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The Best Episodes of MTV Unplugged

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There are so many amazing episodes of MTV Unplugged, providing you with front row access to intimate sets by your favorite artists, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Nirvana: Unplugged in New York" the best, or is Erykah Badu's 1997 set your favorite episode of MTV Unplugged? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of MTV Unplugged are, let's rank every MTV Unplugged episode from best to worst.

MTV Unplugged is a series showcasing bands and solo artists through acoustic performances. The series thrived in 1990s and produced many iconic live albums. MTV Unplugged premiered on MTV on November 26, 1989 with an episode featuring Squeeze, Syd Straw, and Elliot Easton. Several MTV Unplugged albums, including those by Nirvana, Eric Clapton, and Shakira, won Grammy Awards.

Vote up your favorite episodes of MTV Unplugged, and vote down any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one MTV Unplugged episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

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    Video: YouTube
    Seattle sensation Nirvana taped a performance for ""MTV Unplugged"" in New York City in November of 1993. Band members Kurt Cobain (lead vocals, guitar), Krist Novoselic (bass) and Dave Grohl (drums) performed an acoustic set featuring songs from the band's latest release In Utero, as well as material from earlier releases. An excerpt from the MTV Unplugged book...""Of all the emotions and images that linger from this broadcast, a few stand out. The most striking is a picture that will be forever etched in the collective memory of Unplugged. During the band's closing cover of Leadbelly's 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night,' Kurt was hushed, almost whispering, before he finally unleashed the
    • Original Airing: Dec 14 1993
    • Season: MTV Unplugged - Season 4
    • Episode Number: 13
    • Series: MTV Unplugged
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    Alice in Chains

    Video: YouTube
    Full Setlist: Nutshell Brother No Excuses Sludge Factory Down In A Hole Angry Chair (Unaired) Rooster Got Me Wrong Heaven Beside You Would? Frogs (Unaired) Over Now The Killer Is Me (Unaired)
    • Original Airing: May 28 1996
    • Season: MTV Unplugged - Season 7
    • Episode Number: 2
    • Series: MTV Unplugged
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    Pearl Jam

    Video: YouTube
    One of the hottest new bands to emerge out of music hot bed Seattle at the time of this taping, Pearl Jam was currently riding high on the success of their debut album Ten, which spawned the smash hit single ""Alive."" Taped at midnight at the Kaufman Astoria Studios in March of 1992, Pearl Jam band members Mike McCready (guitar), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass), Eddie Vedder (vocals) and Dave Krusen (drums) perform ""Alive,"" ""State Of Love And Trust,"" ""Black,"" ""Jeremy,"" ""Even Flow"" and ""Porch."" An excerpt from the MTV Unplugged book...""While it's impossible to catalogue all the memorable moments of the actual performance, there are four that must be mentioned. During
    • Original Airing: May 13 1992
    • Season: MTV Unplugged - Season 3
    • Episode Number: 4
    • Series: MTV Unplugged
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    Stone Temple Pilots

    Video: YouTube
    Stone Temple Pilots, the hard rock sensation based south of Los Angeles, taped a performance for MTV Unplugged in New York City in November of 1993. Band members Weiland (vocals), Robert DeLeo (bass), Dean DeLeo (guitars) and Eric Kretz (drums) perform a rockin' acoustic set featuring tracks off their debut album Core. An excerpt from the MTV Unplugged book...'Easily our most surreal set....'They had these stools, which is such a typical thing,' says Weiland. 'Everyone always brings out stools to do their acoustic thing. I said, 'Man, I ain't gonna sit on a stool. It's not my gig. It's stupid. Bring us some chairs to sit in. How about a rocking chair?' Set List: Crackerman Creep
    • Original Airing: Feb 02 1994
    • Season: MTV Unplugged - Season 5
    • Episode Number: 1
    • Series: MTV Unplugged
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