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Below is a complete Pepper Ann episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Pepper Ann episodes are listed along with the Pepper Ann episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Pepper Ann episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Doppelganger Didi / Pepper Ann's Day Off-Kilter” and “The Merry Lives of Pepper Ann.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Pepper Ann episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Romeo and Juliet / Food Barn Sep 20 1997 - Romeo and Juliet Pepper Ann tries out for a play because Craig has the lead role of Romeo. When the time comes around for the results, she's a runner-up to Cissy who's gotten the lead role of ...more

Crush and Burn / Soccer Season Nov 15 1997 - Crush and Burn Milo is upset that Gwen Mezzrow has a crush on him, so Pepper Ann comes up with a genious idea - her and Milo are a couple. One lie leads to another, which leads to ...more

Sketch 22 / Manly Milo Jan 10 1998 - Sketch 22 Pepper Ann gets invited to hang out with an eigth grader named Sketch. Manly Milo Milo tries to be more of a man by hanging out with guys, but the guys reject him because he's always ...more

Psychic Moose / Doll and Chain Oct 04 1997 - Psychic Moose Seeing moose hanging out with the mall psychic, Pepper Ann gets the feeling that Moose is psychic. Doll and Chain Pepper Ann and friends are assigned dolls that must accompany them ...more

Old Best Friend / Crunch Pod Sep 27 1997 - Old Best Friend Pepper Ann gets all excited to see her old friend ""Brenda"" from Cubby Camp, but to find out she's very Uncool and still acts like she did 5 years ago! ...more

Megablades of Grass / Family Vacation Oct 11 1997 - Megablades of Grass Pepper Ann exploits and takes advantage of Milo's skill of being able to cut grass, and trim bushes into the shapes of various things, just to get herself some MegaBlade ...more

Nicky Gone Bad / In Support of Jan 24 1998 - Nicky Gone Bad Nicky gets tired of caring for everyone, and decides to stop. She also decides to stop being a goodie two shoes, and be bad. Very bad. All the adults she talks to just ignore her ...more

Uniform Uniformity / Snot Your Mother's Music Oct 25 1997 - Uniform Uniformity Principal Hickey thinks that school uniforms will improve the school, so he hires P.A.'s mom to make the uniforms. Pepper Ann thinks everyone will hate her because of this, ...more

Ziterella Sep 13 1997 - Pepper Ann Pearson, a spunky too-cool-for-7th-grade girl, has just started middle school. It's yearbook photo day and just when Pepper Ann was thinking her life couldn't get any trashier, she ...more

Thanksgiving Dad Nov 22 1997 - Pepper Ann's dad has called, saying he has a suprise for her. Pepper Ann thinks he will come and visit her. Meanwhile, Lyidia and her aunt Janny are trying to have the best Tanksgiving ever. ...more

The Big Pencil / Sani-Paper Oct 18 1997 - The Big Pencil Pepper Ann wants to beat Alice Kane by building a better science project. The trophy? A giant pencil. Sani-PaperPepper Ann's school gets a invited to the Sani-Paper toilet seat ...more

Have You Ever Been Unsupervised / The Unusual Suspects Jan 17 1998 - Have You Ever Been Unsupervised Deiter is now turning 13 and he decides to have an unsupervised birthday party. This is the type of party where anything can happen, including ""spin ...more

The Environ Mentals Nov 08 1997 - Pepper Ann joins the environ-mentals and tries to solve the problem that the pyramid peanut butter can presents(skunks crawl in and suffocate).

Presenting Stewart Waldinger / Pepper Ann's Life in a Nutshell Nov 14 1998 - Presenting Stewart Waldinger Pepper Ann hears Nicky is Going out with Stewart Waldinger, ""He's most everything thats wrong with the 7th grade!"" Pepper Ann's Life In A ...more

Impractical Jokes / Cold Feet Dec 26 1998 - Impractical Jokes Pepper Ann, Milo and Nicky, play to many pranks on eachother for a while. But then P.A gets Crazy about the Impractical Jokes and Milo and Nicky dont want to be friends ...more

Radio Freak Hazelnut / Framed Dec 05 1998 - Radio Freak Hazelnut The rhetoric of Wayne MacCabre on the high school radio station KHMS so infuriates Pepper Ann that she tries to silence him. Framed Pepper Ann is getting Framed because some ...more

