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Below is a complete Mysterious Ways episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Mysterious Ways episodes are listed along with the Mysterious Ways episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Mysterious Ways episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “MUTI,” “The Greater Good” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Mysterious Ways episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Dead Dog Walking Feb 13 2001 - While Peggy treats a patient who suffers a near-death experience during surgery, Declan investigates a foreign cardiologist who's wooing her -- and discovers that the so-called doctor might be ...more

John Doe #28 May 01 2001 - After dying in the ER, an man suffering from amnesia comes back to life with a new, more positive, demeanor. The resulting chain of events proves that what goes around really does come around.

19A Jan 09 2001 - Declan hears about a man who had a premonition of a recent plane crash. When Declan investigates whether or not the premonition was real or just a fabrication he makes a startling discovery, ...more

Intentions Nov 28 2000 - Peggy struggles when she begins seeing the ghost of a patient who recently committed suicide, jeopardizing her career in the process. Meanwhile, Declan also finds his employment at risk when his ...more

The Midas Touch Aug 07 2000 - Peggy and Declan discover a town whose citizens have overwhelming good fortune. Upon further investigation, they uncover the town's secret, a woman who supposedly has the gift to give people ...more

Do You See What I See? Feb 06 2001 - Declan's mentor, Rudy, becomes Declan's next miracle mystery, when the old anthropologist begins having bizarre visions, including tacky alien spaceships, circus clowns and even the Big Bad ...more

Stranger in the Mirror Nov 14 2000 - A student see's a dead man when he look's into a mirror. Each time he see's the man it's from a deferent time in the man's life. This leads Declan to the cause of the man's death.

Wonderful Jan 29 2001 - A mother comes to wake her daughter for school but finds her missing; across town, the daughter is found asleep in a park, still in her pajamas, and no one has any clue as to how she got there. ...more

Crazy Sep 04 2000 - Peggy and Declan find themselves at odds when Declan interferes with one of her patients - a schizophrenic who claims to be hearing a voice. Peggy wants to put her on medication, but Declan ...more

The Gray Lady Jul 31 2000 - A man promises his wife on his deathbed that he will contact her exactly one year after his death to prove that there is life after death. As the anniversary draws near, Declan and Peggy are ...more

Crystal Clear Nov 07 2000 - A window washer falls from the side of a very tall building and crashes through the top of a parked convertible landing in the passenger's seat next to a very frightened driver. He is dazed but ...more

Strike 2 Feb 27 2001 - A man who lost his hearing twenty years ago when he was first struck by lightning, is again struck by lightning. Now he seems to not only have his hearing back, but also amazingly has the power ...more

Reasons to Cry Dec 19 2000 - As a funeral takes place in an inner city church from another gang related shooting, something unbelievable occurs – an image on a stained-glass window begins weeping tears of blood. In ...more

Handshake Nov 21 2000 - When Declan investigates an old woman with the miraculous gift of being able to predict future events by means of a mysterious handwriting, he discovers the woman to be amazingly accurate. But ...more

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The Ties That Bind Sep 11 2000 - Declan's overwhelmed assistant Miranda starts to act strangely, and along with three other people, she finds herself drawn to a bridge in New Zealand. Though none of them know why they're there, ...more

Camp Sanopi Aug 14 2000 - On a white-water rafting trip, Declan is thrown from a raft and ends up miles downstream, badly hurt with a broken leg. Luck is on his side, however, as a kindly old man named Dr. Nader ...more

Yesterday Jan 08 2001 - When a cop's partner is shot to death while investigating a break-in, the cop feels responsible. That night, the distraught cop says a silent prayer--if only he could have this day back. The cop ...more

Demons Sep 12 2000 - Peggy is assigned to the case of an attempted suicide and piques Declan's interest when the girl claims she is haunted by demons. As Peggy struggles to help the tormented girl, Declan uncovers a ...more

Spirit Junction Aug 21 2000 - Declan travels to the small town of East Gilmore to investigate a mysterious legend of protective spirits. There, he discovers more than just an eerie tale of children's ghosts pushing stalled ...more

Amazing Grace Jul 24 2000 - Declan Dunn, an anthropology professor who also investigates miraculous phenomena that happen to people everyday, meets Peggy Fowler, a psychiatrist at a local hospital and a skeptic. Together ...more

Twins Aug 28 2000 - When two students in Declan's anthropology class exhibit uncanny similarities, Declan becomes curious when both adopted young men turn out to share the same birth date, the same mannerisms, ...more

