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Below is a complete NFL Films Game of the Week episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual NFL Films Game of the Week episodes are listed along with the NFL Films Game of the Week episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. NFL Films Game of the Week episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “1998 NFC Championship: Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings” and “1981 NFC Championship: Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the NFL Films Game of the Week episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Chiefs at Cowboys

Cowboys at Panters

Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Colts, 1965 Sep 25 1965 - NFL Game of the Week began life under the sweltering heat of Baltimore's Memorial Stadium. The Baltimore Colts, defending champions of the Western Conference, put on an aerial assault that ...more

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers, 1965 Oct 09 1965 - Defense was often the deciding factor for many a Packer game in 1965. The Lambeau Field opener was no exception. Besides their front four, linebacker Lee Roy Caffey shone brightly with an ...more

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers, 1965 Oct 16 1965 - Don Chandler was the Packers' new placekicker and punter in 1965. He proved his worth in this game. Chandler booted two field goals and sent the Niners reeling with a 90-yard punt ...more

Pittsburgh Steelers at Dallas Cowboys, 1965 Nov 20 1965 - Back on Halloween, the Steelers defeated Dallas, effectively ending the Cowboys' chances at the Eastern Conference title. The Cowboys took heed of coach Tom Landry's emotional postgame speech. ...more

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots, 1974 Sep 21 1974 - A third straight NFL championship would be awfully hard for Miami to achieve. New England gave them a reason to doubt, as the Pats opened the year at Schafer Stadium in Foxboro, and came out ...more

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos, 1974 Sep 28 1974 - It's the first time a regular-season football game went to overtime. Pittsburgh and Denver learned and taught a lot in the extra fifteen minutes of this September 22 contest. The result, ...more

Los Angeles Rams at New England Patriots, 1974 Oct 05 1974 - New England, at 2-0, continued their magic carpet ride through the first half of the season. This time, it was the Rams who paid.

Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys, 1974 Oct 12 1974 - Dallas was not enjoying the kind of season you would expect from a club that had yet to be named ""America's Team."" In this Oct. 6 rematch of the teams that had faced off in ...more

Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Cardinals, 1974 Oct 19 1974 - For years, the Cardinals had been a have-not in the NFC. But this season was the first major exception. Tight end Jackie Smith outmuscled the Doomsday defense for a score as St. Louis won,

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills, 1974 Oct 26 1974 - The Bills welcomed the Patriots on October 20, and welcomed the chance to knock the Pats off the unbeaten mountain. Despite the close score, Buffalo more or less had New England's number all

Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns, 1974 Nov 02 1974 - When they first met in Cleveland three years before, Denver shut out the Browns. Now, on Oct. 27, their roles were reversed. The Broncos were just starting a winning tradition, while Cleveland ...more

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots, 1974 Nov 09 1974 - The fall of the '74 Patriots began Nov. 3 at Foxboro. New England's injuries really caught up with them. In a fiercely-fought contest, Buffalo held on to a one-point victory.

New York Jets "at" New York Giants, 1974 Nov 16 1974 - The Giants' decade of their discontent seemed crystallized at the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut. ""Big Blue"" had been forced to play their home games in the Yale Bowl ...more

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins, 1974 Nov 23 1974 - Buffalo and Miami were tied atop the AFC East by now. Before this game of Nov. 17, Bills head coach Lou Saban told his players, ""You gotta get it done."" But they could not. ...more

St. Louis Cardinals "at" New York Giants, 1974 Nov 30 1974 - In 1974, the surest route to victory was playing the New York Giants in the Yale Bowl. St. Louis's ""Cardiac Catds"" were up to their usual tense selves, scratching out a ...more

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys, 1974 Dec 07 1974 - On Thanksgiving Day 1974, the Dallas Cowboys were desperate for a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Washington Redskins kept up their word to knock Dallas QB Roger Staubach out. But ...more

Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots, 1974 Dec 14 1974 - The Steelers and Patriots ended their 1974 season in marked contrast to the way they began. New England had suffered too many costly injuries, which helped bury their 5-0 start. When they hosted ...more

Cleveland Browns at Houston Oilers, 1974 Dec 21 1974 - A great coaching career came to an end as Sid Gillman, now with the Oilers, led Houston to its first .500 finish since the league merger. The groundwork was laid for Houston's love affair with ...more

Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Colts, 1975 Oct 18 1975 - The Bills were having an incredible start to the 1975 season. Entering this October 12 game, their offense was phenomenal. Now they met the heretofore struggling Colts. Baltimore would attempt ...more

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins, 1975 Nov 08 1975 - By November 2, 1975, people had come to expect big drama in Cowboys-Redskins games. They got all that and more as Washington faced its first overtime debacle. The Over the Hill Gang stood up to ...more

Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins, 1975 Dec 06 1975 - The Redskins were desperately seeking a place in the playoffs on this afternoon of November 30. Minnesota was unbeaten and already assured of its fifth NFC Central crown. A loss and Washington ...more

