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Full List of Peak Practice Episodes

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Below is a complete Peak Practice episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Peak Practice episodes are listed along with the Peak Practice episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Peak Practice episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Innocent Blood” and “Through a Glass Darkly” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Peak Practice episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 26

    Enemy Within

    Mar 30 1994
    Chloe goes to see Jack. He is concerned about her - she's not getting any better. The hospital...
  • 27

    Long Weekend

    Apr 06 1994
    Jack receives a package. It is a key from his ex-girlfriend Karen. She calls him at the...
  • 28

    Chance Encounter

    Apr 13 1994
    Will asks Beth if she can cover his nightcalls as he wants to help celebrate the local footie...
  • 29

    Life Changes

    Apr 19 1994
    Will and Sarah continue to struggle with money. Sarah tells Will she's run out of access on...
  • 30

    A Brave Face

    Apr 26 1994
    Jack, Beth and Will have dinner to talk over the final fundholding plans. Jack and Beth thank...
  • 31


    May 03 1994
    Chloe collapses whilst doing the ironing. Jack tells her she is doing so much and must take...
  • 32

    Perfect Love

    May 10 1994
    Jack and Beth visit Beth's friends Annie and Dominic. Beth sees them as the ideal couple...
  • 33

    Power Games

    May 17 1994
    Beth is called out to Bob Massey who has suffered a mild heart attack. Frank Hooley arrives at...
  • 34

    Happy Ever After

    May 24 1994
    The police arrive at Alice's house. They have a warrant for her arrest because she hasn't paid...
  • 35

    Eye of the Storm

    Jan 14 1997
    Andrew returns to Cardale, six months after leaving Will and Erica in the lurch. Can he...
  • 36

    The Price

    Jan 21 1997
    Will suspects that Kate has post-natal depression. But as their baby daughter's health...
  • 37

    Innocent Blood

    Jan 28 1997
    As David's family join him in Cardale, he has to give the parents of a young boy he delivered...
  • 38

    Letting Go

    Feb 04 1997
    Erica battles with hospital incompetence and Andrew's penny-pinching to save Alice North's...
  • 39


    Feb 11 1997
    On his way to Erica's birthday party, Andrew is involved in a car crash. Although he is...
  • 40

    Lost Feelings

    Feb 18 1997
    David helps an old friend - now a paraplegic - and his wife to conceive. But will a baby heal...
  • 41

    Home Truths

    Mar 04 1997
    A lonely mother's cry for help leaves her young son's life hanging in the balance as Andrew...
  • 42

    Running to Hide

    Mar 11 1997
    David helps bus driver Stan keep his job. But is Stan really as fit as he pretends? Andrew's...
  • 43

    Borrowed Time

    Mar 18 1997
    Andrew's old friend Phil arrives in Cardale with devastating news which will turn both their...
  • 44

    Tough Love

    Mar 25 1997
    A young girl stumbles into Cardale in search of a new start just as Andrew decides to tell...
  • 45

    State of Mind

    Apr 01 1997
    When Clare endangers one of David's older patients, it is time for David to face facts about...
  • 46


    Apr 08 1997
    Erica's commitment to the Beeches is tested by her treatment of a single-minded career woman,...
  • 47

    A Change of Heart

    Apr 15 1997
    David struggles to cope with a stubborn pilot suffering from dizzy spells, and also with...
  • 48

    Fight or Flight

    Apr 22 1997
    When Emma and Tom go missing David and Claire are forced to face up to the reality of her...
  • 49

    Still Waters

    Jan 02 2001
    Determined to save her marriage, Kate tries her hardest to get through to Will - but how will...
  • 50

    Flesh and Blood

    Jan 09 2001
    Bridget oversteps the mark when she gets too close to a patient. Tom and Alex brush of their...