - After listening to Reverand Putty's sermon, Orel realises that pleasure is not righteous and starts to avoid it. Soon after, he then finds pain to be an alternative.

The Lord's Prayer Jan 14 2007 - A new family, the Posabule's, move in next door to the Puppingtons, and Orel becomes infactuated with their daughter, Christina. However, after a little altercation between the families, he is ...more

Holy Visage Jan 21 2007 - Orel learns about the significance of religious symbolism. In an accident, Dr. Chosenberg gets an image of Jesus in a wound. Nobody from the town wants to treat it because they see it as a sign ...more

Be Fruitful and Multiply Jan 28 2007 - After spending many nights alone, Reverend Putty sets his sights on Stephanie, but how will things work out between them?

Praying Apr 29 2007 - Orel is chosen by Principal Fakey to represent Diorama Elementary in the Praying Bee competition. Stressing out and unable to pray, Orel finds himself turning to the Buddhist method of

Repression May 06 2007 - After learning that Principal Fakey is doing something wrong, Orel goes to his father to find out about wrong-doing authority figures. There, he learns that repression is the antidote to

Turn the Other Cheek May 20 2007 - After listening to a record by Presbo the Clown about turning the other cheek, Orel continually allows himself to be beaten up by Walt, the school bully.

Geniusis May 27 2007 - During a Pious Scouts camping trip, Orel discovers man's missing link and then learns the meaning of Geniusis; the worded combination about the genius of the Bible's Genesis story.

Courtship Jun 03 2007 - Doughy becomes infatuated with Miss Sculptham when she is only using him to gain gifts. Meanwhile, Orel learns a valuable lesson about man and woman relationships.

School Pageant Jun 10 2007 - Orel tries out for the lead role in the School Pageant, however he has some stiff competition.

Presents for God Jun 24 2007 - Reverend Putty realises that there are no sinners left in Moralton, and begins to feel lost. Orel, wanting to help, imports a number of new lost souls from the neighbouring town for Reverend ...more

Orel's Movie Premiere Jul 01 2007 - Orel holds a premiere of his new stop-motion animated film in his back yard for a number of the leading authority figures of Moralton.

Nature (1) Jul 09 2007 - Clay takes his son, Orel, on a camping trip.

Nature (2) Jul 16 2007 - Clay and Orel continue their father and son hunting trip.

Numb Oct 09 2008 - While Clay and Orel are on their camping trip, Bloberta keeps herself busy, and finds time to reunite with Shapey

Grounded Apr 01 2008 - During events that take place two weeks before Orel's hunting trip with his father, Clay bans him from Church because he let his friends cut him when in the bath. After a near death experience, ...more

Innocence Oct 16 2008 - The show begins with the townspeople realizing that the song Orel sang in the school musical is blasphemous and conclude that they may have been giving him bad advice. They agree to avoid giving ...more

Alone Oct 21 2008 - While Orel is on the hunting trip, the lives of Ms. Sculptham, Ms. Censordoll and Nurse Bendy are shown in disturbing detail.

Trigger Oct 23 2008 - This episode happens before Nature I and Nature II. Doughy is first seen playing baseball with himself. After an injury he consoles his parents for a bandage only to be shoved away. Seeing ...more

Dumb Oct 29 2008 - This episode tells of Joe, the resident bad kid in Moralton. The episode takes place right before and slightly after "Nature". Joe is the son of Dr.Secondopinionson, who is unable to ...more

Help Nov 04 2008 - This episode is a flashback Bloberta has when Orel asks her why she married Clay.

Passing Nov 06 2008 - This episode, mirroring "Help," is a flashback which explores Clay's relationship with his mother and father.

Closeface Nov 11 2008 - This episode is about the Annual Arm's-Length dance at Orel's school.

Sundays Nov 13 2008 - The episode follows the lives of two Moralton women, Florence and Dottie. Both are recently divorced single mothers with limited visitation rights to their kids. While Dottie is attractive and ...more

Sacrifice Nov 17 2008 - Clay rants about sacrifice amongst peers at Forghetty's bar.

Nesting Nov 19 2008 - Miss Censordoll, Clay and Orel clash over the banning of eggs.

Honor Dec 18 2008 -

Beforel Orel Nov 19 2012 - A Moral Orel special that sheds light on the origin of Orel's religious nature and the birth of his brother, Shapey.