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Full List of Nanny 911 Episodes

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Below is a complete Nanny 911 episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Nanny 911 episodes are listed along with the Nanny 911 episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Nanny 911 episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “Mills Family” and “Silcock Family.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Nanny 911 episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • McKelvain Family1

    McKelvain Family

    Apr 11 2005
    Nanny Yvonne visits the McKelvain family. Stevi and John,parents of a 7-year-old daughter and...
  • McCray Family2

    McCray Family

    Nov 10 2004
    Nanny Stella goes to the McCray family. Stella has trouble maintaining the 5 McCray boys. But...
  • Paul Family3

    Paul Family

    Nov 17 2005
    Nanny Deb has a lot on her hands when she is at the Paul Family. The Paul Family consisting of...
  • Lawrence Family4

    Lawrence Family

    May 02 2005
    Jim and Tammy seem like they live the picture-perfect life, both have two young boys, James...
  • Amico Family5

    Amico Family

    Apr 04 2005
    Nanny Deb head on to the Amico Family. The Amico Family has quadruplets - three girls and a...
  • King Family6

    King Family

    Apr 18 2005
    Chris and Laura live in cramped quarters with their five mischievous children, three dogs,...
  • Johnston Family7

    Johnston Family

    Dec 22 2004
    Nanny Yvonne goes to the Big Apple two help a couple out with their 7 girls and there all...
  • Dunleavy Family8

    Dunleavy Family

    Mar 28 2005
    Nanny Deb goes to The Dunleavy Family, it includes four rambunctious boys, a daughter with...
  • Rock Family9

    Rock Family

    Nov 03 2004
    Nanny Deb arrives at the Rock Family, only to witness constant hitting and cussing. Also she...
  • Sterneman Family10

    Sterneman Family

    Jan 12 2005
    Nanny Deb visits The Sterneman Family. The Sterneman Family includes 10-year-old son Tyler and...
  • 11

    Cubbison Family

    Mar 21 2005
    Nanny Stella is at the Cubbison Family. Amy, a California-born girl, and her once-dashing...
  • Dickson Family12

    Dickson Family

    May 16 2005
    Kristen Dickson, a recently widowed young mother of two, has had no choice but to take on the...
  • Silcock Family13

    Silcock Family

    May 09 2005
    Ann and Jim Silcock are in need of a vacation. The couple have 24 adopted sons, all with...
  • Lorimor Family14

    Lorimor Family

    Dec 15 2004
    Nanny Stella helps two parents who happen to be a ex marine and nanny.
  • Finck Family15

    Finck Family

    Mar 14 2005
    Nanny Deb goes to the Finck Family. The Finck Family has six kids under the ages of Ten!
  • McRoberts Family16

    McRoberts Family

    Nov 17 2004
    Nanny Deb is sent to a house with 2 loud parents and 5 notorious boys. And the boys are all...
  • Priore Family17

    Priore Family

    Dec 01 2004
    Nanny Stella is sent to the Priore Family. The Priore Family have 5 children, 10-year-old...
  • Maucione Family18

    Maucione Family

    Dec 05 2005
    Nanny Lillian tries to help the Mauciones, whose tendency toward yelling is not allowing them...
  • Nannis Family19

    Nannis Family

    Dec 12 2005
    Amy Nannis receives assistance controlling her six disobedient children.
  • Spaulding Family20

    Spaulding Family

    Dec 19 2005
    The nanny group sends Nanny Deb to a family of six boys. Luke (9), Seth (7), Aiden (5), Owen...
  • Moore Family21

    Moore Family

    Jan 04 2006
  • Graham Family22

    Graham Family

    Jan 11 2006
  • Race Family23

    Race Family

    Oct 05 2005
    Tracy and Kevin Race raise four children. While the father rules with an Iron Fist, Tracy lets...
  • Abner Family24

    Abner Family

    Sep 28 2005
    The Abner family has five children, but with dad around, Michelle the mother thinks she has...
  • Tieso Family25

    Tieso Family

    Sep 05 2005
    The Tieso house is literally a battleground for their three children. Brandon (7), Madison (7)...