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Below is a complete Noddy episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Noddy episodes are listed along with the Noddy episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Noddy episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Find Your Own Song” to “Slugger” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Noddy episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Magic Key Aug 31 1998 - Kate, D.J. and Truman enter the Noddy Shop for the first time. They find a magic key that unlocks two boxes. That act releases the Goblins from one box. The other box contains all the toys that ...more

Monkey Business Sep 01 1998 -

Mixed Up Magic Sep 02 1998 - Noah plans to sell some of the Noddy Shop's coveted toys. One of them, Warlow the Weasel, is planning to sabotage the sale. So are the golins.

Lost and Found Sep 03 1998 - Truman doesn't want to play the games Kate and D.J. are playing. They suggest ""hide and seek"" as a way to get Truman out of their hair, but he gets lost.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Goblins Sep 04 1998 - Aunt Agatha is not prepared for her campout with the kids. Although Noah offers to help, he gets no takers.

The Tooth Fairy Sep 07 1998 - A strange woman eyes a fairy dress at the Noddy shop just as Truman's first baby tooth is ready to fall out.

Stop, Listen and Learn Sep 08 1998 - Noah and D.J. find there is value in asking questions about difficult situations.

Making Up Is Easy To Do Sep 09 1998 - Material possessions cause unrest among the kids and toys.

If At First You Don't Succeed Sep 10 1998 - It's the annual Littleton Falls Bike-a-Thon. Aunt Agatha tries to entertain the bikers with a few opera numbers. That makes it that much harder for D.J. to earn money.

The Birthday Party Sep 11 1998 - The kids and Aunt Agatha have a surprise birthday party planned for Noah. As they work behind Noah's back, Truman and Aunt Agatha learn that the thought behind the birthday wish matters most.

Telling Tails Sep 14 1998 - A lot of things go missing in the Noddy shop. In their haste, people blame others for taking things.

It's About Time Sep 15 1998 - Truman says he can tell Noah when it's 4:00, but can he really?

A Promise is a Promise Sep 16 1998 - The kids vow to put on a play, but there are other promises to keep.

To the Rescue Sep 17 1998 - All the special toys in the Noddy Shop form their own fire department. Mirroring that is the Noddy story about a fire in Toyland.

Chills and Spills Sep 18 1998 - Truman throws mud around and, in the process, getting Noah's sheets dirty. He tries to hide the sheets, but that invariably gets Truman in deeper trouble. Aunt Agatha finds her plums missing, ...more

The Big Race Aunt Agatha's grandson brings his bully friends to the Noddy shop. Both Rox and Grit want to show up Kate, D.J. and Truman at Sports Day.

Kate and Truman discover a dog to play with. This leaves the toy Planet Pup out in the cold.

Hooray for the Kids Kate, D.J. and Truman, along with Aunt Agatha, decide to stage a surprise party for Noah.

The Mystery Box Agatha has a package for D.J., and it brings intrigue.

We All Say Boo! A great deal more magic occurs at the Noddy shop in time for Halloween.

Trying Something New Noah asks Kate to run the shop. Truman takes his own new paces as he learns to ride a bike.

The Fish Story Kate's mother had given her a ruby, but Kate loses it and doesn't know what to say. Another fish story develops when a new fish lives in Johnny Crawfish's tank.

The Big Fight With an illusory beginning, Agatha and Noah can't see eye to eye. Does this mean they won't speak to each other?

Following Directions Aunt Agatha wants to make changes in the Noddy shop. How successful those changes are, will be a matter of doing what she says.

Mixed Up Masks For D.J., it shouldn't be hard to make new friends. His problem is that a friend already has a friend. Confusing? Nothing is more confusing than the masks.

Truman Come Home Truman needs someone to play with on a boring day. With no one to help his cause, idle Truman finds himself doing something wrong.

Something's Lost, Something's Found One of the things near and dear to Noah, besides his toys, is the lucky compass he had used as a sailor. Kate and D.J. borrow the compass and subsequently lose it.

The Magic Show D.J. wants to perform magic at the school's talent contest.

The Big Mess Aunt Agatha's remote-operated vacuum cleaner goes berserk when the Goblins steal the remote control. Adding injury to injury, Warlow lets a parrot loose. In the Toyland animation, Noddy has his ...more

Recipe For Learning All the children decide to hold a Mexican restaurant behind the Noddy Shop, only they don't know how to make anything.

Recycle and Reuse It It's not so much an overflow of trash at the Noddy shop. Rather, the kids find a lot of things with which they use for a puppet show.

Telling The Whole Truth Noah leaves the children in charge of the Noddy shop. In trying to satisfy a snobbish customer, they break her gift.

Secret Valentines A slight miscommunication takes place on Valentine's Day: Kate receives a valentine, but D.J. does not.

Sing Yourself To Sleep Truman can't get to sleep one night at the Noddy shop. He believes in all the toys, all of which are ready to perform their usual songs.

Treasure Hunt A treasure map falls into Truman's hands. This sends all the kids in search of what they think is a great surprise.

Jack Frost Is Coming To Town The Noddy shop becomes cold inside when Jack Frost escapes from a snow globe and freezes several toys. On this bitter cold day, Aunt Agatha has a scarf ready for Truman, but he doesn't want to ...more

The Trouble With Truman The real trouble is that young Truman feels left out of his family. It's up to Kate to create the sense in Truman that he belongs.

Let's Go Fly A Kite The wildest adventure of the them all begins when the adult Goblins use magic to fly a kite, and get whisked away. In his attempts to get them down, Boobull casts a lot of ill-advised spells ...more

Think Big Kate wants to go on a fantastic adventure. Who knows what will grant her wish?

Noah's Leaving Noah considers returning to his old role as a sea captain.

Anything Can Happen at Christmas Sharing is always a part of the holiday season, a fact the kids learn is not lost on Mrs. Santa Claus.

Noddy Be Brave Jun 16 1975 -

Noddy And His Car Apr 07 1975 -

Noddy Goes To Toyland Mar 24 1975 -

Hurrah For Noddy Mar 31 1975 -

Well Done Noddy Apr 28 1975 -

Noddy Goes To School Apr 14 1975 -


Sep 06 1999 -

Dance To Your Own Music Sep 07 1999 - Noah has been taking dance lessons for an upcoming dance contest. Aunt Agatha, organizing the dance, has not practiced. And then there's Noddy, who meeds lessons if he is to join Tessie Bear in ...more