Full List of Nagasarete Airantou Episodes

Below is a complete Nagasarete Airantou episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Nagasarete Airantou episodes are listed along with the Nagasarete Airantou episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Nagasarete Airantou episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “The Embarrassed, Costumed Animal Character,” “Being Trained, Henachoko” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Nagasarete Airantou episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • Ikuto Tōhōin goes overboard on a ship and washes up on an island completely inhabited by women. After meeting one of the girls, Suzu, Ikuto gets ambushed by several other girls who want him as their ...more
  • Obaba sets up a tournament to decide who will become Ikuto's bride. The tournament is simple: The first one to touch Ikuto is the winner; the other two conditions are that the Eastern Forest is off ...more
  • Ikuto is confident that he can do many of the daily chores the girls do everyday. Unfortunately Ikuto does not have the strength to lift vegetables (that are big in size but normal for the people on ...more
  • This episode contains two separate stories. The first centers around Ayane accidentally eating her older sister's food and Ayane runs from her in fear of her sister's wrath. Machi bribes Suzu with ...more
  • Kuma Kuma, Yukino's bear friend, goes missing and she starts to search for her with the help of Ikuto and Suzu. At first it is difficult since Ikuto cannot even differentiate between any of the ...more
  • During an earthquake, the hot spring that supplies bathwater to the entire island gets blocked and must be fixed. Ikuto initially goes to the source alone, but is soon accompanied by Suzu, Yukino, ...more
  • This episode contains two separate stories. The first has the cat lord asking Ikuto and Suzu for assistance in their contest to decide who should be the next lord of the surrounding area, the cats or ...more
  • Ikuto and Suzu have been invited to Chikage's western-style home so that Chikage can secretly observe Ikuto since she has never had the chance to study a human male before. Chikage first dresses up ...more
  • Rin invites Ikuto to help her with a construction project, hoping to use this opportunity to impress him as well, though she is oblivious to the fact that Ikuto has no trouble recognizing her ...more
  • A rainy day means that everyone on the island can take a day off. However, Ikuto cannot sit still for long since he is used to going to work regardless of the weather outside. Ikuto notices how ...more
  • Ikuto wakes up to find that Suzu has a fever. He is told by her grandmother to get ice, but finds out that all the island's stored ice has been eaten by Kuma-Kuma, Kamo-Kamo, and Kagami (Yukino's ...more
  • Machi gets scolded by Ayane for not being able to cook, and that a bride needs to know how to cook. Thus, Machi spends the day learning how to cook from Rin. Afterwards, she invites Ikuto and Suzu ...more
  • It's Tonkatsu's birthday and Suzu is preparing tofu. Later she and Ayane discover a photo which they believe is Ikuto's "lover" from his world. When Ikuto is discovered staring out at sea Ayane and ...more
  • An unknown robber is stealing food from many people on the island and Machi is initially suspected due to her stealing other food amid her naturally evil behavior. After some investigating, Ikuto ...more
  • Ikuto and Suzu turn an old waterwheel house into Mei Mei and Tohna's new house. Mei Mei, due to her chronic shyness, is having difficulty interacting with the island's other residents. Ikuto and Suzu ...more
  • When the South Leader comes into the West Leader's territory to deliver a message to the West Leader, he tells Suzu and Ikuto that the East leader had gotten beaten. They are all in shock. The former ...more
  • Chikage found a magic book and decided to use the spell locked in it. One morning Ikuto woke up and saw Suzu as a cat while Ikuto was a dog. Ikuto finally figure it out that humans turned into ...more
  • Shinobu, one of three sisters that is a ninja, receives a notice that there is a strong swordsman back in the village where she came from named IKUTO. The rumors that she heard is that he made a 100 ...more
  • Ikuto and Suzu are invited to a hotspring resort. They are greeted by Sakuya, a mechanical doll built 130 years ago. Soon the others arrive and begin to start a competition for bathing with Ikuto. ...more
  • Beniyasha has succeeded in taking out the girls one by one, except for Rin and Machi who were distracted. Though none are hurt, his "attacks" cause many problems and nosebleeds for Ikuto. After a ...more
  • Ayane is out searching for her sister and Ayane thinks that Machi is with Ikuto. We then find out that Machi was hiding in the bushes. She walks into a statue and knocks a seal off of the statue and ...more
  • Yukino is walking home from the forest and sees the mysterious blue bird that is mentioned in a fairy tale. Yukino see Suzu and drags her along to go find the mysterious blue bird. They end up not ...more
  • Suzu hates studying so much that she runs away from the school building or away for even mentioning school or studying. Ikuto and all the others come up with a plan to lure her there so that she can ...more
  • While Suzu was collecting seaweed by the coast, a bottle drifts ashore. Upon looking at it, she immediately presumed that it was the bottle that Ikuto had sent to his sister Misaki. She came back ...more
  • Suzu and Ikuto search for a key that would open a special gate to a Sea Dragon God, but the leaders of the North, South, East and West try to intervene on Ikuto's quest for the key.