Full List of Pensacola: Wings Of Gold Episodes

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Below is a complete Pensacola: Wings of Gold episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Pensacola: Wings of Gold episodes are listed along with the Pensacola: Wings of Gold episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Pensacola: Wings of Gold episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Yesterday, Upon the Stair... (2)” to “Soldiers of Misfortune” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Pensacola: Wings of Gold episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Bogey Man Nov 17 1997
The Sea Dragons are sent to Korea to try and help get a defector across the border. Kelly's budding romance with Dr. West is interupted by the reassignment. Kelly decides to help Tomlin, a ...more
Power Play Jan 26 1998
A test pilot, Peter Allenson, has problems during the testing of a new missle firing system. When the problems go unreported he warns Bobby who is about to test the system and he dies in a hit ...more
Birds of Prey Oct 20 1997
Conaway, Lindstrom and a third marine are hijacked by two men who have gambling debts. Conaway is shot and falls out of the helicopter and the others land on a small island. The third Marine is ...more
Soldiers of Misfortune Jan 19 1998
The Sea Dragons are sent to rescue hostages in a Carribean nation but their efforts are endangered when a billionaire, whose daughter is one of the hostages, sends in a team of mercenaries to ...more
Fallout Oct 13 1997
The Sea Dragons are called upon when an African ambassador is suspected of stealing plutonium.
It's the Real Thing, Baby Oct 06 1997
A redhead, who made a pass at Bobby, drugs and murders a Strike Team Cobra for his security pass. She is part of a group of robbers impersonating Cobras who are stealing guidance plans. The Sea ...more
Acceptable Casualties Nov 24 1997
When a sheriff comes by investigating a former member of the Sea Dragons who washed out and his possible link to attempted shootings, the team takes leave to investigate. And Kelly seeks more ...more
Lost Shipment Apr 20 1998
Agent Catarez asks for the Sea Dragons' help in dealing with an arms dealer, Javier Nuñez (Nunez) entering the U.S. illegally. The arms dealer escapes but Bobby's father, Robert ...more
Not in My Back Yard May 25 1998
After Seaton Palmer, an Irish terrorist with the R.F.I. is captured with nerve gas, Kelly and the Sea Dragons investigate. Annalisa Lindstrom and A.J. Conaway try going on a date. At the end of ...more
Past Sins Nov 10 1997
A man in Kelly's Vietnam unit is burned. It seems to have something to do with the accidental bombing of a village in which 30 or 40 civilians were killed. Kelly was in the hospital during the ...more
Yesterday, Upon the Stair... (1) Sep 15 1997
After Col. Ballinger is injured during a traing exercise, Lt. Colonel Bill Kelly, a pilot, asked to take command of the Sea Dragons by Col. Rebecca Hodges. It is a four person team including ...more
Grey Ghost Nov 03 1997
The Sea Dragons try to stop a biological weapon, a virus called the Grey Ghost, from being sold by arms dealers. Janine starts seeing an old boyfriend, Zach, because Bobby keeps breaking their ...more
Freebird Sep 29 1997
When a pilot and his plane disappear with an experimental stealth device, he is suspected of being involved with a militia group.
Game, Set and Match Feb 02 1998
A.J. helps a pretty woman, Rita Garcia, by preventing her purse from being snatched. Then he finds the Naval Criminal Investigation Service suspects him of espionage. Meanwhile Bobby is ...more
Trials and Tribulations Jan 12 1998
During a rescue mission one of the pow's is killed and with his dying words he accuses Linstrom. She is placed on trial. Bobby dates a woman he met on the beach and spends the night with her. By ...more
Company Town Jan 05 1998
The SeaDragons are sent in civilian clothing to investigate who hacked into a military computer. The ""company town"" they are sent to employs computer programmers and is ...more
Broken Wings May 18 1998
While patrolling the no fly zone in Iraq, Kelly is shot down with Griffin in the back seat. While they try to avoid capture, the other Sea Dragons are frustrated in their attempts to help join ...more
Great Expectations May 11 1998
In San Diego for a convention, the Sea Dragons must prevent the deranged Maj. Egan from stealing a laser weapon and taking vengeance against those he believes responsible for the deaths of his
Yesterday, Upon the Stair... (2) Sep 22 1997
The druglord, Ramon Toledo, captured in the previous episode has a deal. He will receive an operation and a kidney from his brother, Miguel in return for information. This upsets Kelly, whose ...more
We Are Not Alone Apr 27 1998
A top secret experimental weapon that is missing from a USAF plane is found by a boy, Casey. The Sea Dragons are sent to recover the weapon but someone else is also looking for it. In their ...more
Road Warriors Oct 27 1997
The Sea Dragons try to protect two foreign dignitaries from assassination on their way to peace talks.
Stranger, Lover, Friend May 04 1998
After a bird shatters the canopy of his jet, Griffin is injured both physically and emotionally, and may be permanently grounded.
Lost Feb 07 1999
During a community relations day, a orphaned boy living with his aunt is kidnapped for ransom.
Touch and Go Apr 29 1999
The nuggets practice touch and go landings before trying to land on a carrier, Spoon's father returns, a young acquaintance of Kelly's seeks romance with Ice and a sleep deprivation study needs ...more
Stand Down Oct 05 1998
Breaker's plane suffers a hydraulic failure and she dies trying to land the plane.