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Below is a complete Pacific Blue episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Pacific Blue episodes are listed along with the Pacific Blue episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Pacific Blue episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Thicker Than Water” and “Ghost Town.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Pacific Blue episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

May 04 1996 - T.C. and Cory find themselves pinned into a bank when a robbery goes wrong and turns into a hostage situation. Palermo, Victor and Chris arrive on the scene, then must search the beach for an ...more

May 25 1996 - A wily bandit on a mountain bike is robbing people stuck in traffic jams at gunpoint and escaping through narrow passage ways on the streets near the beach. Chris and Cory are assigned ...more

Apr 27 1996 - T.C. hooks up with an old flame after the boardwalk cafe where she's working is robbed by a till tapper on rollerblades.Shortly after rekindling their romance, she becomes a witness to a ...more

Apr 06 1996 - While the unit is on the trail of a trio of heavily armed takedown robbers, T.C. finds himself face to face with one of the perps on the roof of a liquor store. After being ordered to shoot ...more

Mar 16 1996 - While teaching del Torro to surf, T.C. encounters a band of highly territorial Surf Nazis bullying a Hispanic surfer on the beach. Operating out of a beach bar decorated with Nazi symbols, the ...more

May 18 1996 - The Bike Patrol has a new transferee, Scott Kramer, a ten year veteran and department bad apple who seems to take extreme risks without regard to personal safety. He's teamed with Chris to try ...more

Mar 02 1996 - Ambitious police officer Chris Kelly is introduced to the Bike Patrol after she's transferred from the P.R. Department of the Santa Monica Police Department. T.C. Callaway, at a crossroads with ...more

Apr 13 1996 - A scorching heatwave has descended on the beach and is making everyone crazy. Palermo has three problems at once: K.C.B.H. radio is transmitting their summer afternoon show from a storefront on ...more

Mar 30 1996 - When a dead woman's body turns up on the beach with an origami angel on her chest, Palermo realizes that the serial killer who left him with a permanent leg injury has returned to the area. ...more

May 11 1996 - An arsonist believed to have perished years ago has reappeared in the Venice area. While working with T.C. on the case, Chris must confront her own childhood memories of terror at having been ...more

Apr 20 1996 - A waitress at Sheila's restaurant, who is also a body builder, seems to be hooked on steroids as she tries to bulk up for competition. The seller is a vicious body builder himself, out of ...more

Mar 09 1996 - While the Bike Patrol is being used as a CRASH Unit to fight gang activity in the beach area, Cory McNamara is forced to shoot a gangbanger fleeing a crime scene. When no weapon is found, the ...more

Mar 23 1996 - After discovering an old best friend, a guy T.C. felt he let down, has died in a suspicious skydiving accident, T.C. insinuates himself into a group of extreme-sport thrill seekers that he ...more

Feb 23 1997 - The investigation of a string of ATM robberies brings T.C. and Chris together on a stakeout -- and closer together in their personal lives. When Palermo finds out that his two officers are ...more

Oct 13 1996 - Against Palermo's wishes, a Lieutenant from Santa Monica Metro sends Chris undercover to catch a man who's laundering money for Latino drug cartels. Chris' job is to hack into his computer and ...more

Nov 03 1996 - The Bike Patrol participates in the ""Eco-Relay"", an exhausting bike race through the Santa Monica Mountains. Palermo is left behind with the truck as support. While taking ...more

Mar 02 1997 - Chris discovers that Rosey Evans, the friendly girl who serves her coffee every morning, is a runaway living with her boyfriend, who was also her high school teacher. When they bring Rosey into ...more

Aug 17 1996 - An anti-technology terrorist is setting bombs around the beach, and will only let T.C. and Victor dismantle them. He wants all power in Santa Monica shut down for twelve hours on the first of ...more

Sep 14 1996 - While struggling to save a young teenager, Ricky, from a life of gangbanging, Victor finds himself falling for the boy's spirited older sister, Linda. Just as Victor starts to get through to ...more

Oct 06 1996 - Palermo, T.C. and Chris arrest two surfers who assault a kayaker ""invading their turf"". Out on bail, the surfers begin an ever-accelerating intimidation campaign against ...more

Jan 05 1997 - A deadly new form of heroin hits the streets of Santa Monica, sending the Bike Patrol into overtime as all hell breaks loose. During the investigation, T.C. falls under the seductive spell of an ...more

Jan 19 1997 - When MAGGIE GARRITY, the attractive director of a local shelter, comes to the Firehouse to report a missing runaway girl, T.C.'s motivation to help is less than altruistic. During their search ...more

Nov 17 1996 - Two Russian mobsters, ILYA and GYORGI, extort Boardwalk vendors for ""protection money,"" but the vendors are too intimidated to identify the mobsters to the Bike Patrol. ...more

Jan 12 1997 - An Army veteran, ZACK TORRANCE, holds the beach hostage -- including Victor, Cory and several school children -- to insure that his information about a clandestine Army-sponsored drug operation ...more

