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Full List of NYPD Blue Episodes

Updated June 14, 2019 8.6k views275 items
Below is a complete NYPD Blue episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual NYPD Blue episodes are listed along with the NYPD Blue episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. NYPD Blue episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Large Mouth Bass” and “A Sudden Fish.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the NYPD Blue episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 26

    From Hare to Eternity

    Dec 14 1993
    Borough Commander Haverill starts to come down on Fancy. Kelly and Sipowicz investigate the...
  • 27

    Up on the Roof

    Jan 04 1994
    Martinez works his first case, which involves a fake ATM. A foster child that Fancy and his...
  • 28

    Abandando Abandoned

    Jan 11 1994
    Medavoy leaves his wife and tells Donna about his feelings for her, which it turns out are...
  • 29

    Jumpin' Jack Fleishman

    Jan 18 1994
    Medavoy and Martinez work a strangulation murder case that appears to be the work of a...
  • 30

    Steroid Roy

    Feb 08 1994
    Sylvia still has trouble-getting Andy to get their relationship going. One of Det. Roberts'...
  • 31

    A Sudden Fish

    Feb 15 1994
    Medavoy suffers a stress-related anxiety attack after making into the station. Sipowicz looks...
  • 32

    Black Men Can Jump

    Mar 01 1994
    LaSalle has a chance to move out of the precinct and into a more regular routine of detective...
  • 33

    Zeppo Marks Brothers

    Mar 22 1994
    Roberts meets with Kelly in search of getting some bodyguard work. A woman whose boyfriend was...
  • 34

    Serge the Concierge

    Mar 29 1994
    Robin's husband dies, later she is angry when her husband's will seems to stipulate that Kelly...
  • 35

    Good Time Charlie

    May 03 1994
    Janice gets promoted and will be working with the other detectives until she can be...
  • 36

    Guns 'n Rosaries

    May 10 1994
    Medavoy tells Donna that he's caught his wife in the act of being unfaithful, so he is moving...
  • 37

    Rockin' Robin

    May 17 1994
    Kelly gets a high priced attorney to defend Janice and helps out with her bail. Andy tries to...
  • 38

    Ho Down

    Sep 24 2002
    It's a hot morning in NYC as the detectives go to a tenement building to retrieve Lyle...
  • 39

    You've Got Mail

    Oct 01 2002
    John Irvin is showing off a picture the new car he plans on buying with his inheritance. ...
  • 40

    One in the Nuts

    Oct 08 2002
    Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are on the scene of a homicide, where the victim was shot in the groin...
  • 41

    Meat Me in the Park

    Oct 15 2002
    Sipowicz and Clark Jr. arrive on the scene at a park, where a 5-year-old girl has gone...
  • 42

    Death by Cycle

    Oct 22 2002
    Clark Jr. and Sipowicz respond the scene of the death a boy who was murdered for his bicycle. ...
  • 43

    Maya Con Dios

    Oct 29 2002
    The detectives are on the scene of a shooting where Officer Maya Anderson's partner was shot...
  • 44

    Das Boots

    Nov 12 2002
    Theo tells his father that he misses having Connie around. Andy tells him that Connie has...
  • 45

    Below the Belt

    Nov 19 2002
    Angela comes into Tony's office and tells she does want something after all; she wants him to...
  • 46


    Nov 26 2002
    Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are on the scene of the death of a caseworker in child services, it's...
  • 47
    The Sipowicz's have moved out of their apartment and Andy has sublet it to John Irvin, which...
  • 48

    I Kid You Not

    Jan 07 2003
    Officer Laughlin is back on the job when the detectives arrive on the scene of the murder of a...
  • 49

    Arrested Development

    Jan 14 2003
    At the Sipowicz/McDowell household all is not right with the world as Theo has wet the bed for...
  • 50

    Bottoms Up

    Feb 04 2003
    Clark Sr. stops by to see his son. He offers to help, but he is denied his request when his...
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