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Full List of North And South Episodes

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Below is a complete North and South episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual North and South episodes are listed along with the North and South episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. North and South episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “Book 1 - Episode 6” and “Book 1 - Episode 2.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the North and South episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    (Summer 1842 - Summer 1844) - Young Southerner Orry Main, the only son of a wealthy South Carolina plantation owner, goes to West Point. During the journey, he meets and falls in love with beautiful...  more
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    (Autumn 1844 - Spring 1848) - Bent continues his cruelty towards George, Orry, and their friends. The men, with some help from other cadets, make Bent a fool and he is forced to leave the Academy....  more
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    (Spring 1848 - Summer 1854) George gets married to Constance and Orry is his best man. Orry's father dies and Orry inherits the family plantation. His first act is to fire the brutal Salem Jones as...  more
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    (Summer 1854 - Autumn 1856) - The Hazards visit the Mains in South Carolina. Billy discovers how vain and wicked Ashton can be and falls in love with Ashton's younger sister Brett. George's sister...  more
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    (Spring 1857 - November 1860) - Madeline is drugged by Justin and disappears from society, even seeming to forget her love for Orry. Ashton marries James Huntoon, an ambitious but easily-manipulated...  more
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    (November 6, 1860 - April 1861) - Having fought with Orry and fled to Ashton's house in Charleston, Brett meets Billy who is stationed at Fort Sumter. George visits Orry and the two apologize to each...  more
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    Book 2 - Episode 1

    May 04 1986
    (June 1861 - July 21, 1861) - Orry and Charles, now officers in the Confederate Army, leave the Main family plantation for the war in Virginia. Orry, despite having been against secession, becomes a...
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    Book 2 - Episode 2

    Jan 01 1986
    (July 1861 - Summer 1862) - Hearing about her mother's injury, Brett and her slave Semiramis make the dangerous trip from Washington, D.C. to the Main plantation in South Carolina. Orry leaves...
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    Book 2 - Episode 3

    Jan 01 1986
    (September 17, 1862 - Spring 1864) - At the bloody battle of Antietam, Charles and Billy nearly kill each other, but each allows the other to escape. Charles's friend Ambrose is killed in the battle....
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    Book 2 - Episode 4

    Jan 01 1986
    (May 1864 - Late Autumn 1864) - George is captured in a raid by Southern forces and taken to the dreaded Libby Prison in Richmond, where he is tortured by the prison's ruthless commandant. Orry is...
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    Book 2 - Episode 5

    Jan 01 1986
    (December 1864 - February 1865) - The war has turned against the South. Orry and Charles save George from Libby Prison, kill the commandant in a fight, and allow George to return to the North....
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    Book 2 - Episode 6

    May 11 1986
    (March 1865 - April 1865) - The fighting ends with a Northern victory. Orry and George fight against each other (although not directly) in the last major battle at Petersburg; Orry is knocked out and...
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    Book 3 - Episode 1

    Feb 27 1994
    (Summer 1865 - Autumn 1865) - Elkanah Bent, having survived the explosion of his hidden ammunition depot near Richmond, becomes obsessed with getting "final revenge" on Orry and George, whom he...
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    Book 3 - Episode 2

    Feb 28 1994
    (Autumn 1865 - Spring 1866) - Devastated by news of his wife's murder, George begins searching for Bent to exact justice. Cooper Main, Orry's older brother, becomes a member of the Ku Klux Klan and...
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    Book 3 - Episode 3

    Mar 01 1994
    (Spring 1866 - Spring/Summer 1866) - George arrives at Mont Royal to help Madeline, and they fall in love. Carrying out the final part of his revenge, Bent kidnaps Gus, the child of Charles and...
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    The History of North and South

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    Episode 3

    Nov 28 2004
    Deeply hurt at the refusal of his marriage proposal, Thornton and Margaret's relationship becomes more tense and difficult. Just in time, Frederick comes home to visit his dying mother. Thornton...
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    Episode 2

    Nov 21 2004
    Maria Hale's health ceases and her daughter Margaret decides to contact her brother Frederick - who had to leave England years earlier due to a wrongful court decision. The mill workers in Milton go...
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    Episode 1

    Nov 14 2004
    Margaret Hale, a 19-year-old lively young girl, and her parents leave the south, when her father Richard resigns as the clergy in Helstone on a matter of conscience. The family moves to Milton in the...
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    Episode 4

    Dec 05 2004
    Frederick safely reaches Spain. After her father's death, Margaret leaves Milton to live with her aunt in London. Thornton learns that Frederick is Margaret's brother. With the money that she...