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The Greater Good Jan 01 2001 - Declan uncovers a cloth in a 17th century tomb that they discover is the veil of Veronica, a religious relic with the power to heal. It is used to heal Cancer patients but soon starts to ...more

Logan Miller Feb 26 2002 - Declan meets a man who claims to have traveled forward in time from 1934. When Peggy tries to treat him for delusion he escapes. Declan's search for the man takes him back in time where his ...more

Phoenix Jul 13 2001 - A fireman engulfed in flames staggers out of a burning house and miraculously escapes without a single burn. When several other seemingly connected unbelievable coincidences occur, Declan ...more

MUTI Apr 30 2002 - When Peggy's friend, Johanna, miraculously survives a motorcycle accident in Uganda she is accused of being a witch. Peggy, Declan and Miranda must go to Africa and help prove Johanna's ...more

Spike Sep 18 2001 - Paramedics revive a high-strung man, who believes his imaginary childhood friend, Spike, made the strange 911 call that saved his life. As Declan tries to explain the call, Peggy helps the man ...more

Condemned Aug 03 2001 - Declan investigates when a remorseless convicted murderer miraculously survives his execution, while Peggy helps the mother of the killer's victim come to terms with her bitterness and hate.

A Time to Every Purpose Nov 13 2001 - A woman miraculously awakens from a 17-year coma, confused, but otherwise healthy. But she comes to believe that the dream-like world she remembers is an alternate plane of existence shared by ...more

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Lost Souls Sep 04 2001 - A boy hears a voice coming from a child's image in a mysterious painting. When Declan and Peggy investigate, they race against time to find the child's shocking true identity.

Listen May 07 2002 - A radio talk show host suddenly loses his ability to speak, throwing his life into turmoil. He begins hearing stange whispers and is then forced to stop communicating long enough to pay ...more

The Big Picture Nov 06 2001 - Declan investigates when an agoraphobic, clairvoyant police sketch artist creates remarkably accurate pictures, leading to a showdown with a serial killer.

Love's Divine Oct 16 2001 - A man saves Peggy's life only moments after asking for a sign showing him his true soul mate. After several more baffling events direct him towards Peggy, he comes to believe she's the one.

Child of Wonder Oct 02 2001 - A blind man miraculously drives his pregnant wife to the hospital, where she gives birth to a baby with supposed healing powers. Declan investigates while a beautiful, ambitious reporter incites ...more

Something Fishy May 14 2002 - When a torrent of fish falls from the sky onto the former mining town of Kerwin's Landing, Declan can't resist investigating. What he discovers is a town in decline, facing tough economic times. ...more

Friends in Need Mar 19 2002 - After repeatedly seeing visions of his old friend Mike, Declan pays him a long over-due visit. When these mysterious apparitions continue, and Mike's past is further revealed, Declan realizes ...more

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A Man of God Mar 26 2002 - Declan's investigation of a fraudulent televangelist is turned upside down when the televangelist is suddenly able to perform a genuine healing. Instead of setting out to prove the man guilty of ...more

One of Us Jul 20 2001 - Dwayne Banbury, one of Declan's students, is shot in a variety store hold up, but miraculously, the bullet seems to have passed right through him, leaving him unharmed. Dwayne's friend Jonathan ...more

The Last Dance Dec 11 2001 - A man confined to a wheelchair after a terrible car accident miraculously heals, able to walk again after twenty years. But Peggy and Declan learn that the man's disabilities run much deeper, as ...more

Pure of Heart Jul 27 2001 - Declan, Peggy and Miranda trek through the Indian wilderness to find a ""Holy Man"" who supposedly possesses remarkable healing power. But an incompetent guide and a series ...more

Free Spirit Jan 15 2002 - After surviving a deadly electric shock in her new apartment, the normally somber Miranda develops a vivacious, outgoing personality and enjoys a sudden talent for playing the violin. But when ...more

29 Oct 09 2001 - Following an earthquake, Declan must disprove an end-of-the-world theory when the number 29 continues to appear unexpectedly.

Doctor in the House Nov 27 2001 - Declan investigates when an uneducated blue-collar worker is suddenly able to perform complicated emergency surgeries. But will the man's new medical skill help him stop his teenage son from ...more

Spark of Life Jan 22 2002 - Miranda encounters a woman who seems to be linked to a series of electrical mishaps. Can Miranda help her work through her guilt from the past in time to save her?

Face in the Crowd Feb 05 2002 - Declan takes on a T.A. and is encouraged by her work until he discovers her involvement in various coincidental deaths. Thinking she's the angel of death Declan fears that he's next in line.