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Below is a complete Out of the Unknown episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Out of the Unknown episodes are listed along with the Out of the Unknown episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Out of the Unknown episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “The Last Lonely Man” and “Frankenstein Mark II.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Out of the Unknown episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Oct 11 1965 - An alien life form has taken on human appearance in order to hitch a ride back to Earth with the crew of a spacecraft.

Oct 18 1965 - A young man with exceptionally advanced mental powers gets protection from his parents while strangers with sinister plans of their own want to exploit his gifts.

Oct 25 1965 - In a Britain of the future, it will be possible to visit the past using a machine called the "Chronoscope". Only for some reason, an elderly historian is being denied the right to use

Oct 04 1965 - In the future, if you are rich enough, you can buy Hereafter Insurance, which allows your mind to be placed in a new body. Only sometimes, the old owner isn't quite ready to leave yet.

Nov 08 1965 - Henry is a man who likes to talk to the new plants he is cultivating in his garden. He regards them as his friends. But what he doesn't yet know is that they have an unusual appetite...for

Nov 15 1965 - The avid curiosity of a young boy born with a super-developed photographic memory poses a grave threat to an already dangerous space mission.

Nov 22 1965 - David and Sarah are citizens of the 22nd century. They take a "holiday in time" back to the days before World War II, and find that they prefer this simpler era in the planet's ...more

Dec 20 1965 - In an age of mass consumption, a man yearns for the simpler life. Only problem is that he can't afford it.

Dec 06 1965 - A scientist finds a bum lying unconscious on his doorstep, clutching in his hand a human finger-bone and suffering from severe radiation poisoning.

Dec 13 1965 - Thirteen people live in "The Station", and twelve of them have been specially conditioned by the thirteenth to ensure that they have no memories of their previous life on Earth. Except ...more

Nov 29 1965 - Andover is a reclusive robotics expert who is happy just the way he is and doesn't want to get married. So, to stop his aunt from nagging him constantly, he builds an android "wife"

Nov 01 1965 - In a future where men will be allowed to commit crimes if they agree to serve (and are able to survive) a punitive prison sentence in advance, two newly-released convicts return to Earth with ...more

Dec 22 1966 -

Dec 01 1966 - Déja vu: as Guy Birkett goes through the day he has a nagging feeling that he's been here before, experienced this already; except the details are always different. Is it conceivable that ...more

Nov 17 1966 -

Dec 29 1966 - A human-looking robot housekeeper is the latest gadget to acquire in the ceaseless battle to keep up with the Joneses. But housewife Claire Belmont starts to question the wisdom of her husband's ...more

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Oct 06 1966 - In the far future, the material needs of humankind are tended by the omnipresent Machine, which makes their environment, in vast tunnels beneath the earth, comfortable and safe. But safe from ...more

Oct 27 1966 - In the huge, labyrinthine nuclear bunker meant to shield the survivors in government from the aftermath of atomic war, Level 7 is the deepest and the safest from radiation. But in spite of its ...more

Oct 20 1966 - Why take the Great Circle route to Australia when you can tunnel through the very molecules of the solid earth itself in a TAU-mode shuttle? When a routine TAU-shuttle becomes entombed in solid ...more

Jan 07 1969 -

Jan 14 1969 - The positronic brain of robot RB-34(Herbie) has an unforeseen 'extra': he can read human thoughts. So his take on the First Law of Robotics ("A robot may not harm a human being or, through ...more

Feb 11 1969 -

Feb 04 1969 -

Jan 21 1969 - If, by an accident of science, it became possible for the personality to pass at the moment of death into the mind of someone still alive, then the big new problem would be into whom. To foist ...more

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Feb 25 1969 - When a down-at-heel, alcoholic physician discovers a medical kit, based on future technology, accidentally left in the wake of a time-travel expedition, he becomes a dispenser of miracle cures.

Mar 11 1969 -

Mar 18 1969 -

Jan 28 1969 - Giant multi-generation starship with a virtual city of people on board. The ship has been travelling for so long that the occupants have long forgotten the mission and the purpose. They have ...more

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Jun 23 1971 -

Jun 30 1971 -

Jun 09 1971 - The sound of a radio bleep, and a group of men spring instantly awake. They are in a remote shepherds hut; they are heavily armed. A guide, Ira, a girl with a foreign accent, arrives and leads ...more

May 26 1971 - Psychiatrist Frank Bowers is thrilled to be returning home after six months in hospital following a motor accident. Dr. Liam Moore was hesitant about letting him go; although physically ...more

Apr 21 1971 -

May 05 1971 - Allen Meredith is a shy, withdrawn man whose genius as a research physicist has for years been exploited by enterprising tycoon, Jack Gregory. So long as there was money enough for his research, ...more

May 12 1971 - To all appearances Adam Crosse is a normal, well-integrated member of society; respected provincial journalist, nice new-town home, attractive wife, jovial disposition. But in fact, behind his ...more

Jun 16 1971 -

Apr 28 1971 - On the way home from school, fifteen-year-old Diana was attacked and raped. Five years later, after extensive therapy, she married a trendy young photographer, Eric Carver. The doctor told Eric ...more

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