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Below is a complete Mr. Meaty episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Mr. Meaty episodes are listed along with the Mr. Meaty episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Mr. Meaty episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Model Employee” and “Greasy” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Mr. Meaty episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Pilot Dec 30 2005 -

Buffalo Burrito / Parkerina Sep 22 2006 - Parker has very bad body odor, but Josh won't tell him for fear of his reaction. Meanwhile, Mr. Meaty is getting ready to introduce their new Buffalo Burrito, and Wink hires two actors to be ...more

Wedgelor / Schnozzola Sep 29 2006 - Josh is upset that the mall girls don't like him because he's skinny. Three eight year old Hip-Hop gangster brats called The Tater Tots harass him, call him "Skinny Butt", and give him ...more

The Fries That Bind / Moochmaster P. Oct 06 2006 - Mr. Meaty's latest product, the Ms. Meaty burger, is out, and Josh and Parker try to sell it to girls for their phone numbers. But none accept. Parker, however, has eaten 12 and glugged down the ...more

Hamish / Tater Turf Oct 13 2006 - After Josh abandons Parker for a girl at the premiere of Star Raiders IV, Parker looks for a new best friend. He ends up making one out of ham and other meat from Mr. Meaty and names him Hamish. ...more

Nosferateens / I Love Lizzie Oct 27 2006 - When Josh talks Parker into going on a double-date with him, he has to change his buddy from zero to hero. Despite all the training, he still is a zero; and the date is disastrous. Until Parker ...more

The Tell-Tale Burger / Parker's Date Nov 04 2006 - After Parker gets caught in a meat explosion caused by Josh, he storms out of Mr. Meaty. Not only did Josh refuse to apologize, he called him "Porker". But when Parker accepts a new ...more

Unihorn / Josh-Off Nov 25 2006 - Josh and Parker discover a vampire hiding in the freezer and decide that becoming undead is the perfect plan to get away from all the boring rules they endure every day working for Mr. Meaty. ...more

Greasy Dec 02 2006 - Parker is hungry and he tries to get Josh to give him one bite of his sandwich. Josh gives in and Parker eats almost the whole thing. Josh calls him a moocher. Parker then goes around the mall ...more

Roast Beef Barb / My Eddie Sep 29 2006 - Josh and Parker try to help Ashley Steinberg get a zit off of her nose with a special concoction, "Nuke 10", but it burns off her nose and they attempt to glue it back on with ...more

Doug of the Dead / Suburbs of the Apes Nov 04 2006 - When Parker suddenly runs off to the bathroom, and Josh has to cook fries and causes an overflow of oil, He blames Parker for it. After his guilt takes him over, Josh confesses to Mr. Carney.

Josh-Off Nov 25 2006 - Josh tells Parker to stop such being a dork and act like him, so Parker does --literally. Now, they have a face-off, hosted by Doug to see who is the real Josh.

The Incredible Jerk Mar 17 2007 - Years of being insulted finally takes a toll on Parker, who turns into a rampaging beast and insults everyone.

Roast Beef Barb Dec 02 2006 - Parker makes Josh a meat girlfriend. Everyone at the mall makes fun of her and Josh defendes her . Then Barb leaves Josh for a prime rib.

Doug of the Dead Dec 09 2006 - A strange new device is brought to Mr. Meaty, called the SALIVATOR-X8, guaranteed to increase meat sales by 200%. When activated, it turns the patrons of the mall into meat-feasting zombies. ...more

Original Sin Mar 10 2007 - In this flashback episode, Wink tells the story of how he first hired Josh and Parker and how they thawed out Mr. Carney and how Wink received an implant on his neck.

Tater Turf Oct 13 2006 - The Tater Tots challenge Josh to a dance-off, and Josh wins. But when another challenge comes, Josh reveals that he only has one move.

Model Employee Nov 18 2006 - Meatycorp has come up with a new robot, named Chip 2.6, who is assigned to work at the Mr. Meaty at Scaunchboro Mall. Josh takes a liking to Chip, but Parker believes it is out to take their

Unihorn Nov 25 2006 - Parker finds a magic crystal and receives a unicorn horn with the power to heal. Josh gets jealous and summons the unicorn with the same crystal, only to become an ugly looking horse himself!

Ninjam Mar 10 2007 - Josh and Parker ask Ping, the owner of Chop Schtick, to teach them on how to be ninjas, so they can plot revenge on Ken and Darryl.

Dinkleman Mar 17 2007 - Parker gains superpowers as a bonus from Mr. Carney, but when he sees that Josh is annoyed, he finds a way to make Josh feel more important

Suburb of the Apes Dec 09 2006 - After Ken and Darryl steal the first Game Craze, that rightfully belonged to them, Josh and Parker build a time machine to go 2 months into the future. They find Scaunchboro Mall to be invaded ...more

My Eddie Dec 02 2006 - Parker orders a Baby Yeti that he saw on a commercial on Asian TV, and names him "Eddie." That night, when Eddie eats everything stored in the freezer and grows into a giant yeti the ...more

Buffalo Burrito Parker has very bad body odor, but Josh won't tell him for fear of his reaction. Meanwhile, Mr. Meaty is getting ready to introduce their new Buffalo Burrito, and Wink hires two actors to be ...more