Baltimore Colts at New York Giants; Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins, 1975 Dec 13 1975 - The 1975 AFC East race became tighter in Week 12. At Shea Stadium, the streaking Colts won their seventh straight, keeping them in the race with Miami. The Dolphins? As was their habit in the ...more

1975 NFC Championship: Dallas at L.A.

St. Louis Cardnials vs Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants at Washington Redskins, 1976 Sep 18 1976 - The Giants thought they had a new identity in 1976. There was a new stadium they could call home, and they donned new helmets. But before the Giants could go to their new home, they had to face ...more

Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots, 1976 Oct 09 1976 - THe Patriots and QB Steve Grogan were said to arrive in this game at Schafer Stadium October 3, 1976. They had already upset Miami and Pittsburgh, and now New England was up to its new tricks ...more

San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Cardinals, 1976 Nov 06 1976 -

Oakland Raiders at Chicago Bears, 1976 Nov 13 1976 - This was the tightest game the '76 Raiders faced between Opening Day and the playoffs. Chicago had its chances to win, but the pull of fate (i.e., the officials and uprights as well as the ...more

St. Louis Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys, 1976 Dec 04 1976 -

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys, 1976 Dec 18 1976 - George Allen brought his stretch-running Redskins into Dallas on December 12, needing one more win to make the playoffs. This Redskin team had a secret weapon, who proved to make the ...more

1976 AFC Championship: Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders Jan 01 1977 - Oakland had lost the previous three AFC Championship games, the last two to Pittsburgh. Memories of the Opening Day brawl were fresh in everyone's mind when the two teams met again Dec. 26, 1976 ...more

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots, 1977 Sep 24 1977 - Stanley Morgan was one of New England's two first-round picks. That, plus an easy schedule, meant the Patriots were among the playoff favorites. But costly holdouts could have burned New England ...more

New England Patriots at New York Jets, 1977 Oct 08 1977 - Walt Michaels had been the linebackers coach on the Super Bowl III Jets. Now, nine years later, he was the head coach in New York. In this Shea Stadium-based game, a rarity for Week 3, the Jets ...more

Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Colts, 1977 Oct 15 1977 - The Colts retired Johnny Unitas's jersey number 19 at halftime of this showdown with ex-coach Don Shula. After an explosive opening few minutes, the Colts held the Dolphins scoreless in the ...more

Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders, 1977 Oct 22 1977 - Both the Raiders and Broncos were 4-0 when they clashed in Oakland Coliseum on October 16, 1977. On that day, Broncomania was born. Denver overwhelmed Raider QB Ken Stabler, pressing him into ...more

Oakland Raiders at New York Jets, 1977 Oct 29 1977 - Oakland wanted to return to form after a staggering home loss to archrival Denver. They responded in typical Raider fashion. Despite four TD passes by the Jets' Richard Todd, Ken Stabler threw ...more

Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints, 1977 Nov 05 1977 - THe Rams saw a changing of the guard during of October. In Week 5, second-year QB Pat Haden had made his first start of the yeatr, succeeding Joe Namath, of all people. Haden's return to the ...more


Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers, 1977 Nov 19 1977 - The Steelers thought getting back into contention on Nov. 13 would be easy, especially since the Browns were coming into Three Rivers Stadium. With the Browns' starting QB Brian Sipe out with a ...more

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears, 1977 Nov 26 1977 - The Bears were to get the best possible inspiration to keep close to Minnesota in the NFC Central Division race. Walter Payton would emerge with a then-single-game record 275 rushing yards. ...more

Baltimore Colts at Denver Broncos, 1977 Dec 03 1977 - On November 27, two teams with identical 9-1 records clashed at Mile High Stadium. The strength of Broncomania was evident as Denver broke out in the second half for a 27-13 win over the ...more

San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings, 1977 Dec 10 1977 - Without Fran Tarkenton at QB, the Vikes looked a beaten team, falling behind the Niners 24-7. But then rookie quarterback Tommy Kramer came in for Minnesota. He provided the rallying cry for the ...more

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots; Detroit Lions at Baltimore Colts, 1977 Dec 17 1977 - New England, Miami, and Baltimore were in the thick of the race for the AFC East in 1977. Only one would advance to the playoffs. Ironically, the Patriots needed Baltimore to win if New ...more

1977 AFC Divisional Playoffs: Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Colts Dec 31 1977 - Going into Baltimore on December 24, 1977, the Oakland Raiders had yet to win a road playoff game. They were in for a classic against a Colts team poised to finally win in the postseason for the ...more

1977 AFC Championship: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Jan 07 1978 - On January 1, 1978, the mantle of greatness in the AFC West vividly passed from the Oakland Raiders to the Denver Broncos. The rise of Broncomania reached its first of many peaks as Denver ...more

New England Patriots at Baltimore Colts, 1977 Dec 24 1977 - Baltimore's season of ups and downs came down to the final game of 1977. To win the AFC East, they had to beat the Patriots (who were desperately seeking post-season life themselves).

Super Bowl XII: Cowboys vs Broncos

NFC Championship: Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys, 1977