Full List of Packed To The Rafters Episodes

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Below is a complete Packed to the Rafters episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Packed to the Rafters episodes are listed along with the Packed to the Rafters episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Packed to the Rafters episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Sweet Sorrow” and “She Ain't Heavy.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Packed to the Rafters episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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Rest In Peace Nov 09 2010
The Rafter family say an emotional farewell to Melissa. Dave is determined to shelve his own battle with depression, but as tensions build, he finds himself exploding inappropriately in anger. ...more
One Day At A Time Nov 16 2010
With Christmas and Ruby's first birthday fast approaching, the Rafter family struggle to get back on track. Dave is struggling with his own demons. Julie gently convinces him to give therapy ...more
Live and Let Live Sep 14 2010
Julie explores the principle of "live and let live" as she and others struggle to implement the philosophy in various areas of their lives. A possum has taken up residence in the ...more
Between the Covers Oct 19 2010
A wild night in Kings Cross teaches Nathan not to judge a book by its cover. Nathan's journey begins with a surprising revelation - he's enjoying reading "Pride and Prejudice." The ...more
Spark of Life Oct 12 2010
Ted returns from with renewed spark from a rejuvenating break, only to find all is not well with his family. Due to work and money pressures, Julie and Dave are snapping at each other and Julie ...more
The Price of Parenthood Aug 17 2010
Someone's watching the Rafter House - and the surprise culprit leads to Dave and Nathan meeting Dave's dad Tom in prison for the first time. There's a strange noise in the night and Dave, ...more
Perfect Bubble Nov 02 2010
Certain perfect bubbles in the Rafter world all burst in the most unexpected and confronting ways. Newly unemployed Rachel is seeing the world in a new light - as her oyster. But first what ...more
To Tell Or Not To Tell Jul 06 2010
Dave's dilemma over whether to reveal that his birth-father is alive leads to a roadtrip to meet his mysterious other family. With all seemingly at peace in the Rafter house, Dave wrestles ...more
Rites of Passage Aug 10 2010
Nathan is forced to question his motives for wanting to donate a kidney, triggering a crisis of confidence. Will he be able to put his demons to rest and in doing so, save Chel's life? Although ...more
Lessons in Happiness Aug 31 2010
Rachel rides the ups and downs of happiness, struggling to find it in the frenetic pace of life. But will her choices have future repercussions for her relationship with her family and Jake? At ...more
Out of the Comfort Zone Aug 24 2010
Ben is forced to step outside his comfort zone when a moral stand clashes with workplace politics. Ben's troubles begin when Melissa reveals she isn't keen on starting a family for years - ...more
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning Jun 29 2010
Julie's confidence as a mum takes a beating when baby Ruby resists Julie's attempts to breastfeed. Exhausted by lack of sleep, Julie eventually admits defeat - and in doing so, discovers ...more
Breathe Oct 26 2010
Rachel takes a crash course in remembering to breathe as she juggles a toxic workplace and an estranged boyfriend. Something's got to give... Desperate to see each other, Jake arrives in the ...more
Home Coming Jul 27 2010
Rachel's dream of moving in with Jake is thrown into jeopardy by the unexpected return of Alex. Rachel's forced to deal with the fallout when Alex reacts badly to the many changes that have ...more
When Worlds Collide Oct 04 2010
Rachel's relationship with Jake is pushed to breaking point when her work and personal lives collide. For Rachel, work is a world of pain. Colleague Liam is undercutting her at every turn, and ...more
A Delicate Balance Aug 03 2010
Julie is forced to expand her inevitable focus on the needs of her new baby to include the more complex needs of the other members of her family. Julie has been uncharacteristically disconnected ...more
Don't Go There! Sep 28 2010
Ben begins to feel like the victim in a horror film who always goes where the audience knows he shouldn't as he begins to question Melissa's commitment to being a parent. Don't go there! When ...more
What Lies Beneath Feb 08 2011
It's been three months since Ben and Nathan left on their road trip around Australia. Bearded and tanned, Ben returns without Nathan and smooths over his family's concern with a plausible ...more
In With The New Feb 15 2011
It's a time for new beginnings as Dave learns the truth about underlying tensions between Ben and the recently returned Nathan and urges his sons to start afresh. As Council Clean-Up Days looms ...more
Careful What You Wish For Feb 22 2011
Rachel wrestles with the potentially relationship-wrecking pitfalls of getting everything you want - particularly when truth is number one on the wish-list. Guilt-ridden about invading Coby's ...more
Other People's Eyes Mar 01 2011
The aftermath of Jake's ill-fated rugby weekend is fully felt as Julie realises how much perception and misperception can affect the lives of her family and friends. Rachel is determined to ...more
The Taste of Freedom Mar 08 2011
Nathan examines what it means to be free as he receives potentially upsetting news - his divorce from Sammy is final. The Rafter family have all witnessed Nathan's heartbreak over the end of the ...more
Risky Business Oct 25 2011
Ben initiates a night on the town with the boys, and everyone is impressed by the up-market nightclub who's owner is courting Ben as a potential investor in his next business venture, causing ...more
Butterfly's Wings Mar 06 2012
Dave and Julie discover how one inexplicable chain of events can almost end in disaster. Dave is alone with Ruby when he gets a call requiring his presence back on site. With no babysitter, Dave ...more
Endings and Beginnings Mar 20 2012
Ben and Emma are both nervously looking forward to their first date. When Carbo and Retta return from the honeymoon from hell, Ben and Emma head out to a restaurant and enjoy a perfect evening.