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Below is a complete New Tricks episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual New Tricks episodes are listed along with the New Tricks episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. New Tricks episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “New Evidence” and “Abducted.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the New Tricks episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Pilot Jan 01 2004 - When Roddy Winger is released on appeal after serving twenty years for the murder of a nightclub hostess - a crime he always claimed he did not commit - his case gets re-investigated by UCOS - ...more

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Mediums May 06 2004 - In an attempt to make contact with his late wife Mary, Jack goes to see a clairvoyant. Instead he meets a girl who died in a shipping container in 1982 and has the case re-opened.

New Evidence Apr 01 2004 - UCOS investigate into the death of a policewomen-whose case was closed years ago-following the recovery of the murder weapon from a lake.

Missing Links Apr 29 2004 - When a missing person case which Lane originally investigated gets re-activated, he's determined to crack it. But when the team swiftly uncover another two mysterious disappearances, they start ...more

Unsolved Apr 22 2004 - The members of a prestigious golf club come under suspicion when the UCOS team investigate a child murder.

Inside Job Apr 15 2004 - The UCOS team investigate the murder of a young peace protestor, killed at the outskirts of a nuclear base in 1984, and realise that they may be in danger of exposing a Special Branch cover up.

Counterfeit Apr 08 2004 - The discovery of a fake painting in the Queen's art collection sends the UCOS team on a hush-hush mission to uncover the forger. Their investigations swiftly uncover a trail of high class frauds ...more

Series 2, Episode 1 May 09 2005 - Deputy Assistant Commissioner Robert Strickland is the new boss in charge of the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS). He asks the team to look into the death of David Barrie, a top ...more

Series 2, Episode 3 May 23 2004 - The team re-examine the case of Hannah Taylor who was kidnapped from her home in 1992. A body, previously thought to be Hannah's, has just been identified as that of another kidnap victim

Series 2, Episode 2 May 16 2005 - In 1996 a beautiful newlywed, was attacked and left for dead. The only thing taken was her wedding ring and she has been in a coma ever since. The man jailed for the crime is now a born-again ...more

Abducted Jun 20 2005 - Lane indulges his obsession with fishing when UCOS investigates the case of two boys abducted from a fishing lake in 1979, believing it could be linked to a recent spate of snatches near the

Fame Comes At A Price May 30 2005 - Tabloid editor Chris McConnell asks Sandra Pullman to help him prove celebrity chef Kitty Campbell killed her drunken husband Bertie 40 years ago at the height of their 60s TV fame.

Money Talks Jun 06 2005 - Attractive widow and probate assessor Elise Allen asks Halford to find the rightful owner of a large, uncut red diamond, worth £15 million. She found the rare jewel in a flat rented by ...more

Unidentified Jun 27 2005 - The Home Office pathologist asks the team to identify the remains of an unidentified woman, whose remains were found back in 1987. These remains are the only body that he was unable to identify. ...more

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Series 2, Episode 6 Jun 13 2005 - Luck turns against Standing when he loses a poker game, owing bookie Michael Jacobs £10,000. But Michael offers him a chance to clear his debt by finding out what happened to his dad Joe, ...more

Nine Lives Apr 30 2007 - A family feud erupts when a rich and lonely old woman, Dorothy Hepple, is found dead in her home. Dorothy leaves all her money and property to her beloved cats, rather than her nephew, Harry, ...more

Casualty Apr 09 2007 - The future of the team is threatened and without having that to deal with, Sandra has to take drastic measures to prevent Jack from exacting revenge against the man who killed his wife Mary. ...more

Ducking & Diving Apr 23 2007 - When an armoured van is discovered at the bottom of a lake, the team makes a link with the murder of a women 17 years ago.

Buried Treasure May 14 2007 - When Brian's dog finds a body, it prompts two people to confess to murder. It turns out that the body is over 600 years old, so Sandra, Jack, Brian and Gerry must discover why the pair took ...more

God's Waiting Room Apr 16 2007 - Sandra's private and professional worlds become intertwined when her mother has a fall and goes into a care home - but the establishment is revealed to be a scene of a suspicious death a year

Father's Pride May 21 2007 - When a camera and film belonging to a photographic lab assistant murdered in 1987 are found in a Soho pub toilet, the team reopen a 20-year-old case. Elsewhere, Gerry is less than happy when his ...more

Powerhouse May 07 2007 - The team reinvestigates the 1950s murder of a young wages clerk at Battersea Power Station. Richard Dunne was hanged for Frederick Tully's murder, but his granddaughter, Hannah, is waging a ...more

Big Topped May 28 2007 - The news that Sandra's father, a DI, killed himself while under investigation for corruption, throws into doubt everything she believed in. Her mother, Grace , is in hospital following a stroke, ...more

The Truth Is Out There Jul 23 2009 - The team find themselves at the centre of a shocking cover-up.

