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Full List of Nissan Models

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This list of all Nissan cars and models is your one-stop Nissan vehicle model list, including photos of Nissan vehicles along with release dates and body types. Featured on the best Fast and Furious cars and the best cars for long-distance driving, Nissan has a variety of vehicles. Among the old Nissan cars and Nissan latest models listed here are the Nissan NX, Nissan Wingroad, and many more.

Who makes Nissan automobiles? The Japanese company was founded in 1933, and has been known for quality cars, including Nissan SUV models, truck models, and sports cars that offer a reliable product at affordable prices. Nissan's lineup even offers vehicles more in line with the luxury options of competing automakers.

Even if you've never looked in depth at the offerings from Nissan, you're likely well aware of the many options they offer. Plus, they're quite popular on the road—which can be a great indication of just how reliable and long-lasting their vehicles are. Of course, you still need to be diligent in your search for a Nissan—as every automaker has released their fair share of poor-performing vehicles. That's not to say there are numerous models you should steer away from, but some of their models simply outperform others. Regardless, Nissan really makes something for everyone. While they may not be a name closely associated with luxury vehicles and sports cars, they do offer some great options in this regard. However, Nissan is certainly known for quality sedans and other economy cars, but they also have a great line of SUVs.

You also open up more options when you look at both new and previously-owned Nissans. While the Nissan GT-R may be one of the latest and greatest models, you may also want to consider a similar vehicle from years past that may better suit your needs and preferences. As far as specific models go, the Altima has long been a popular favorite. It's a straight forward car and comes in multiple options from over the years. Nissan also makes some unique cars, such as the Cube. The oddly shaped mini MPV offers the room of an SUV or van but with a more compact body. Whatever your taste in cars, you can probably find a Nissan closely aligned with what you're looking for. Just be sure to do your research, which you can start right here.

Take a look at this Nissan cars list, whether you're loyal to the automaker or looking for a new car and think a Nissan might suit your needs.

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    The Nissan Rogue is a mid-size crossover SUV that debuted in October 2007 for the 2008 model year, produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan. It is the North American version of the European-designed Qashqai, known as the Dualis in Japan and Australia. The Nissan Rogue made its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 7, 2007. It replaces the Nissan X-Trail in Canada as Nissan's entry-level SUV and the body-on-frame Nissan Xterra in Mexico due to the Smyrna plant freeing capacity for the 2009 Suzuki Equator, but the Xterra continues on sale in the United States and Canada after being withdrawn from the Mexican market after the 2008 model year. An all-new...  more

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      Nissan Versa is an automobile nameplate used by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan in North America for the following models: Nissan Tiida: marketed as the first generation Nissan Versa from 2006 to 2012, the sedan, and from 2006 to 2013, the hatchback version. Nissan Latio: marketed as the second generation Nissan Versa sedan from 2012 to 2019. Nissan Note: the second generation, marketed as the Nissan Versa Note from 2013 to 2019. Nissan Almera: marketed as the third generation Nissan Versa sedan since 2019. According to a Nissan press release in 2008, "versa" is short for "versatile space" meant to imply the spaciousness of the interior and configurable cargo arrangements....  more

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        The Nissan Sentra is a compact car produced by automaker Nissan Motors and is generally a rebadged export version of the Japanese Nissan Sunny until 2006. As of 2013 it is the rebadged export version of the Japanese Nissan Sylphy. The "Nissan Sentra" nameplate is not used in Japan. In the United States, the Sentra currently serves as Nissan's compact car and the prices range from $16,430 for a base model to $24,000 for a loaded top-of-the-line Sentra. While previous Sentras were subcompact cars, the Sentra has grown over the years, with the Nissan Versa having replaced the Sentra in the entry-level area, and the Sentra is now rated by the US EPA as a mid-size car due to its interior volume....  more

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          The Nissan Quest is a minivan manufactured since 1992 by Nissan, and is now in its fourth generation. The first two generations of the Quest were a joint venture with Ford, which marketed a rebadged variant as the Mercury Villager. The vans debuted at the 1992 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Both vehicles were initially powered by the 3.0 L Nissan VG30E V6 engine until 1998, when the Quest received the 3.3 L version of the same engine and a few minor updates, including a driver side sliding door, and grille and rear redesigns. The Quest was completely redesigned for 2004, while the Villager was discontinued and replaced with the Freestar-based Mercury Monterey. The third...  more