TV Episodes Full List of Packed To The Rafters Episodes

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Below is a complete Packed to the Rafters episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Packed to the Rafters episodes are listed along with the Packed to the Rafters episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Packed to the Rafters episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Sweet Sorrow” and “She Ain't Heavy.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Packed to the Rafters episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.


Facing Demons Sep 30 2008 - Rachel faces up to her shameful past. In flashbacks, she tells how she met, fell in love and eventually left Daniel, the man responsible for emailing their private video. Ted decides to move ...more

All in the Planning Oct 28 2008 - Rachel is faced with a terrible decision. Ben gets the wrong idea when he stumbles upon a secret in Melissa's handbag. Sammy is offered the possibility of a glamorous job in London — but will ...more

How Did We Get Here? Sep 16 2008 - Sammy and Nathan's marriage is in crisis when she can no longer bear keeping the secret reason for their move into the Rafter home. This leaves Nathan with no option but to count on the family ...more

Pilot Aug 26 2008 - Happily married couple, Julie and Dave Rafter are over the moon when Ben, their last child, finally decides to leave home. After raising three kids, the couple are free! It's a chance for them ...more

She Ain't Heavy Sep 09 2008 - Rachel's growing alcohol dependence sends her family over the edge. Her careless actions could spell the end for one of them. Julie desperately brings the family together for a therapeutic ...more

Smile Through the Pain Nov 18 2008 - Dave reluctantly bonds with Warney and discovers the beginnings of a surprising friendship. Meanwhile, Julie cramps Rachel's style when she signs up for the same yoga class.

Playing a Googly Sep 02 2008 - An unemployed Dave struggles to regain his manhood and position in the family, landing himself in hospital. When life keeps bowling Dave a series of problematic googlies, the question becomes: ...more

Removing the Block Nov 11 2008 - Ted steps back into the weird and wonderful world of dating. His journey begins when, encouraged by Louise's letter to the future, he attends a meeting of Friend Finders — a social networking ...more

Taking the Lead Oct 14 2008 - Ben's world is turned upside down after a drunken one-night stand. Dave must face up to the secrets of his past while Carbo strikes up a surprising friendship with unexpectedly romantic

Away From It All Nov 04 2008 - Julie forces her dispirited family to the beach for a restorative weekend away — leading to everyone feeling restored but Julie herself. Ted receives advice from beyond the grave. Melissa's life ...more

Lines of Communication Sep 23 2008 - Ben finds himself in uncomfortable possession of a devastating secret which could blow his family apart, and with Dave's freelance career failing to take off, Julie makes a tough decision which ...more

Self Made Man Oct 07 2008 - Nathan's world is turned upside down as Julie and Dave make a splash at his father-in-law's 50th birthday party. Nathan learns a valuable lesson about wealth and happiness when the life he has ...more

Suburban Boy Oct 21 2008 - Dave reconnects with his foster brother, '80s rock star Steve Wilson, leading to an offer he can't refuse. Meanwhile, after a risky gamble with his boss's money, Nathan races the clock to save ...more

What a Difference a Year Makes Mar 17 2009 - What a difference a year makes! It has been a year in TV land according to the Packed to the Rafters show, and therefore two special anniversaries are marked in the lives of the Rafter family. ...more

Losing the Touch Mar 10 2009 - "Once upon a time in Dave's Magic Castle." All should be well in the world of King Dave, but with Queen Julie heading into menopause, the Rafter household is a bit tumultuous. Julie ...more

Don't Know What You've Got 'Til It's Gone Mar 24 2009 - Last week saw a huge surprise bestowed on Dave and Julie. With three grown up kids, and the youngest being born 21 years ago, just how will Dave and Julie cope? What with the nappies, school ...more

A Mother's Radar Nov 25 2008 - Following on from last weeks adventure in the car, Sammy and Nathan decide to organise some time for themselves with a romantic rendezvous. Julie's predictions about Rachel's true desire to ...more

Natural Justice Feb 03 2009 - Being on the electoral roll has its advantages; some may argue but voting being one. And others say it's not a good thing at all, as they don't want to be called up for jury duty. In this, the ...more

Over the Moon Mar 03 2009 - This week Rachel is blown away by Rob's idea of "Happy Families". His idea is a bit over the top, but not in a bad way really. With a bit of help from Dad, Ben challenges fate to give ...more

Changes Feb 17 2009 - Dads and their daughters have a very special relationship. In fact, most Dad's like to think that their precious daughters are "Daddy's Little Girl". So when Dave learns that Rachel is ...more

Having It All Feb 10 2009 - This week sees Rachel still trying to find her life's path. With much direction and focus she starts a new chapter in her life. Meanwhile, since finding a new business partner, Dave's life ...more

House of Cards Feb 24 2009 - What do you get when you mix too much alcohol with sex? A one night stand! It would almost be crazy, or somehow forgettable if it wasn't our favourite Rafter involved. That's right - It's Ben! ...more

Jul 21 2009 - Steve Wilson makes Nathan an unexpected offer. Nathan’s life is finally back on track. He’s on the verge of pushing through a major sales coup and his boss Tim raises the possibility of a future ...more

Brave New World Jul 28 2009 - Painful memories surface for Dave as he and Julie confront the potentially heartbreaking results of tests on their unborn child. Pregnant late in life, the chances of Julie and Dave’s child ...more