The War Against Drugs Jul 16 2009 - Brian Lane enters rehab to treat his alcoholism, but the rest of the team soon join him.

Death of a Timeshare Salesman Aug 13 2009 - The UCOS team find themselves reinvestigating the death of a well-known timeshare magnate.

The Last Laugh Aug 20 2009 - The team reinvestigate the disappearance of two young political activists.

Fresh Starts Jul 30 2009 - The team exhumes the body of a car crash victim after claims she has been seen alive.

Shadow Show Aug 06 2009 - UCOS are forced to re-open the investigation into producer Max Stone's death.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water Aug 27 2009 - UCOS reinvestigate a high-profile riverboat disaster on the Thames after a new witness comes forward claiming the collision was the result of sabotage, rather than an accident. But the case ...more

Meat Is Murder Sep 03 2009 - As the series comes to an end, the desiccated, neatly carved-up body of a butcher who disappeared more than 30 years ago is discovered, leading Sandra Pullman and her boys to pay a visit to ...more

The Fourth Man Nov 12 2010 - The team reinvestigate a 30-year-old safety deposit robbery, and they soon find themselves being drawn into a case involving police corruption that threatens the future of the UCOS itself.

Left Field Sep 24 2010 - After being released from jail, notorious paedophile John Davies admits to the abduction and murder of a child 25 years previously. Suspicious of his motives, the detectives reopen the unsolved ...more

Coming Out Ball Oct 29 2010 - When 18-year-old debutante Barbara Linden-Warner disappeared without trace 27 years ago, the assumption at the time was that she had been kidnapped and her father, a wealthy British arms ...more

Where There's Smoke Oct 22 2010 - UCOS reopen the case of a fire at Ealing's Union Club club in which a notorious criminal was killed in 1996. New evidence provided suggests that a serial arsonist is at large and that the ...more

Gloves Off Nov 05 2010 - When the gun used to murder a talented young boxer 11 years ago surfaces in an armed robbery, UCOS are drawn into the darker side of professional boxing in a case that causes conflict and ...more

Fashion Victim Oct 15 2010 - When a retrospective exhibition of murdered fashion designer Ritchie Levene's work opens, the team is prompted to re-examine the three-year-old crime. The detectives learn about his tempestuous ...more

It Smells Of Books Sep 17 2010 - Brian finds the library card of cold case victim Dr Richard Symes, leading him to reinvestigate the death of the professor, who died after falling from the roof of his college three years ...more

Dark Chocolate Sep 30 2010 - A recent rape is linked to two similar attacks at a chocolate factory 10 years previously, leaving the team no choice but to reopen all three cases. The detectives uncover news of an unhappy ...more

Good Morning Lemmings Oct 08 2010 - When graffiti appears around London by an unknown person claiming to have murdered a celebrated street artist, the team reopens the four-year-old case. Originally part of a gang, the victim went ...more

Dead Man Talking Sep 10 2010 - UCOS reinvestigate the death of a wealthy financier when a psychic tells the dead man's daughter that she needs to resolve some unfinished business on her father's behalf. Deeply sceptical of ...more

Lost in Translation Jul 18 2011 - The UCOS team are drawn into a world of immigration loopholes, Albanian gangs and family feuds when they reinvestigate the death of an unidentified male discovered on farmland outside Waltham ...more

The Gentleman Vanishes Aug 15 2011 - A woman is sent anonymous emails from someone claiming to know what happened to her husband Phillip Mackenna, a prominent scientist working on cold fusion who disappeared while on a train to ...more

Setting Out Your Stall Jul 25 2011 - New information links the unexplained death of a market trader to a series of drug rapes in east London - but with that case still ongoing, Ucos are unable to question the chief suspect, so they ...more

Half Life Aug 29 2011 - The investigation of the murder of Christopher Collins, who was listed on a website as missing by a former employer, meets a dead end until it is revealed that he was in the witness protection ...more

Tiger Tiger Sep 05 2011 - The team reopen the case of zookeeper Zac Halsey, originally thought to have been mauled to death by a tiger, when blood evidence discovered in his lodgings suggests he was killed before he was ...more

End of the Line Jul 11 2011 - The UCOS team reinvestigates the murder of an unnamed vagrant strangled on a tube train 15 years ago when DNA tests on a suspect in a warehouse robbery reveal him to be the dead man's son.