An OtterBiography / GreenSleeves Oct 03 1998 - An OtterBiography Pepper Ann has to be the School Otter Mascott for Nicky's field hockey team. Only now that Pepper Ann Takes advantage of the fact that she only gets Craig Bean's attention when ...more

Quiz Bowl / License to Drive Sep 12 1998 - Quiz Bowl The big quiz bowl has come about and Niki,Milo,Deider, and Pepper Ann have been selected to represent HMS. Pepper Ann(being an altranate) uses her trip for fun until Niki gets sick and ...more

Doppelganger Didi / Pepper Ann's Day Off-Kilter Jan 09 1999 - Doppelganger DidiPepper Ann freaks out when she learns that Didi O'Shaunassy, a student attending Our Lady of Walnut, looks and acts just like her. Pepper Ann's Day Off-Kilter Pepper Ann decides ...more

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Milo / The Sisterhood Dec 12 1998 - Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Milo For the first time in his life, Milo suffers a mental block when he tries to come up with an entry for the Dental Hygienapalooza Poster Contest. The ...more

Like Riding a Bike Nov 28 1998 - Pepper Ann's Mom, ""Lydia Pearson"" is dating P.A's Teacher ""Mr. Carter"" and everyone at school thinks its the greatest thing of all time! I bet you can

Cocoon Gables / Green-Eyed Monster Sep 19 1998 - Cocoon Gables Pepper Ann has to Volunteer for Cocoon Gables at the old people's place. When Pepper Ann settles in she now knows how its like to be Old. Not getting Choices no more fun and other ...more

A No Hair Day / That's My Dad Jan 16 1999 - A No Hair Day Craig Shaves his head and begins to look Lumpy to Pepper Ann. Is She really that Shallow? That's My Dad Pepper Ann wants to prove to Trinket Malloy, that her dad is as much close ...more

Vannessa Less Tessa / Peer Counselor P.A. Oct 10 1998 - Vannessa Less Tessa Tessa and Vannessa get into a small fight about who's cuter and Pepper Ann uses facts from ""Crazy Twin Shannonegans"" to help Vannessa and Tessa be ...more

A 'Tween Halloween / Mash into Me Oct 31 1998 - A 'Tween Halloween Everyone is affraid to go trick-or-treating this year because of how old they are. Mash Into Me Much to Pepper Ann's annoyance, Crash gets a big crush on her because she looks ...more

Hazelnut's Finest / Cat Scan Sep 26 1998 - Hazelnut's Finest Pepper Ann finds a lot of Money near this bench in the mall, and then she buys the Fuzzy painting she's always wanted. When Pepper Ann turns in a sack of coins that dumped out ...more

The Spanish Imposition / Single Unemployed Mother Jan 22 2000 - The Spanish Imposition Pepper Ann really wants to get into Music Appreciation first chance she gets. Even though Spanish is a lot Better! Single Unemployed Mother Pepper Ann has to do ...more

Dances with Ignorance / Girl Power Sep 18 1999 - Dances with Ignorance Pepper Ann finds out shes a little of Indian and wants to learn more about her Heritage, but does she over-do it? Girl Power Moose loves a cartoon ""Taundra ...more

You Oughta Be in Musicals Sep 11 1999 - Pepper Ann is bored with her daily routine. She thinks she can put excitement in her life by playing the lead in the school's ""Detention: the Musical"". But she regrets

The Wash-Out / Def Comedy Mom Nov 06 1999 - The Wash-Out When Gwen has to leave school in the middle of the day Pepper Ann accidentally starts a rumor that it's because Gwen has lice. Def Comedy Mom Lydia decides to try out being a ...more

The First Date Club / Unicycle of Life Nov 13 1999 - The First Date Club Could it be a first date with Pepper Ann and Craig Bean!? Unicycle Of Life Everyone is thinking Milo and P.A. are a couple when they worry about it. But when P.A. and Milo ...more

Beyond Good and Evel / One of the Guys Sep 25 1999 - Beyond Good and Evel Moose wants Evel Knevel to represent Hazelnut with his statue. One of the Guys Pepper Ann wants to prove she's not a Girls Guy and wants to be a Girls Girl!

