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Below is a complete Murphy Brown episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Murphy Brown episodes are listed along with the Murphy Brown episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Murphy Brown episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Frankly Speaking” and “Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Murphy Brown episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.



Nov 21 1988 - Miles assigns Corky to work with Murphy on a big story about a corporate big shot. Corky inadvertently uncovers the fact that he is a drug smuggler, this isn't immediately apparent to her. ...more

Feb 20 1989 - Murphy tries to gain entry into Washington's last exclusive club, trouble is, it's for men only. Murphy tries to get Jim to sponsor her, when she discovers a loophole in the by-laws.

Dec 11 1988 - During the Christmas holidays, a mother abandons her children to the care of Murphy Brown. Murphy goes all out to help them out.

Dec 05 1988 - Miles schedules Murphy to interview her radical ex-husband. Murphy & Jake's feelings for one another begin to ruin the chance of a professional interview.

May 01 1989 - While Murphy is grilling him on the show, a judge dies of a heart attack. This causes Murphy to lose her edge, so she attends a group therapy session.

Apr 10 1989 - An on-camera slip of the tongue, makes Murphy the butt of a cartoonist's joke in ""The Adventures of Mouthy Brown,"" then the rest of the staff falls victim.

Mar 20 1989 - Murphy dates a physicist to prove looks aren't everything, but he proves to be a party guy.

Feb 27 1989 - To get the public to see Frank's piece on the homeless, the FYI team competes with Jerry Gold's show on its level, with surprising results.

Nov 28 1988 - Murphy investigates a federal prosecutor who's linked to mob-run prostitution, Miles fears for his life when he receives his first death threat.

May 08 1989 - Eldin meets Corky for the first time and becomes infatuated with her. Phil reflects on the first time he met Murphy, when she first came to Washington to audition against Linda Ellerbee & ...more

Mar 13 1989 - Murphy prepares for a joint broadcast with the Soviet news equivalent of Murphy Brown.

Dec 19 1988 - Murphy's having a rotten day, complicated by a gunman who interrupts the show and demands they read his statement on the air and it gets capped off by the painter she hired to do her kitchen ...more

Nov 14 1988 - Murphy returns to FYI after ""drying out"" at the Betty Ford clinic. The show has undergone some changes while she was gone, including the addition of a beauty queen to the ...more

Mar 06 1989 - Murphy's overbearing mother comes to visit for an unspecified length of time.

Feb 13 1989 - Cupid strikes the staff when Murphy reluctantly fixes Frank up on the condition he finds someone for her. Murphy's latest secretary has a crush on Jim.

Jan 09 1989 - Murphy is perplexed and angry when everyone on the staff is invited to the inaugural ball of President-elect Bush. Was it something she reported? Miles debates about asking a taller woman to the

May 15 1989 - A minor traffic accident, with a sweet elderly couple, results in a 1.5 million dollar lawsuit for Murphy.

Jan 02 1989 - Murphy's long time nemesis asks for her to deliver the eulogy at his funeral, and Murphy sees it as her chance to have the last laugh or so she thinks.

Dec 12 1988 - Murphy feels maternal pangs after visiting with a pregnant friend. She considers in vitro fertilization and talks Frank into being the donor. When that option doesn't pan out, they consider a ...more

May 22 1989 - During an off week at FYI, Murphy & Corky co-anchor the network's morning show, and Murphy finds it's a job she just isn't made for. Murphy's new secretary has a passing resemblance to a ...more

Jan 23 1989 - Miles suspends Murphy for her handling of an interview. So she leaves the office for two weeks and becomes miserable.

Jan 16 1989 - Murphy's story wins freedom for an innocent man; when the rest of the team realizes he has a problem adjusting with the outside world, Miles offers him a job as Murphy's secretary.

