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Below is a complete Operation Repo episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Operation Repo episodes are listed along with the Operation Repo episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Operation Repo episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Episode 108” to “Episode 112” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Operation Repo episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Facebook Special Apr 27 2011 - As a result of 500,000 Facebook "likes", the team made a special episode only available on the Facebook website. Matt gets his butt kicked by female martial arts champion while Luis ...more

Episode 106 Dec 09 2008 -

Episode 107 Dec 15 2008 -

Episode 109 Mar 23 2009 -

Episode 110 Mar 30 2009 -

Episode 116 May 11 2009 -

Episode 101 Nov 17 2008 -

Episode 114 Apr 27 2009 -

Episode 104 Nov 24 2008 -

Episode 111 Apr 06 2009 -

Episode 112 Apr 13 2009 -

Episode 115 May 04 2009 - What should have been a routine repossession fails miserably when Sonia and Froy allow their personal lives to get in the way of work duties.

Episode 102 Nov 17 2008 -

Episode 103 Nov 24 2008 -

Episode 105 Dec 01 2008 -

Episode 108 Mar 23 2009 -

Episode 113 Apr 20 2009 -

Episode 117 May 18 2009 -

Revenge Aug 01 2012 - att and Froy jump at an opportunity to exact revenge on Ronnie and Carlos; a pickup at a car wash spins out of control; back at the office, a tipsy reveler causes a commotion. Later, Lou's ...more

Monumental Changes Jun 06 2012 - In the Season 10 opener, Lou takes two new hires on their first job, where they are greeted by chainsaw-wielding debtors. Meanwhile, Froy and Matt hit the road when a driving-school instructor ...more

Inane Clown Posse Jul 11 2012 - Froy and Matt head out to repo a bouncy castle, and a set of angry clowns aren't their only opposition when Ronnie and Carlos show up to take the credit.

Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome Jun 06 2012 - Lou's elaborate sting operation to infiltrate an alleged cult hits a snag when the new guys arrive unprepared, while Sonia and Matt are surprised when they show up to repo a car and discover ...more

Gypsy Barbeque! Aug 15 2012 - Matt and Froy repo a car from an anger management meeting; Sonia and Ronnie interrupt a one-of-a-kind cookout.

Doggin' and Draggin' Jul 18 2012 - Carlos plays a prank that almost lands Matt and Froy in jail; a hot-dog vendor relishes his run-in with Carlos, whose bad attitude might get him in hot water with Froy; Ronnie and Carlos use ...more

The Gypsy Hunter Aug 08 2012 - Lou introduces Rusty the Gypsy Hunter; Matt and Carlos attempt to join forces against some gravity defying debtors.

Repo Arigato, Mr. Roboto Jun 27 2012 - Sonia and Carlos put their best performance in when they attempt to repossess a vehicle from a pair of silver-painted robot men.

Raising the Roof Aug 01 2012 - Sonia and Froy have a run-in with a loopy debtor, while Matt and Ronnie have it out with vendors of children's books. Later, Sonia and Lyndah lock horns.

Deep Dish Disaster Jun 13 2012 - Matt and Sonia are cheesed off after being outsmarted by a pizza deliveryman and having to call in Matt's mom for back-up; and later, Matt and Carlos almost come to blows. Meanwhile, Lyndah and ...more

Traffic Jammin' Jun 20 2012 - Froy and Sonia get caught in the middle of a riot when they repossess a vehicle from a stranded motorist and he rallies the neighborhood to his cause; the rookies head out on their first ...more

October 31, 2012 Oct 31 2012 - Matt and Froy are sent on a wild goose chase around L.A for a mini-van; Sonia and Carlos repo a car from an airline pilot who is a little too tipsy to drive; Lou and Sonia go after a sewage ...more

Probation Abomination Oct 03 2012 - Sonia returns and puts the team on probation. Sonia and Ronnie go after a club promoter's truck; Froy calls 911 after a drug dealer's syringe sticks Sonia.

T-Bone Trouble Sep 19 2012 - The repo team struggles to keep the company afloat without Sonia and Lyndah; Matt, Froy and Ronnie battle an entire football team and come out on top.

November 7, 2012 Nov 07 2012 - Matt and Froy are sent on a wild goose chase around L.A for a mini-van; Sonia and Carlos repo a car from an airline pilot who is a little too tipsy to drive; Lou and Sonia go after a sewage ...more

Gypsy Games Aug 22 2012 - Rusty leads Sonia and Ronnie on a wild goose chase; Froy and Ronnie have their hands full with a bad girl headed to a red carpet event; Lyndah risks life and limb as Sonia delivers a final

Up in Flames Aug 15 2012 - A jazz musician sets off Sonia and punches are thrown; Matt and Sonia wrestle to bring deluded actors back to reality; Matt and Froy repo from a prop master who uses his pyrotechnic skills as a ...more

Russian Roulette Oct 10 2012 - Matt and Sonia take on an award winning fencing coach; a break-in at the yard rocks Lou's trust; the camera crew who risks life and limb.

M.I.A & D.E.A. Oct 24 2012 - Sonia is on a mission to find out what Matt and Froy have up their sleeves; Carlos takes the lead on a repo for a water truck.

Flame-Thrown For A Loop Sep 26 2012 - Lou needs Sonia more than ever; Lou and Carlos deal with a big man in a tiny car; Lou, Froy, and Carlos go to battle for a World War II era tank.

October 17, 2012 Oct 17 2012 - Matt and Froy take on a gungy fisherman; Lyndah and Sonia confront a naughty nurse; Froy Jr. tries to make things right with Lou after the break-in.

December 5, 2012 Dec 05 2012 - When Ronnie takes the fall for losing their previous repo, Carlos tries to make amends. Lou and Carlos go after an airport shuttle, but have to contend with angry passengers who are less than ...more

TBA Dec 19 2012 -

November 14, 2012 Nov 14 2012 - Ronnie suffers a near-fatal wound during an attack; Ronnie and Carlos try to wrestle a truck away from a storage locker auctioneer; Sonia and Ronnie try to outwit a fast-talking politician.

November 21, 2012 Nov 21 2012 - Ronnie's gotten a raise and a promotion, and Carlos's jealousy sends him looking for more appreciation.

November 28, 2012 Nov 28 2012 - After being denied a raise, Carlos goes after Ronnie's reputation in a vengeful act of spite. Matt and Ronnie repo a Porsche from a maniac whose drastic approach to save his car sends Matt ...more

Hayseed Inferno May 22 2013 - Sonia pushes to repossess more than just cars but the response from the team threatens to end her time in charge. Ronnie and Matt try to repo from a reckless motocross daredevil.

Doomsday Prep May 15 2013 - Lou shares his secrets with Sonia in private. Froy and Carlos cause trouble when a disgruntled employee goes berserk on his boss.

Sugardaddy Shakedown May 15 2013 - The team wonders what's going on with Sonia as she tries to deal with Lou's big secret. Ronnie goes undercover and takes a gold digging RO out on a date, but Carlos lets the cat out of the bag ...more

Lou's Big Gamble Mar 27 2013 - Lou sets up shop in Las Vegas; a live tiger stands between the team and a truck.

Phi Alpha Fail Jun 05 2013 - Carlos goes undercover at a frat house; Matt and Ronnie go after some wanna-be internet sensations; Sonia meets with a mysterious man who offers the job of a lifetime.

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