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TV Full List of Paradise Hotel Episodes

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Below is a complete Paradise Hotel episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Paradise Hotel episodes are listed along with the Paradise Hotel episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Paradise Hotel episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Are You Calling Me a Liar?” to “High Stakes in Paradise” is included below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Paradise Hotel episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 3 Jun 25 2003 - Toni confronts Charla. She warns her about how she is turning everyone against her. Amy does the same, and tells Charla that the relationships they have made there in paradise are ...more

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Episode 9 Jul 16 2003 - Everyone's in an uproar over the fact that one of the original girls is going to be sent home next week. ""Women are shaking in their boots!"" Dave exclaims. Toni screams at ...more

Episode 19 Aug 25 2003 - The girls pack up and switch rooms as per Dave and Tara's new assignments. Charla reluctantly moves into the Butterfly Room with Alex. But Alex gives his new roommate a present -- a kit of ...more

Episode 5 Jul 02 2003 - Beau makes a joke about the new girl coming in, but takes a swipe at Amanda while he's at it. ""Something crazy always happens,"" Toni says about the entrance of the new ...more

Episode 2 Jun 23 2003 - Party girl Melanie proposes that they all have a ""butt check"" contest. In other words, she wants to squeeze all the men's asses without being sued for sexual harassment. ...more

Episode 23 Sep 08 2003 - With only two weeks to go, it's time to step up or go home. Andon tells us he thinks Zack harbors a lot of ill emotion toward Keith. Andon also says it's his turn to start conniving and ...more

Episode 14 Aug 04 2003 - The alliances are becoming solidly formed. Charla and Dave hook up with Keith and Tara. Dave is convinced that Scott is not only playing the game, but rallying for the Originals. Holly tells ...more

Episode 15 Aug 11 2003 - Amy is frustrated. Last week it was Zack who went home. This week it's her friend Toni. Yet Amy is happy to room with Beau because they are ""on the same page."" Dave happily ...more

Episode 26 Sep 17 2003 - Over breakfast of Dave's specially-ordered huevos rancheros, Tom pleads for his safety. ""Maybe you can manipulate somebody?"" Tom sarcastically asks Dave. Too late for you, ...more

Episode 6 Jul 07 2003 - We begin, typically, with a pissed-off Charla. She doesn't like Dave hinting to the guys about what they might have done in the bedroom. He found her thong and made a joke, ala Clinton and ...more

Episode 13 Jul 30 2003 - Amy attacks Keith once again. She calls him selfish and not willing to take ""everyone's"" feelings into consideration. Kristin accuses him of deliberately going against her ...more

Episode 11 Jul 23 2003 - After the contestant selection is over, everyone congregates by the pool to discuss the outcome of Keith being the next guest. Toni admits that she accidentally voted for a different guy than ...more

Episode 4 Jun 30 2003 - It's becoming a game of chess at Paradise Hotel, with everyone anticipating the moves that might send them home. Dave tells Scott that he made a deep connection with Charla (or so he is led to ...more

Episode 1 Jun 18 2003 - Welcome to Paradise Hotel! The dream resort where you'll need to hook up in order to stay. If not, you'll have to check out and return to reality. Someone from the audience at home could fly off ...more

Episode 7 Jul 09 2003 - Pre-newbie arrival, most everyone thinks Matthew JC is probably cool and nice. Beau makes fun of the moniker that Matt's a rocker, because when he sang to Amanda via satellite, it was only a ...more

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Episode 17 Aug 18 2003 - Alex reflects upon the change of mood in the hotel. People had been upset when Zack and Toni left, but no one seems to be mad now that Beau is gone. According to Alex, things got more relaxed ...more

Episode 25 Sep 15 2003 - Someone give the guy a medal: Scott has finally realized that his time in Paradise isn't really reality. Dave jokes that after it's all over he should move to Chicago in order to be near his ...more

Episode 29 Oct 01 2003 - Remember the first week when Charla was the outsider in the single? When Zack turned down Amy? When Dave drunkenly pointed out his own man-boobs? Those days are long gone. It's the final week in ...more

