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Below is a complete Mystery Hunters episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Mystery Hunters episodes are listed along with the Mystery Hunters episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Mystery Hunters episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Giant Sloth” and “Ogopogo Lake Monster / Mummy Case.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Mystery Hunters episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Dragons / Sewer Gators Dec 02 2002 - Christina investigates reports of alligators breeding underneath New York City. Araya walks the hill where a dragon was allegedly slain. Doubting Dave makes plastic fangs.

Mexican Mummies / Psychic Spy Oct 24 2002 - Mexican Mummies Araya visits a Mexican cemetery full of mysteriously preserved bodies. Psychic Spy Christina explores the secret language of animals. Mystery Lab Doubting Dave creates a ...more

Brown Mountain Lights / Spoon Bending Oct 21 2002 - Brown Mountain Lights Christina visits a hilltop in North Carolina with mysterious brown lights. Spoon Bending Araya attends a spoon-bending workshop in San Francisco. Mystery Lab Doubting Dave ...more

Ogopogo Lake Monster / Mummy Case Sep 23 2002 - Ogopogo Lake Monster There have been so many recent sightings of a strange creature in the waters of Lake Okaganagan in British Columbia, that Christina decides to go and investigate the legend ...more

MacBeth / Salem Oct 28 2002 - MacBeth Araya invokes the dreaded curse behind Shakespeare's play Macbeth. Salem Christina travels to Salem where she meets a modern day witch to learn the true story of witchcraft. Mystery Lab ...more

Nazca Lines / Trophy Heads Oct 22 2002 - Nasca Lines Christina heads to Peru and nearby graves to investigate mysterious lines etched into the earth that stretch on and on, and twist in all directions. These humongous line drawings ...more

The Prison Inn / Seeing-Ghost Dogs Sep 16 2002 - The Prison Inn Christina stays overnight in a hotel in Ottawa, Ontario, converted from a notorious prison on the very night (Feb. 11) a man was hanged in his cell. Using the latest hi-tech ghost ...more

New England Vampires / Aurora Borealis Sep 30 2002 - New England Vampires Christina visits the supposed grave of an alleged vampire. Aurora Borealis Araya experiences the Aurora Borealis. Mystery Lab Doubting Dave shows how images can persist long ...more

Skunk Ape / Bigfoot Sep 09 2002 - Skunk Ape Pictures with the sheriff's department show something very strange walking in a Florida forest. Christina is on the lookout for a giant, smelly ape-man lurking in Florida Everglades. ...more

Loch Ness / Whooper Dec 16 2002 - Christina pursues some ghostly screams heard in the woods of New Brunswick. Araya travels to Loch Ness, Scotland in search of the legendary sea creature. Doubting Dave makes his own fake Nessie

Hypnosis / Pet Psychics Oct 07 2002 - Hypnosis Christina subjects herself to mind control in Toronto, Ontario in an effort to exercise control over Araya and ends up getting to the truth about hypnosis. Pet Psychics Araya ...more

Desert Mummies / Remote Viewing Dec 09 2002 - Araya tests his ‘PSI’ abilities in a remote viewing facility. Christina unwraps an ancient mummy. Doubting Dave tests his

Bermuda Triangle / Cave Ghost Oct 23 2002 - Bermuda Triangle Araya investigates this most enduring of marine legends - the Bermuda Triangle in Florida. Reputed to swallow boats giant and small, and suck airplanes out of the sky, Araya is ...more

Ghettysburg Ghosts / Voodoo Oct 25 2002 - Gettysburg Ghosts Araya looks for ghosts from the American Civil War. Voodoo Christina learns how to perform voodoo. Mystery Lab Doubting Dave goes on the hunt for ghosts with low-tech ...more

Ice Mummy / Cryonics Oct 14 2002 - Ice Mummy Dead bodies have been found on a mountaintop in Lima, Peru. They were brought down for examination, and ever since, some bad things have happened in the town. Christina's investigation ...more

Giant Sloth Mar 03 2003 -

Blackbeard / Castle Ghosts Feb 17 2003 -

Bell Witch / Anne Boleyn Jan 13 2003 - Christina ventures to the former location of the John Bell Farm to investigate a famous poltergeist. Araya visits the childhood home of a beheaded Queen who is known to roam the grounds.

King Tut Curse / King Tut Murder Feb 24 2003 -

Dinos / Imhotep Feb 03 2003 -

Ambrose Small / Missing Princess Dec 23 2002 - Christina investigates the haunting of Ambrose Small in the Grand Theatre in London, Ontario. Araya explores the Tower of London where two young princes were imprisoned and never found. Doubting ...more

Giant Squid / Cannibals Jan 27 2003 -

Alien Encounter / Crop Circles Feb 10 2003 - Not only that, but he and a team of crop-circle experts make their own crop-circle

Area 51 / Roswell Jan 06 2003 - Christina travels to a top-secret air force base where an alien spaceship is thought to be stored. Araya explores the alleged crash site of a UFO in the town of Roswell, New Mexico.

Best Of MH Investigations Mar 10 2003 -

Werewolves / Dracula Dec 30 2002 - Araya visits Count Dracula’s homeland to investigate the truth behind the terrifying legend. Christina is on the hunt for a hairy wolf-beast roaming the ...more

Princess Anastasia/Anna Anderson Oct 16 2005 - Christina and Araya team up to solve a royal mystery. Araya travels to Virginia to investigate claims that a Russian Princess lived in a small American town. Could the woman really be a Russian ...more