Little Arrows Aug 04 2009 - Ted’s burgeoning relationship with Marjorie appears to be going romantic gangbusters until he meets her daughter Susannah and her pregnant partner Abby, who’ve left the Gold Coast to live with ...more

Look into My Eyes Jun 30 2009 - This episode sees the return of Packed to the Rafters for its second season on Australian television. Decisions still need to be made from where they left off at the end of Season One. And Ben ...more

Dodging the Issue Jul 07 2009 - Dave and Julie’s relationship comes under strain as Dave struggles with a series of betrayals. Julie is convinced that Warney is ripping off Dave’s business. But Dave is positive his mate is ...more

Living by the List Jul 14 2009 - Rachel gets back into the dating game. Encouraged by her best friend Libby, Rachel reluctantly agrees to be set up on a blind date. After they literally run into a gorgeous, crude rugby player – ...more

Belonging Aug 11 2009 - Trish returns from Europe, seemingly in high spirits, and invites the entire Rafter family to lunch at an exclusive restaurant. When her daughter Sammy wonders who exactly is paying the bills, ...more

What's in a Name? Aug 18 2009 - The stray mutt which Ben and Melissa found a week ago still has no name, despite all their efforts. If Carbo has his way, the dog may not be around long enough to need a name. After barking all ...more

Naked Visions Aug 25 2009 - Ben’s troubles begin when he inadvertently stumbles on Rachel taking artistic pregnancy photos of a naked Julie. Given the mainly positive reactions to the photos, Julie decides to celebrate her ...more

Blurring the Lines Sep 22 2009 - A shame-faced Nathan wakes up from an erotic dream initially about Sammy who then turns into Layla. Sammy’s father Tony is facing the first hearing of his trial tomorrow, and she has to go along ...more

It's My Party Oct 06 2009 - Dave is determined to give Ben and Melissa the engagement party that he and Julie never had. But his focus is sidetracked by the accidental discovery that Chel’s increasingly regular hospital ...more

Putting the House in Order Oct 20 2009 - On her last day at work Julie quizzes psychic tea lady Bonnie about the troubling prediction she’d made months earlier. Bonnie still senses a divorce but now she’s sensing something more. It has ...more

Space Junk Oct 27 2009 - When a bunch of flowers arrive for her at work with no card, Rachel assumes Jake must’ve sent them. However, she soon discovers that they are from her ex-boyfriend, meth addict Daniel. Now clean ...more

A Small, Traditional Affair Nov 03 2009 - Ben begins to bow under pressure as his wedding day fast approaches, thanks to a chance meeting with Kat and the arrival of Melissa’s overbearing parents. At the bucks night, Ben is having a ...more

Only a Heartbeat Away Nov 10 2009 - Ben and Melissa's honeymoon takes an unexpected turn. At the five-star resort they're staying at, they meet another couple, Adrian and Nicole, and hit it off. They become new besties. There ...more

Unlimited Options Nov 17 2009 - Nathan has decided he has no possible job options left. But in a way he feels liberated – he’s free to consider impossible options. The world opens up to him again – he’ll become an event ...more

Nativity Play Nov 24 2009 - Julie faces her greatest challenge yet – the birth of her fourth and final child without husband Dave at her side. After Dave leaves for his vasectomy, Julie begins to have contractions, and ...more

Out of Left Field Sep 15 2009 - Carbo’s mother Rita arrives from Lesbos to stay for six weeks with Artemis, the 18 year old daughter of her best friend. Despite Ben and Melissa’s insinuations that this may be a romantic ...more

First Instinct Sep 29 2009 - The Rafters throw a surprise party for Chel, who's shocked and delighted as the family yells 'surprise.' She is swept up in the family history and moved by the love shown to her. But clouds are ...more

Power Play Sep 08 2009 - After turning up at the Rafter house and disappearing without so much as a word, Rachel 'Chel' Warne uses an electrical ruse to lure Dave to the shop where she is working. Although the meeting ...more

Ready to Catch You Sep 01 2009 - Dave has finally opened his original birth certificate. Inside is the name of his birth mother, but his birth father is ‘unknown’. Encouraged by Julie, Dave tells the rest of the family. Buoyed ...more

Mr. Fix-It Oct 13 2009 - Now that Julie and Dave are expecting their fourth child, Ted makes plans to withdraw from his superfund and invest in a new unit. Nathan has been calling and texting Sammy hoping for the chance ...more

The Blank Page Jun 29 2010 - Julie recovers in hospital after the birth of baby Ruby, ruminating on how life is like a blank page at birth, while her adult children experience how blotted that page can become. Learning that ...more

The Invisible Man Jul 20 2010 - Ted struggles with feeling old and worthless after a girl gang attack and the death of a neighbour. Returning from a movie, Ted and Chel become involved in a teenage girl gang's vendetta. In the ...more

Know Yourself Sep 21 2010 - Dave struggles with unfamiliar emotions that threaten to engulf the easy-going father and husband he has always been. Dave Rafter prides himself on being easy going and uncomplicated. He knows ...more

Moments of Truth Sep 07 2010 - Nathan faces a life-changing moment of truth - the operation to donate a kidney to beloved grandmother Chel. With only three days to go until the transplant procedure, Chel's need to put her ...more

A Good Husband Jul 13 2010 - Love is in the air, with Ben plagued with unexpected doubts about his ability in the sack, while a miscommunication between Dave and Julie in the bedroom department sends her into a frenzy of ...more