TV Episodes Full List of Nightmare Next Door Episodes

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Below is a complete Nightmare Next Door episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Nightmare Next Door episodes are listed along with the Nightmare Next Door episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Nightmare Next Door episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “North Main Street Mystery,” “Killer on South 1200 West” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Nightmare Next Door episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

North Main Street Mystery Jan 27 2011 - Ann Branson is found stabbed and beaten to death in her Kentucky home. There is little evidence at the crime scene and investigators struggle to find a motive. Ann's financial records provide ...more

Killer on South 1200 West Jan 20 2011 - Karin Strom is discovered strangled to death in her home. When a suspect emerges, investigators don't have enough evidence for a conviction. It will take twenty-six years to ultimately prove ...more

Death on Lake Lynn Drive Feb 03 2011 - 23-year-old Stephanie Bennett is brutally raped and murdered in her suburban Raleigh apartment. Investigators work the case for years but their leads go nowhere. A closer look at a peeping tom ...more

Death in Robert's Court Jan 06 2011 - In Portsmouth, VA, a father comes home to find his 16-year-old daughter stabbed to death. With DNA and fingerprints police hope for an open and shut case. However, the case still goes unsolved ...more

The Truett Street Massacre Jan 13 2011 - When Austin York, Matt Self, Mark Barbosa, and Rosa Barbosa are found dead in a McKinney, Texas home, detectives embark on a three year investigation. And just when it seems like the murders may ...more

Murder on Hagadom Hill Road Feb 10 2011 - Michele Harris disappears on September 11, 2001. Would she really leave behind her children and run away from her soured marriage? When blood splatters are found in the home, police begin to ...more

Coed Confidential Jun 23 2011 - 22-year-old Katie Sepich disappears one night only to be found raped and murdered in a land fill the next morning. It's a case that leads detectives from the victim's inner circle to a potential ...more

Death in Santa Barbara Jul 07 2011 - When 27-year-old, Jarrod Davidson, is shot in the doorway of his Santa Barbara apartment, the neighborhood fears there's an assassin on the loose. As detectives dig deeper into Jarrod's past, ...more

Murderer in the Mist Jun 09 2011 - When a Korean-American family is terrorized in their suburban home, only three survive. Local investigators wonder if this is a robbery gone wrong or something more. As the case unfolds, police ...more

No Safe Harbor Jul 14 2011 - When Nikki Halpin is beaten to death in her home, the residents of Safety Harbor, FL are terrified that violent intruder is on the loose. But when a mysterious voice on the 911 recording reveals ...more

Sea of Hate Jun 30 2011 - When Norma Rodriguez's murder hits the town of Port Hueneme, police are left sorting out the suspects in its wake. It will take a capricious witness and 10 years to clean up the damage. When the ...more

Skeletons in the Closet Jul 21 2011 - When 18-year-old Brittany Loritts is murdered in her North Carolina home, investigators are at a loss as to who would commit such a crime. The case gets hot when investigators find that this ...more

Murder on Main Street Jun 16 2011 - Bloomsbury is the epitome of small-town America. When Monica Massaro is found viciously murdered in her home, it rocks this town to its core. A tip comes in from 300 miles away to help police ...more

Death in the Family Aug 15 2011 - When 56-year-old David Lunz is gunned down in his Palm Harbor, Florida home, this laid back community fears the worst. It takes investigators more than two years and a surprise clue found 600 ...more

Midwestern Malice Sep 15 2011 - A small town is jolted awake when 31 year old Laura Wynn is found dead in her home. And when a double homicide hits a nearby town, people are terrified. Thirteen years later their fears are ...more

Conspiracy of Evil Sep 08 2011 - Grosse Point, Michigan is a privileged community untouched by homicide in over 60 years. So when Barbara Iske is found murdered in the driveway of a local home, the village is shocked. Police ...more

Fallen Angel Aug 18 2011 - When Dawnia Dacosta meets a hellish end, residents of Broward County, Florida are puzzled. Who would want to kill such an angelic young woman? Detectives are stumped until "divine ...more

Heartless in the Heartland Sep 01 2011 - The tiny town of Boonville, Missouri is devastated when the body of eight-year-old Alyssa Owen is found near a rural country road. When another body turns up six weeks later, investigators soon ...more

Road to Hell Feb 26 2012 - The gruesome slaying of adored resident Debra Rawls leaves the town of Summerfield paralyzed with fear. A swath of hooligans quickly deepens the suspect pool, but a speck of blood makes the ...more

The Lady Killer Feb 12 2012 - When 25-year-old Amy St. Laurent disappears after a night out on the town, the people of Portland, Maine are terrified. With no body, police don't know what to make of it. But their worst fears ...more

Double Murder Inferno Apr 15 2012 - Shoreline, WA is shattered when Renee Powell is murdered and her home set afire. When this predator strikes again, police fear they have a serial killer on their hands. But the trail grows cold ...more

Murder 101 Mar 25 2012 - Residents are struck with fear when the strangled body of 21-year-old Susan Schumake is found in Carbondale, Illinois. Lack of evidence stumps cops for more than two decades, but new technology ...more

Little Girl Lost Apr 08 2012 - When nine-year-old Cyndi Allinger doesn't show up for dinner, her mom fears the worst. Is someone stalking the school-age citizens of scenic Lakewood, Washington? The most likely tip comes from ...more

Flames of Passion Apr 01 2012 - The discovery of Troy Temar's charred remains in Lebanon, Ohio rattles the nerves of its residents. Police are led astray for 6 years until an accomplice's confession exposes a sinister plot ...more

New England Nightmare Mar 11 2012 - When Joanna Presti and her young daughter, Alyssa, are found slain in their Woburn, Massachusetts home, police sift through exes and neighbours to nab their murderer. But when a mysterious photo ...more