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Below is a complete Peep and the Big Wide World episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Peep and the Big Wide World episodes are listed along with the Peep and the Big Wide World episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Peep and the Big Wide World episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Hide And Go Peep” and “Bridge The Gap.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Peep and the Big Wide World episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Quack And The Very Big Rock / Shadow Play Apr 14 2004 - A DUCK'S TALE: Quack fears that he doesn't have anything as cool as a Skunk's smell, until he is reminded by Chirp of ""The Power Of Duck Feet.""

Night Light / Sounds Like... Apr 16 2004 - QUACK AND THE VERY BIG ROCK: When a rock blocks the path between Quack's pond and Peep's can, the birds must call on all their friends to help clear the way.

Spring Thing / Springy Thingy Apr 12 2004 - SPRING THING: The birds fear that it will be winter forever, until they discover one small purple flower poking up through the snow.

Quack's Stuck Stick / Peep's Can Apr 22 2004 - NIGHT LIGHT: Quack and Peep experiment with shadows when they find a flashlight in the dump at night.

Stormy Weather / Peep In Rabbitland Apr 21 2004 - QUACK LOSES HIS HAT: Peep learns that some things can float, and his new knowledge comes in handy when the Blue Jays trap Quack inside a tall jar.

A Duck's Tale / Quack's Tracks Apr 13 2004 - SPRINGY THINGY: Peep learns about springs as he jumps on a mattress at the dump, and discovers an old jack-in-the-box.

Save It For Later / The Red Ballmoon Apr 27 2004 - PEEP FEET: The birds discover that everyone has their own way of measuring distances, so their new standard of measurment will be ""Peep Feet.""

The Windy Day / Peep Feet Apr 19 2004 - SHADOW PLAY: Peep, Quack, and Chirp discover their shadows, then use them to teach Tom the cat a lesson.

Under Duck / All Fall Down Apr 23 2004 - SOUNDS LIKE...: Chirp and Peep get lost after taking a long walk to find a quiet spot, and must use the sounds they heard on their way to the spot to find their way back home.

Newton's Big Adventure / Peep Crosses The Road Apr 20 2004 - CURRENT EVENTS: Peep and Chirp run into trouble when they try to take a boat out to Green Island; luckily, Quack the duck comes to their rescue.

Chirp Builds A Nest / Stuck Duck Apr 28 2004 - NEWTON'S BIG ADVENTURE: Newton decides to move away from his favourite spot under the apple tree, and encounters flowers, a box of cookies, and a colony of ants.

The Perils of Peep And Chirp / Hoop Tricks Apr 26 2004 - THE WINDY DAY: Chirp is blown up into a tree while trying to use the wind to help her fly; it's up to Hoot the owl to bring her back home.

Current Events / Quack Loses His Hat Apr 15 2004 - QUACK'S TRACKS: On the first snowy day of winter, Peep loses Quack, learns about footprints, and builds a snow duck.

Birds Of A Feather / The Incredible Shrinking Duck Apr 30 2004 - BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Peep finds a lovely purple feather, and after much searching, the birds discover that Hoot the owl is its owner.

Peep's Night Out May 04 2004 - PEEP'S NIGHT OUT: Peep follows Squeak out into the night and meets fireflies, bats, and a snail.

Bridge The Gap May 07 2004 - BRIDGE THE GAP: The birds must build a bridge to reach a pile of pinecones on the other side of a ravine.

Meeting Half-Way May 07 2004 - MEETING HALF-WAY: Newton and Willow, another turtle who lives over the hill, decide they would like to meet, and they need help from Chirp and Peep to determine the midway point between their

The Incredible Shrinking Duck Apr 30 2004 - THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING DUCK: The birds are excited to see snow for the first time, and Quack builds a snow duck as handsome as he is; he soon learns, however, that snow ducks don't last

Hide And Go Peep May 11 2004 - HIDE AND GO PEEP: The birds discover a new game when Peep accidentally ""hides"" between some rocks, and soon figure out that hiding is easier when you are surrounded by ...more

Quack Hatches An Egg May 13 2004 - QUACK HATCHES AN EGG: Quack is so excited to see a baby robin hatching that he decides to search for a duck egg for his very own -- but the egg he finds contains a turtle instead.