A Kosher Christmas Dec 18 1999 - Pepper Ann makes a list of all the stuff thats great about Christmas or Chanauka, which ever is better.

Effie Shrugged / Mama Knows What Pepper Ann Did Two Nights Ago Jan 15 2000 - Effie Shrugged Pepper Ann becomes friends with a School Bully and doesnt notice it. Mama Knows What Pepper Ann Did Two Nights Ago Pepper Ann go's to Trinket's to see a Restricted movie...BY HER ...more

Pepper Shaker / Flaw and Order Feb 08 2000 - Pepper Shaker Pepper Ann becomes Jumpy and to frightend about Natural disasters after the small so called, ""Earth Quake"" in Hazelnut! Flaw and Order Mr. Finky sets up a ...more

A Valentine's Day Tune Feb 14 2000 - Now, on the eve of Valentine's Day, Pepper Ann's haunted by 3 ghosts, they show her how she tried to get her parents together by forging each other's names on cards, and when Lydia gave her a ...more

One Angry Woman Feb 11 2000 - One Angry Woman Pepper Ann's Mother is Called to Jury to decide whether this kid should be sentance for a long time of Community service or not, For Supposedbly Spitting on the Bank Camera. ...more

To Germany with Love Feb 18 2000 - Dieter is sending a tape to his Dad of how he's doing in America and films a bunch of Hazelnut middle school friends!

Sammy's Song / Permanent Record Feb 15 2000 - Sammy's Song Pepper Ann thinks the Pyramid Peanut Butter company is nothing but evil for making packages that skunks and gophers can get stuck in. But Janie tries to get her to rethink. ...more

The Sellout / The Telltale Fuzzy Feb 13 2000 - The Sellout Pepper Ann and Friends buy tickets to a concert only Pepper Ann gets SOLD OUT! So she complains to Nicky and Milo how they should give a ticket to her, when all of them apparently ...more

The Velvet Room Feb 10 2000 - Everyone's Family has a Peticular Special kind of Room or something where it should not be Touched nor Rough housed in! In this case Pepper Ann starts to Wonder Why?

Remote Possibilities / Considering Constance Feb 17 2000 - Remote Possibilities Pepper Ann trys to Solve Nicky and Stewart's Differences. Considering Constance Constance wants to be just like Pepper Ann so Pepper Ann does everything the wrong way and it ...more

Baggy Bean Buddies / The Beans of Wrath Feb 09 2000 - Baggy Bean Buddies Pepper Ann gets addicted to Baggy Bean Buddies because a sack of beans is worth over 100 dollars! The Beans of Wrath Dieter wants to prove to Pepper Ann that he will win the ...more

Live and Let Dye Feb 16 2000 - Pepper Ann wants to be even more of an induvidual so she decides to dye her hair Green!

Burn, Hazelnut, Burn / Career Daze Feb 06 2000 - Burn, Hazelnut, Burn Pepper Ann wants to Create her very own movie but everyone starts to take it over! Career Daze Everyone at Hazelnut Middle School takes a Career test to see what they'll be ...more

The Great Beyond / Jaybirds of a Feather Feb 25 2000 - The Great Beyond Pepper Ann's cat Steve has a problem and she's hoping he'll be alive but Beyond that, she's wondering where he'll go if he does die. Jaybirds of a Feather Pepper Ann needs to ...more

My Mother, Myself Feb 21 2000 - Pepper Ann and Lydia switch places by saying the same sentance at the same time and now they have to figure out a way to change everything back the way it was before.

The Way They Were Feb 27 2000 - Pepper Ann, Milo and Nicky get into a huge fight! Causing them to remember old times.

Bye, Bye Trinket / P.A.'s Pop Fly Feb 20 2000 - Bye, Bye Trinket Trinket wants to move to an all girls school but then moves back because of the Cell-Lines dont reach her peticular connections. P.A.'s Pop Fly Pepper Ann likes Soccer, but her ...more

The Untitled Milo Kamalani Project / Guess Who's Coming to the Theater Feb 23 2000 - The Untitled Milo Kamalani Project Milo blows off an entry for an album cover contest. But he wins and gets set up as a celebrity artist. Guess Who's Coming to the Theater Pepper Ann doesnt want ...more