The Best Episodes of MTV Cribs

Rock stars, actors, and more celebrities give viewers an all-access tour of their homes in each episode of MTV Cribs. The best episodes of MTV Cribs often showcase lavish pools and unbelievable game rooms. Some good episodes of MTV Cribs also feature home recording studios while a few celeb homes aren't quite ready for their close-ups.

What are the best episodes of MTV Cribs? “Ice-T, Incubus, and Redman” is a fan favorite. Redman's duplex has made for one of the most entertaining tours as the famous rapper touts his doorless closet and exposed-wire doorbell. “Babyface, Missy Elliott, and Papa Roach” is also a compelling episode of MTV Cribs.

“Jackass Edition” is another good episode from MTV Cribs as is “Rob Zombie, Jamal Anderson, and SUM 41” which reveals Zombie's massive collection of monster movies.

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