May 18 1998 - Jim seeks some career advice from Mike Wallace. Mike tells him he is boring and has lost his spark. Murphy begins her interview with God, who tells her she must make the best of the gifts she ...more

Dec 10 1997 - Corky is working to help the zoo with their charity auction. Murphy's bout with cancer has made her realize there may not another chance to do some of the things she'd like to do. When the one ...more

Nov 19 1997 - While acting as chaperone for one of Avery's field trips, Murphy meets a younger man who wants to take her out on a date. The staff worry about nominations for the upcoming Humboldt Awards; no ...more

Oct 01 1997 - Murphy says her goodbyes to the gang of FYI. She takes a month off before her new job at the White House starts. On her first day, Murphy enters the gate of the White House and forty minutes ...more

Nov 24 1997 - Frank signs his new contract; Murphy is in the midst of negotiating her new deal. After Murphy can't make her appearance on the show, Corky fills in and does a great job conducting the scheduled ...more

May 04 1998 - Murphy finds a secretary that she likes; only nobody else likes his abrasive approach. Jim is planning a rendezvous with Doris in Maine. When he tries to go through the metal detector at the ...more

Apr 27 1998 - To prove her point about gender identification, Kay shows up at Phil's dressed as a man. The disguise fools the staff and Murphy uses Kay in her disguise to stop the advances of an IRS tax ...more

Dec 17 1997 - Murphy fires yet another secretary and while searching for a story idea for Corky, Kay suggests the staff go out on the terrace. They get trapped out there, when the door closes and no one has a ...more

May 18 1998 - Murphy fires her last secretary, she plans on leaving FYI, it has been six months since her last chemotherapy treatment. She wants to live the rest of her life. Jim mentions it might be time for ...more

Jan 28 1998 - Kay's idea to take the show to Paris turns into the network's idea of airing old stories on a cable special. The staff tries to decide upon which of their old stories to show. Murphy sees ...more

Oct 08 1997 - Murphy needs a biopsy, which she reluctantly gets right away and must wait to hear the results at the end of the next day. In the morning of the next day the staff fights the network lawyers who ...more

Oct 15 1997 - When Murphy and Frank don't show up for dinner, Kay speculates they have are a having a relationship. Murphy drops the bomb on the rest of the staff. Jim is speechless. Frank tries to help in ...more

Apr 06 1998 - Murphy is done with her chemotherapy and she thinks that is the best birthday she could get for her upcoming 50th birthday. Frank and Murphy decide that it might be interesting to try going out ...more

Nov 05 1997 - Murphy begins her chemotherapy treatments. The treatments make her uncomfortable and take a lot out of her. She confronts Jim about his avoidance of her and her condition. In an effort to help ...more

Apr 13 1998 - Jerry Gold returns from Germany and it seems just like old times for Murphy and Jerry and the gang. Even Kay sees it as she tells the gang how she thinks there perfect for each other. Murphy and ...more

Jan 14 1998 - The chemotherapy begins to take its toll on Murphy's hair. She begins to wear a wig and attend support group meetings.

Jan 21 1998 - Murphy battles insomnia and the gang helps her to get through the night. Frank, while he is on a stakeout with a SWAT team. Jim, while he is working on getting back together with Doris. Corky, ...more

Oct 29 1997 - Frank can't stop telling the story about him punching the paparazzi. Murphy returns to work the day after her surgery and she looks like hell and is very disoriented. Corky takes her home at ...more

Nov 12 1997 - Murphy's archrival, Athena Gillington, invites her to one of her parties. Murphy doesn't want to go because she thinks it is a pity invitation. Murphy relents and attends the party where she ...more

Jan 07 1998 - Murphy's new secretary makes a great cup of coffee, but doesn't have time for much else. Murphy receives a call from a former Wall Street trader who has just been released from his prison ...more

Oct 22 1997 - Murphy worries about how she is going to tell Avery about the trip to the hospital she is making to treat a word she can't yet bring herself to say. The gang plans to help Murphy keep the nature ...more

Apr 20 1998 - For a birthday present, Murphy helps her friend Lisa, from the canccer support group, to meet her high school crush. The gang decides to return the same favor for Murphy when Murphy mentions the ...more

Oct 16 1989 - An FYI inspired sitcom sends its star to Washington to research her part, Murphy Brown.

Nov 27 1989 - Murphy is set to receive the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, so the rest of the staff convince her that at least one of her estranged parents should attend. She concedes and invites her ...more

Sep 18 1989 - When Miles arrives to the office, the whole gang makes fun of his new suit. He says he bought it because his older brother is coming to town so he wants to look good. At Murphy's office, Miles ...more

Mar 05 1990 - On a publicity jaunt, Murphy and Jim find themselves snowbound in Kansas. While killing time in the bar Murphy challenges Jim's ability to flirt, something Jim may later regret.