Peep's New Friend May 14 2004 - PEEP'S NEW FRIEND: Peep befriends a caterpillar and is surprised when he turns into a butterfly.

Go West Young Peep May 03 2004 - GO WEST YOUNG PEEP: Peep and Chirp decide to follow their shadows for a day in order to find out where the sun goes at night.

Peep's Lost Leaf Apr 29 2004 - PEEP'S LOST LEAF: On a windy fall day, Peep spots the perfect red-and-gold leaf; the birds chase after it as the wind blows it around.

Flipping Newton May 05 2004 - FLIPPING NEWTON: Newton gets stuck upside down, and the birds figure out how to use a stick as a lever to get him turned right side up.

Chirp's Flight Program May 06 2004 - CHIRP'S FLIGHT PROGRAM: Chirp decides to study other birds to figure out how to fly.

The Whatchamacallit May 13 2004 - THE WHATCHAMACALLIT: Raccoon promises the birds that he has the coolest thing ever for them to see, but the birds are more excited about an old drainpipe that makes an excellent slide.

Give Me A Call May 17 2004 - GIVE ME A CALL: A really annoying sound is bothering Quack, and the birds look all over before finally finding the source of the problem -- a crow.

The Fish Museum May 04 2004 - QUACK'S STUCK STICK: Quack finds an amazing stick (a pinwheel), only to have it stolen by Beaver Boy for use in the family dam.

Mirror Mirror In The Dump May 06 2004 - MIRROR MIRROR IN THE DUMP: The birds find a mirror in the dump and Quack can't pry himself away from his lovely image.

A Peep Of A Different Color May 11 2004 - A PEEP OF A DIFFERENT COLOR: Peep and Chirp discover a set of paints at the dump, and use them to turn Peep red, Chirp blue, and Quack yellow.

There's No Place Like Home May 05 2004 - PEEP'S CAN: Peep narrates this tale of how a one-day-old Peep came to live in a tin can.

Peep Plants A Seed May 10 2004 - PEEP PLANTS A SEED: Peep loves sunflowers, and plants a sunflower seed in order to grow one of his very own.

A Delicate Balance May 03 2004 - A DELICATE BALANCE: Chirp uses Peep and Quack as counter balance on a ramp so she can reach some yummy sunflower seeds.

That's A Cat May 12 2004 - THAT'S A CAT: It's Peep's first day on earth, and he finds that his imagined picture of what a cat is doesn't match up with Tom The Cat very well.

The Real Decoy Apr 29 2004 - THE REAL DECOY: Peep and Quack find a duck decoy in the dump, and Quack brings his new duck friend back to his pond for food and a swim.

The Root Problem May 10 2004 - THE ROOT PROBLEM: Quack discovers a ""snake"" -- really a stick -- poking into his pond and the birds try to dig it up, only to discover that it is attached to Newton's apple

Faster Than A Duck May 12 2004 - FASTER THAN A DUCK: Quack challenges Chirp to a footrace and soon everyone else -- a rabbit, a squirrel, Beaver Boy, Newton, Squeak, and an ant -- get in on the action.

The Trip To Green Island May 17 2004 - THE TRIP TO GREEN ISLAND: Quack finally manages to transport Peep and Chirp out to Green Island (""the ducks' paradise"") and the birds fear that this is their last adventure ...more

Wandering Beaver / Peep's New Friend May 14 2004 - CHIRP BUILDS A NEST: Chirp decides that a nest is the key to flying, and Peep helps her build a nest in the model of Nellie's doghouse.

Quack Quiets the Universe Nov 14 2005 -

Reflection Affection Nov 17 2005 -

Count Them Out Dec 15 2005 -

Peep Deep in the Big Muddy Nov 17 2005 -

One Duck Too Many Sep 18 2006 -

Smaller Than a Peep Sep 27 2006 -

The Many Moons of Quack the Duck Nov 15 2005 -

Snow Daze Nov 18 2005 -

Flower Shower Dec 15 2005 -

Finding Time Sep 27 2006 -

The Trouble With Bubbles Oct 02 2006 -