Episode 21 Sep 01 2003 - Everyone partakes in dessert in the Grand Salon. But there's something even more sweet in store. Host Amanda comes in unexpectedly to inform them of another surprise. All of a sudden, Zack comes ...more

Episode 27 Sep 23 2003 - Charla has no idea how the Barbies made it this far into the game. She doubts that their lucky streak can continue, believing that Amy will win. Yet Amy feels lonely. ""It's been ...more

Episode 10 Jul 22 2003 - Tension's high post-Pandora game ever since Toni accused Dave of claiming he was the smartest person at the hotel. Everyone puts in their two cents, and all the men don't believe anything Dave ...more

Episode 16 Aug 13 2003 - The morning after the Casino event, Dave is convinced that both Keith and Alex ended up the big winners of the night. Whoever has the most money gets the power to send one of the other guys ...more

Episode 28 Sep 23 2003 - Host Amanda warns the remaining six that they will now be treated as couples, with a pair going home after the next elimination. However, one person will be granted all the power to force out ...more

Episode 18 Aug 20 2003 - Charla teases Keith about his incessant flirting with her. Yet she gives it right back to him in a bear hug. Dave sits alone and ponders Charla. Although he told her that he has full trust in ...more

Episode 8 Jul 14 2003 - ""This is real,"" Beau announces. Not according to Amanda. She confides to Amy about Jason, her visiting ex-boyfriend. Jason wants her to go home with him because he is ...more

Episode 22 Sep 03 2003 - Keith calls Dave to see how he is doing. ""Dude, it's bad,"" Dave bemoans, describing the mob mentality that's taken over the hotel. ""I can't handle ...more

Episode 24 Sep 10 2003 - Can you handle even more intrigue, plotting and frantic screaming? Hope so, because it's time for more PH! To start things off, Melanie says that she's really excited to be the girl chosen to ...more

Episode 12 Jul 29 2003 - Keith is bummed out that one of the guys is going home and that he's the one who's going to send him. Although he's only been there for a little over two days, Keith already sees the alliances ...more

Episode 20 Aug 27 2003 - Tom rises early and goes down to the bar to pick up trays of food. He brings each girl breakfast in bed. ""So sweet!"" Tara exclaims, as her roommate Dave looks on ...more

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Episode 30 Oct 01 2003 - The former hotel couples pile into the hotel. Smokey hangs on Tom's waist. Amy and Zack enter last to a round of applause. They all sit in chairs lined up in the Grand Salon. Keith comes in with ...more

The Ultimate Power May 12 2008 - The remaining three couples choose to vote off one couple, but a unexpected twist shakes things up.

Finger Painting Feb 25 2008 - As the new boy Johnny continues to stir the pot, the contestants face a looming elimination. The tension and sexual games are upped with a steamy body-painting competition judged by Johnny. The ...more

The Return of Paradise Hotel Feb 04 2008 - Single men and women looking for love arrive at Paradise Hotel for the series' second run. There, they learn that while they have the chance at romance, not everything is as rosy as it seems. ...more

High Stakes in Paradise Apr 21 2008 - The guys play a poker game with high stakes. Meanwhile, the newest arrivals have doubts about their alliance.

The Return of Raheim Apr 28 2008 - Raheim makes a return to the hotel looking for revenge against the friend who did him wrong.

Paradise Confidential Mar 31 2008


Season Finale May 19 2008 - Past contestants return to the house and put the remaining two teams on the hot seat before a winner is chosen.


Blast From The Past Apr 14 2008 - A familiar face returns and shakes things up as Myrna is targeted by the original players for ousting Tanya.

Odd Man Out May 05 2008 - A vulnerable James hopes to fix up an alliance with Tidisha, as seven contestants remain.


The First New Guest Feb 18 2008

A Tearful Farewell Apr 07 2008

The Blonde Bombshell Mar 03 2008 - The guys are nervous when a new girl, a blonde bombshell, arrives. The girl, named Stephanie, makes quite a scene when she gets punch-drunk during a late night party and demonstrates rude ...more


Reunion May 26 2008