Oct 20 1996 - Texas stick-up artist Jackie Earl Bates arrives in town with girlfriend Erlene Keene. Jackie's told her they've won the lottery, and she's excited to pursue her dream of becoming a centerfold ...more

Apr 20 1997 - Timothy Stone, the F.B.I. agent who worked with the Bike Patrol on the bombing case in ""Lights Out"", returns to the Firehouse to get Cory and Chris' assistance in ...more

Sep 28 1996 - The Bike Patrol investigates a series of home invasion robberies affecting Asian families. The case is unusual in that the robbers use keys to gain entrance and battery-powered bikes to make ...more

Sep 07 1996 - With help from some skinhead cronies, the new manager for an apartment building on the Venice Boardwalk makes life hell for the tenants. The owner wants to raze the existing building and build ...more

Dec 08 1996 - A pair of daredevils pull dangerous, ""extreme"" stunts around the Boardwalk, hoping to be winners in an on-line contest on the internet. Unknown to Palermo, his daughter, ...more

Apr 13 1997 - Victor's close childhood friend EMILIO LOPEZ, a troubled kid who grew up to be a troubled adult -- Victor's mother ROSA has always considered him to be a second son. Out on parole, Emilio has ...more

Aug 24 1996 - T.C.'s girlfriend Sandy is attacked at home by a serial rapist called ""The Daystalker"". During their investigation, the Bike Patrol must deal with a by-the-book detective ...more

Apr 06 1997 - JIMMY GUERRERO, a friend of Victor's, is killed in connection with an underground fighting syndicate, leaving his angry younger brother BILLY seeking revenge. Victor defuses the brother's desire ...more

Nov 10 1996 - Gene Savage, the ""dirty"" cop Palermo testified against early in his career, is out of jail and back in business with an arcade on the boardwalk. Savage does everything he ...more

Sep 21 1996 - During a fight with an armed robbery suspect, T.C. is knocked out and his gun stolen. T.C. takes it hard, and things get worse when they find the thief...killed by a bullet from T.C.'s gun. The ...more

Dec 15 1996 - While fleeing two thugs, a man falls from his hotel room window and comes to with amnesia, ­ a condition which stifles Chris and Cory's investigation of the incident. As Cory tries to help ...more

Nov 30 1997 - All the victims of a recent series of murders had earlier placed personal ads in a local paper. Chris and Cory enter the dating pool undercover, and in the course of the investigation, each ...more

Sep 21 1997 - T.C. is outraged when ""The Sandman"", a hitman responsible for the murders of a police informant and an innocent bystander, is released from prison.Against the orders of DEA ...more

Dec 21 1997 - A man is shot point-blank through the heart on the beach. In questioning the man's wife, Pacific Blue learns she hired two women to investigate her husband's suspected infidelities. Believing ...more

Dec 14 1997 - After a nightmare in which her dead mother shoots her in the course of arresting a suspect, Cory is injured in a car accident. As she works to rehabilitate her knee, Cory tries to decipher her ...more

Aug 03 1997 - While off-duty, T.C. confronts a man carrying a gun in a parking lot. The man whirls and fires at T.C., T.C. returns fire, killing him, but the man turns out to be an undercover police officer ...more

Mar 08 1998 - Victor and Cory investigate the murder of a drug company vice president who worked with local free clinics to get discounted medicine. They discover that a major pharmaceutical company is ...more

Jan 18 1998 - A ""posse"" of overprivileged teenagers lures men from a gay bar, then beats them up. Pacific Blue investigates, but, despite the evidence, can't convict the kids because the ...more

Sep 28 1997 - The truth about Chris' navy career is revealed. Five years ago, Chris trained under a chauvinistic flight instructor CAPTAIN FRANK HAWKINS, whose intentional misinformation caused her to crash ...more

Aug 10 1997 - A reformed murderer, CONWAY HEINRIKSEN, struggles to rebuild his life after many years in a mental institution, but his past victims are bent on seeing that the killer will never have peace in ...more

Sep 07 1997 - A trio of heavily-armed and heavily-armored bank robbers holds up a Santa Monica bank. In the resulting shootout, a security officer is killed and Victor is shot. Victor's injury isn't ...more

Jan 04 1998 - Palermo and Baywatch lifeguard LANI McKENSIE launch M.E.R.I.T. -- a new program putting Paramedic-level care and advanced life-support equipment on the boardwalk alongside the Pacific Blue ...more

Aug 24 1997 - Victor's girlfriend, LINDA, is witness to a murder by a notorious local drug lord who has been arrested several times, but manages to get rid of any witnesses before each trial. Realizing that ...more

Oct 05 1997 - Following a violent robbery at a cafe, the Bike Squad discovers an abandoned baby. In searching for the mother, they find that the child was part of a black market baby-selling scheme. Cory goes ...more

Nov 09 1997 - The wild ass son of a Romanian ambassador commits crimes on the boardwalk, causing a huge headache for the Pacific Blue team because the father's diplomatic immunity extends to his son. The ...more

Apr 19 1998 - The squad investigates the ""Letterhead Beatings"" in which several people have been assaulted, tied to their beds, and the first letter of their last names is carved into ...more