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Full List of Panther Models

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Below is a list of all Panther cars & models that have come out so far. This Panther vehicle model list includes photos of Panther vehicles along with release dates and body types of each car. Did you used to drive one of the old Panther cars on this list? The company has had hits and misses, but definitely have put out some great cars. Items on this poll include Panther De Ville and Panther Kallista This list of car models made by Panther is a great way to see how Panther has evolved over the years. Panther types also have car class information available if you click on their names and go to their dedicated page.
  • The Kallista replaced the Panther Lima as Panther Car Company's volume model for the 1980s. Unlike the Vauxhall-based Lima, the Kallista used Ford mechanicals, including a range of engines from 1.6 L straight-4 to 2.9 L Cologne V6. Like its predecessor, it featured styling resembling earlier Allard and Morgan cars. The later SsangYong-built models of the 1990s used a 2.3 L engine. The Kallista used an aluminium body over a purpose-built steel chassis. Performance was good, with a sprint to 60 mph taking under 8 seconds. The Kallista was produced from 1982 through 1990 until SsangYong Motor Company released a badge engineered version in 1992 called the SsangYong Kallista. Only 78 of the...  more
  • The Panther De Ville is a neo-classic luxury vehicle which was produced by Panther Westwinds, the British specialty maker, from 1974 to 1985. The De Ville was conceived by Robert Jankel to appeal to the taste of nouveau riche customers, including singer Elton John and actor Oliver Reed. About 60 De Villes were hand-built, including eleven two-door convertibles, and one pink and gold six-door limousine. With a wheelbase of 142 inches, the tubular-framed De Ville used a straight-six engine or a V12 engine from Jaguar Cars. The flowing wing lines and big headlights of the De Ville were styled to imitate the Bugatti Royale. The cockpit of the De Ville was modern, without the exterior's pretense...  more
  • The J.72 was the first product of the Panther Westwinds company, sold from 1972 through 1981. It was an ultra-exclusive luxury roadster, intended to compete with the best of the 1970s motor industry. It used mechanicals from the XJ12, including the 5.3 L Jaguar V12 engine, and was styled like the Jaguar SS100. The J.72 was also offered with the 3.8 L and 4.2 L XK engines. The J.72 was a success for the small company, with its Connolly coachwork beating Rolls-Royce at the 1973 London Motor Show. The car was purchased by a number of celebrities. 368 were produced in all. 1976 Panther J72 1980 Panther J72 Panther J72 interior...  more
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    The Panther Lima was a retro-styled roadster of the 1970s. It used Vauxhall Viva and Magnum mechanicals, including that car's 2.3 L engine. A later Mark II model used a purpose-built chassis. The body was built of fibreglass in a roadster style reminiscent of an Allard or Morgan. The Lima was produced in volume, with over 500 built by the time of the introduction of the Lima Turbo in February 1979. The Yellow/Black Lima shown is a Turbo version. The Turbo Lima was fitted with 14-inch alloy wheels, and had a TURBO graphic on the bonnet. The turbocharged version, with an engine developed in Southern California, had 178 hp rather than the 108 hp of the original and a claimed 0-100 km/h...  more