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Below is a complete Nature episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Nature episodes are listed along with the Nature episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Nature episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “What Females Want and Males Will Do (1),” “Silent Roar: Search for the Snow Leopard” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Nature episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

A Season in the Sun Nov 15 1987 - A Season in the Sun is an episode of the Nature series.

John Denver: Let This Be a Voice Dec 06 1998 - NATURE's John Denver: Let This Be A Voice explores the American West with the late singer and conservationist.

American Buffalo: Spirit of a Nation Nov 01 1998 - The NATURE program American Buffalo: Spirit of a Nation tells the sad story of how the buffalo nation was destroyed nearly a century ago by greed and uncontrolled hunting — and how a few ...more

Walking with Giants: The Grizzlies of Siberia Feb 14 1999 - Once the home of a notorious Soviet prison camp, the isolated peninsula of Kamchatka remains a haven for one of Earth's last giants, the grizzly bear.

The Seedy Side of Plants May 23 1999 - How does such a seemingly passive life form accomplish the complex task of reproduction?

Extraordinary Cats Feb 21 1999 - Cats command our attention and our devotion. These fascinating creatures have been perplexing people for thousands of years.

The Secret World of Sharks and Rays Oct 18 1998 - NATURE lifts part of the veil of mystery shrouding some fascinating — and often fearsome — creatures in The Secret World of Sharks and Rays. Sharks and their biological cousins, the rays, are ...more

Nature: The Gorilla King

Why Bees Are Important Scientists and bee experts discuss the crucial role that honeybees, a "keystone species," play in our economy and ecosystems, as well as bees' fascinating social organization and what ...more

The Flight of the Condor (1) Oct 10 1982 -

The Flight of the Condor (2) Oct 17 1982 -

The Flight of the Condor (3) Oct 24 1982 -

Amate: The Great Fig Tree Oct 31 1982 -

Kopje: A Rock for All Seasons Nov 07 1982 -

On the Edge of Paradise Nov 14 1982 -

Forest in the Clouds Nov 21 1982 -

The Discovery of Animal Behavior: Natural Mysteries (1) Nov 28 1982 -

The Discovery of Animal Behavior: In Praise of God (2) Dec 05 1982 -

The Discovery of Animal Behavior: Search for the Mind (3) Dec 12 1982 -

The Discovery of Animal Behavior: A Question of Learning (4) Dec 19 1982 -

The Discovery of Animal Behavior: Signs and Signals (5) Dec 26 1982 -

The Discovery of Animal Behavior: Living Together (6) Jan 02 1983 -

From the Heart of the World: the Elder Brothers' Warning Sep 28 1991 - This program features the Kogi tribe who live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Columbia. They are pre-Columbian peoples, and consider themselves as the elder brothers of humankind. They ...more

Vietnam: a Country, Not a War Oct 13 1991 - Vietnam's wildlife is reappearing after the great losses suffered during the war.

Kali the Lion Nov 03 1991 - Simon King films a lioness and her pride during winter on Africa's Serengeti plain.

Madagascar: Island of Ghosts Nov 17 1991 - A look at the environmental crisis on Madagascar and new conservation efforts being made.

Land of the Eagle: the Great Encounter (1) Nov 24 1991 - This first episode in the miniseries explores the European discovery and settlement of the New World. Two views are presented, that of the colonists struggles to survive in their new and ...more

Land of the Eagle: Confronting the Wilderness (2) Nov 24 1991 - A look at the colonization of Canada and the fur trade.

Land of the Eagle: Conquering Swamps (3) Nov 25 1991 - A focus on the prospect of gold in the new world, and the Spanish exploration of Florida in search of that alluring metal.

Land of the Eagle: Into the Shining Mountains (5) Nov 26 1991 - A focus on the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park.

Land of the Eagle: Living on the Edge (6) Nov 26 1991 - A look at life in the Sonoran Desert.

Land of the Eagle: the First and Last Frontier (7) Nov 27 1991 - Exploring the people and wildlife of Alaska.

Land of the Eagle: Searching for Paradise (8) Nov 27 1991 - This last episode in the miniseries looks at the landscape and wildlife of California.

Horse Tigers Jan 05 1992 - This program follows a herd of zebras along their yearly migration route through the African plains.

Arctic Wanderers Jan 12 1992 - Follows the yearly migration of the caribou of Alaska and the Yukon Territory in an effort to find suitable birthing grounds, all will trying to avoid wolves and other predators.

Ladakh: Kingdom in the Clouds Jan 19 1992 - India's remote Ladakh region in the Himalaya Mountains, home to the snow leopard and other rare wildlife.

Tiwai: Island of the Apes Feb 09 1992 - Chimpanzees and other primates survive on Tiwai, an Upper Guinea island where witchcraft and taboos still exist.

Elephant Seals: Those Magnificent Diving Machines Mar 01 1992 - The life cycle of a female northern elephant seal is documented.

Dolphins: Close Encounters Mar 08 1992 - Explores the lives of dolphins all around the world, and the scientists who are trying to communicate with them.

Last Stand of the Giants May 31 1992 - Loggers and conservationists have conflicting plans for ancient forests of redwoods, Douglas firs, hemlocks and Sitka spruce trees along the Northern Pacific rim.

Great Moments with Nature's Filmmakers Dec 08 1991 -

A Celebration of Birds Feb 16 1992 - Roger Tory Peterson's fight to save America's birds and their habitats.

Land of the Eagle: Across the Sea of Grass (4) Nov 25 1991 - An exploration of the Great Plains of North American from the Lewis and Clark expedition through to the present day.

Realms of the Russian Bear: Green Jewel of the Caspian (1) Oct 05 1992 - This miniseries starts off by exploring the abundance of wildlife around the Volga Delta in Russia’s Astrakhan region.

Realms of the Russian Bear: the Arctic Frontier (2) Oct 05 1992 - An exploration of the wildlife of the Russian Arctic, and in particular Wrangle Island, featuring polar bears, musk oxen, Ross’s Gulls, reindeer, foxes, walruses, and the Red-breasted Goose.

Realms of the Russian Bear: the Red Deserts (3) Oct 06 1992 - A focus on the wildlife of the Central Asian deserts.

Realms of the Russian Bear: the Celestial Mountains (4) Oct 06 1992 - Between China and Central Asia is the Tian Shan mountain range, home to Marco Polo sheep, white-clawed bears, snow leopards, yaks, and the ibex.

Realms of the Russian Bear: Siberia, the Frozen Forest (5) Oct 07 1992 - A look at the wildlife in the huge Siberia forest reveals bears, elk, wolves, and musk deer among many other creatures in this frozen expanse.

Realms of the Russian Bear: Born of Fire (6) Oct 07 1992 - This last program in the miniseries explores Kamchatka Peninsula where the Russian Arctic meets Southeast Asia. Home to perhaps the highest concentration of volcanoes in the world, this remote ...more

Shadows in a Desert Sea Oct 18 1992 - Fish, bats, birds, whales, giant squids, sharks, dolphins, sea lions and more flourish in and around the Sea of Cortez.