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Below is a complete One Foot in the Grave episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual One Foot in the Grave episodes are listed along with the One Foot in the Grave episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. One Foot in the Grave episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “The Man in the Long Black Coat” to “Things Aren't Simple Any More.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the One Foot in the Grave episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
The Man in the Long Black Coat Dec 30 1991
Victor and Patrick's feud has continued and they now communicate via post-it notes. Pippa is expecting a baby, while Victor is keeping an allotment and buys some radioactive horse manure.
I Don't Believe It (Making Of)
Who's Listening? Dec 27 1990
"All the miseries in the world seem a hundred times worse at Christmas." Victor isn't in a seasonal mood thanks to Mrs Warboys's nativity play, a hostage crisis and 263 garden gnomes. ...more
The Man Who Blew Away Dec 25 1994
Patrick is preparing for an important meeting with some Japanese businessmen. Next door, Victor's stolen car has been recovered, but he isn't very happy about it. Then the Meldrews are visited ...more
Starbound Dec 26 1996
The Meldrews return from a long weekend away to find a man living in their shed. Victor is suffering from a hernia but this hasn't stopped him getting a job as a gardener working for Patrick's ...more
One Foot in the Algarve Dec 26 1993
The Meldrews are going on holiday to Portugal with Mrs Warboys. While Margaret is concerned about her approaching 60th birthday, Mrs Warboys is looking forward to meeting her pen friend, with ...more
The Wisdom of the Witch Dec 25 1995
When Cousin Ursula dies the Meldrews have to clear out her house in the country, although a witch has predicted that Victor is about to come to an untimely end. Patrick and Pippa have finally ...more
Endgame Dec 25 1997
Victor and Margaret have new neighbours, the McVities, who they are actually getting on well with. But for how much longer will it last, especially when Victor buys a haunted caravan, and then ...more
Visiting Uncle Dick Mar 06 2001
Short post-finale outing for the Meldrews in aid of Comic Relief (2001). Margaret is visiting a relative in hospital. Victor is his usual self; complaining about everything, and Margaret is her ...more
Victor in The Bath Mar 12 1993
Comic Relief Special 1993
Britain's Best Sitcom: One Foot in the Grave Feb 14 2004
I Don't Believe It! The One Foot in the Grave Story Nov 20 2000
Documentary celebrating 10 years of the popular BBC sitcom 'One Foot in the Grave', which ran from 1990 to 2000. Cast members and writer David Renwick discuss the series and a selection of ...more
The 1990 Christmas Special
I'll Retire to Bedlam Jan 25 1990
After being stuck in the shed for over three hours, then forced to spend an entire day with his eyes closed after a visit to the optometrist, Victor cannot bear the trials of babysitting.
The Valley of Fear Jan 18 1990
After being mugged whilst photographing badgers, and having his house sprayed with the phrase 'The Man Who Lives Here Is A Turd', Victor decides to hold a crime prevention meeting.
The Eternal Quadrangle Feb 01 1990
Although Margaret is glad that Victor finally has a hobby to occupy his time, she is less pleased to discover that it involves painting nudes.
The Big Sleep Jan 11 1990
As retirement throws more problems for Victor Meldrew's retirement, including a next-door neighbour's noisy party, a disturbing and puzzling rash and an atheist funeral, has Victor bitten the
The Return of the Speckled Band Feb 08 1990
Following a food poisoning incident, problems with the electricity man, the Meldrews embark on a well deserved holiday, however this is only the start of their problems?
Alive and Buried Jan 04 1990
Victor Meldrew, 60 years old, is at last retiring from the rigors of his security guard job at Watson-Mycroft. Replaced by a talking machine, Victor soon discovers that retirement will give him ...more
The Worst Horror of All Mar 08 1992
Even a shed falling on him cannot upset Victor when he finally gets a new job. However, before starting work he must first contend with some unwanted visitors and a trip to the BBC organised by ...more
Beware the Trickster on the Roof Mar 01 1992
Mr Swainey has brought Victor a present back from his holiday - an unlucky charm. Victor thinks that Mrs Stebbings's tv aerial is laughing at him and his resulting misfortune. Meanwhile, Patrick ...more
Dreamland Feb 09 1992
Margaret is having a recurring dream about murdering someone who looks like Victor. However, it's Margaret who is starting to irritate Victor. That is, until she disappears.
Monday Morning Will Be Fine Feb 02 1992
After a burglary Victor decides not to replace his television set in order to give him and Margaret more opportunity to get out of the house. However, a trip to the pub results in a ...more
The Beast in the Cage Feb 23 1992
The Meldrews and Mrs Warboys get stuck in Bank Holiday traffic.
The Broken Reflection Feb 16 1992
Alfred, Victor's accident prone brother, is making his first visit from New Zealand for 25 years. Victor is not looking forward to his stay, preferring to act as a neighbourhood vigilante.