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Below is a complete Mysteries at the Museum episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Mysteries at the Museum episodes are listed along with the Mysteries at the Museum episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Mysteries at the Museum episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “Volume 6” to “Volume 2.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Mysteries at the Museum episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Most Extreme Special Mar 13 2012 - Don Wildman revisits some of the most extreme stories from the first two seasons. Included: a deadly avalanche.

Unsolved Cases Special Mar 01 2012 - Don Wildman reexamines the most fascinating unsolved cases in the Mysteries at the Museum archives. Whether it's America's largest art heist, a daring escape from Alcatraz, or the legend of ...more

Best Of Special Mar 06 2012 - Don Wildman takes a look back at the best of Mysteries at the Museum. Whether it's the ill-fated Apollo 13 space mission, the discovery of a mysterious stone giant, or one of the most perplexing ...more

Volume 6 Dec 07 2010 - A T. rex skeleton, the Slinky and McKinley’s nightshirt are featured.

Volume 8 Dec 21 2010 - Objects related to Rosa Parks, Elliot Ness and Bigfoot are featured.

Volume 4 Nov 23 2010 - Items related to Houdini, Lizzie Borden and Richard Byrd are featured.

Volume 7 Dec 14 2010 - The Greensboro lunch counter, Radithor and a WWII U-boat are featured.

Volume 1 Nov 02 2010 - Mysterious objects, fake heads and the Enigma machine are featured.

Volume 9 Dec 28 2010 - The Theremin, Silly Putty and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge are featured.

Volume 2 Nov 09 2010 - A saber-tooth cat, B-29 bomber and Washington’s dentures are featured.

Volume 3 Nov 16 2010 - A vintage fire engine and a rifle used by Patty Hearst are featured.

Volume 5 Nov 30 2010 - Bonnie and Clyde's rifle and a bizarre deep-sea Fish are featured.

Volume 10 Jan 04 2011 - Dillinger's death mask, the Frisbee and a shipwreck are featured.

Volume 11 Jan 11 2011 - USS Intrepid, the Seattle glue pot and Wing-Walkers are featured.

Volume 12 Jan 11 2011 - The Concorde, Robert the Doll and the Unabomber's shed are featured.

Siamese Twins, Assassin Umbrella, Capone Haunted Cell Oct 04 2011 - Siamese Twins; Assassin Umbrella; Capone's Haunted Cell

Annabbelle Doll, Bridge Collapse, Whale Attack Oct 11 2011 - Annabelle Doll; Bridge Collapse; Whale Attack

S.S. Eastland Disaster, Lost Gold Mine, Smuttynose Murders Nov 01 2011 - S.S. Eastland Disaster, Lost Gold Mine, Smuttynose Murders

French Connection, Shipwrecked Gold, Area 51 Plane Crash Oct 25 2011 - Don looks at how a drug syndicate was brought down; a gold ingot from a sunken ship; a relic from Area 51.

Lotto Scam, Somali Pirates, Haunted Plane Dec 13 2011 - Lotto Scam; Somali Pirates; Haunted Plane

La Raid, Bioterror, Automation Nov 22 2011 - LA Raid, Bioterror, Automation

Anthrax, Marilyn Monroe, Hunley Submarine Dec 06 2011 - Don examines a cardboard box the once held a country's fear, a pill bottle from Monroe's death and a Civil War submarine.

Shrunken Heads, Greeley Expedition, Broken Arrow Nov 15 2011 - Shrunken heads, Greeley expedition, Broken Arrow

Flying Car, Prison Riot, Dreamland Fire Dec 20 2011 - Flying Car; Prison Riot; Dreamland Fire

Prison Experiment, Butch Cassidy Manuscript, Dueling Mammoths Oct 18 2011 - Prison Experiment; Butch Cassidy Manuscript; Dueling Mammoths

American Spy, Belle Gunness, Oarfish Nov 08 2011 - American Spy, Belle Gunness, Oarfish

Outlaw Shoes, Astrochimp, Message In A Bottle Nov 29 2011 - Outlaw Shoes; Astrochimp; Message in a Bottle

Most Extreme Special Mar 13 2012 - Boston Molasses disaster; D.B. Cooper; Buddy Holly Curse

Boston Molasses Disaster, D.B. Cooper, Buddy Holly Curse May 01 2012 - Lost Colony of Roanoke; Dr. Linda Hazzard; Deep Blue; Greenbrier Hotel Bunker; Death of Edgar Allan Poe; Liberty Bell 7

MGM Fire, UFO Car, Prophecy Sword Mar 06 2012 - Dr. Crippen; Kinross; Shoe Bomber; the Salton Sea; the Donner Party; FDR's Cane

Dr. Crippen, Kinross, Shoe Bomber, The Salton Sea, The Donner Party, FDR's Cane Apr 24 2012 - Keely's Motor; Reagan Limousine; Audubon's Mystery Book

Chowchilla Kidnapping, Texas City Disaster, Bezoar Stones Jun 12 2012 - How a school bus became involved in the largest kidnapping for ransom in U.S. history; a ball of sisal twine that played a key role in a deadly industrial accident; a handful of stones that were ...more

Keely's Motor, Reagan Limousine, Audubon's Mystery Book May 15 2012 - Hitchcock's Birds; Hope Diamond; Phineas Gage

Hitchcock's Birds, Hope Diamond, Phineas Gage Jun 05 2012 - A jar of strange creatures that helped inspire one of the scariest horror films of all time; a blue diamond that is rumored to bring misfortune; the shattered skull of a 19th century.

Brinks Heist, Saddam's Spider Hole, Ringdocus Apr 17 2012 - Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter; Lincoln Brass Knuckles; Pneumatic Subway; Karen Silkwood Murder; Einstein's Brain; Morgan Affair

Roulette Computer, LA Shootout, The Brooklyn Enigma, Equitable Building Disaster, Pigeon Missile, 1918 Flu Jun 26 2012 - Don Wildman investigates a wearable computer, a bizarre weapon of war and a custom-made suit of armor that helped perpetuate one of the longest and most shocking street battles in America.

Secrets of New England Aug 28 2012 -

Goat Gland Doctor, Legend of The Red Ghost, Easter Island Jul 10 2012 - Goat Gland Doctor, Legend Of The Red Ghost, Easter Island

Niagara Falls Daredevil, Accidental Nuclear Bomb, Railroad Heroine Feb 28 2012 - Brinks Heist; Saddam's Spider Hole; Ringdocus

Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, Lincoln Brass Knuckles, Pneumatic Subway, Karen Silkwood Murder May 08 2012 - Black Dahlia; French Angel; Sterling Hall Bombing

Lost Colony of Roanoke, Dr. Linda Hazzard, Deep Blue, Greenbrier Hotel Bunker, Death of Edgar Allan Poe, Liberty Bell 7 May 22 2012 - Lost Colony of Roanoke; Dr.

Black Dahlia, French Angel, Sterling Hall Bombing May 29 2012 - Exorcism; Honey Island Swamp Monster; The Real James Bond; La Belle Shipwreck; Sgt. Stubby

Out of This World Aug 21 2012 -

Conspiracies Don Wildman revisits the most intriguing conspiracies in history that'll leave you wondering what's fact and what's fiction -- from the sudden death of one of Hollywood's most beloved starlets ...more

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