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Below is a complete Perfect Strangers episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Perfect Strangers episodes are listed along with the Perfect Strangers episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Perfect Strangers episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Door to Door” and “The Break In.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Perfect Strangers episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Part 1 May 10 2001 - A reunion of the huge Symon family is reluctantly attended by bankrupt businessman Raymond, his wife Esther and their surveyor son Daniel. Raymond has had no contact with the family for some ...more

Part 3 May 24 2001 -

Part 2 May 17 2001 - Second of the three-part drama. Raymond suffers a stroke and Daniel discovers the extraordinary wartime memories of Edith, Violet and Grace.

Dance of Joy Merry montage of Balki and Larry's signature two-step throughout the show's first two seasons.

Picture This Apr 01 1986 - Larry tries to kickstart his career and gets tipped off that Dolly Parton is in town committing adultery. So he decides to follow her until he can get a picture to sell to newspapers. Meanwhile, ...more

Knock Knock, Who's There? Mar 25 1986 - Larry Appleton has just settled in his new Chicago apartment after leaving home of one of nine kids and took a job at the corner discount store working for his greedy landlord Mr. Twinkacetti ...more

Baby, You Can Drive My Car Apr 15 1986 - Balki wants to get his driver's license but Mr. Twinkacetti doesn't think he can do it. But Larry is so confident that he can, that he bets $50 and offers Balki his car.

Happy Birthday Apr 29 1986 - Larry is miserable on his 24th birthday after he blew a photo opportunity. So Balki tries to throw him a last minute surprise birthday party for him to cheer him up.

Check This Apr 22 1986 - Larry takes Balki to the bank to open a bank account but Balki doesn't seem to understand everything about banking when he overspends with his checks and buys Larry new furniture. Meanwhile, ...more

First Date Apr 08 1986 - Larry takes Balki to a singles bar to meet women and while Balki gets his first date, Larry gets beat up in a parking lot by a boyfriend of a woman he hit on.

Two Men and a Cradle Nov 19 1986 - Balki agrees to take care of Gina's baby while she goes away with her husband. And since Larry knows more about babies, he is obligated to help Balki. Things go fine until they take him to the ...more

Tux for Two Feb 04 1987 - Larry has been invited to a formal party for a photographer he idolizes but Balki's honest opinions embarrass Larry.

Snow Way to Treat a Lady (2) Feb 25 1987 - The quartet are trapped in a cabin buried alive by an avalanche and they try to dig a tunnel to the outside world.

Can I Get a Witness? Nov 26 1986 - Balki takes a job delivering packages for a racketeer named Vince Lucas. After Vince is busted, they are asked to testify in court but Vince threatens to kill them if they do.

The Unnatural Oct 01 1986 - Larry's softball team has a chance of winning the championship but the star player was sent to prison. So He promises to let Balki play until a star ringer shows up.

The Rent Strike Dec 10 1986 - Mr. Twinkacetti hasn't been living up to his landlord responsibilities so Larry, Balki, and all the tenants hold a meeting and declare a rent strike. The tenants still won't quit even after ...more

Snow Way to Treat a Lady (1) Feb 18 1987 - Jennifer and Mary Anne are going skiing and invite Larry and Balki. Larry thinks he can impress Jennifer by being an expert skier without much luck. So he decides to fake an injury to get ...more

Since I Lost My Baby Jan 14 1987 - After Mr. Twinkacetti forgot his wedding anniversary (for the 16th time), Edwina kicks him out. Balki invites him to stay for a while but he makes no efforts to reconcile with Edwina. So Larry ...more

Ten Speed and a Soft Touch Feb 11 1987 - Larry and Balki become 'big brothers' to a troubled teenager who is always stealing. They do fine until Larry accuses him of stealing his bike.

Beautiful Dreamer Jan 28 1987 - Balki hasn't been sleeping due to a nightmare that has been haunting him about him not being able to help out at harvest season back on Mypos.

Lifesavers Oct 22 1986 - After Larry saves Balki from getting hit by a taxi, Balki becomes his personal servant which ends up annoying Larry.

Falling in Love is... Nov 12 1986 - Balki falls in love with a girl at night school and who makes a play for Larry and constantly breaks dates with him. Balki refuses to believe that she is just using him to get good grades.

Hello Elaine Apr 01 1987 - When Larry's sister Elaine stops by for a visit, Larry is appalled when she tells him that she's going to New York to become a pianist instead of college.

Hunks Like Us Sep 24 1986 - Larry decides to join a health club after having the hots for a member named Jennifer. But he thinks she's only interested in jocks and pretends to be one. Balki goes with him and picks up a ...more

Trouble in Paradise Jan 21 1987 - Larry and Balki invite Jennifer and Mary Anne over for dinner but cannot agree on what to serve which cases a rift between them and eventually a rift between Jennifer and Mary Anne.

Babes in Babylon Oct 29 1986 - Larry and Balki win a trip to Las Vegas. When they get there, Larry plans out what to do for their entire trip to prevent Balki from going to the casinos and becoming a compulsive gambler. Balki ...more

Get a Job Mar 05 1987 - Larry and Balki quit their jobs after Twinkacetti refuses to give them a raise and get jobs at a burger joint serving to rowdy hockey fans.

A Christmas Story Dec 17 1986 - Larry and Balki are snowed in Chicago on Christmas Eve which means they can't go to Madison to see Larry's family. So Larry is miserable until Balki spreads some Christmas cheer his way.

Ladies and Germs Oct 15 1986 - Larry has a date with a beauty queen but after going to the hospital to visit Mr. Twinkacetti (who has broken his leg), he catches a cold and when Balki tries to cure him with a secret Myposian ...more

Up on a Roof Feb 27 1987 - Larry enters a photo contest and has the idea of a perfect picture. But to take it, him and Balki have to go up on a roof and shoot it before a storm comes in.

Dog Gone Blues Jan 07 1987 - Balki got a dog and wants to keep it even though it is against the lease. So Larry and Balki do their best to hide it from Twinkacetti.

Hello Baby Sep 17 1986 - Balki invites Gina, a friend from his citizenship class to stay with them. But she happens to be pregnant and goes into labor in the middle of the night.

Future Shock Nov 25 1987 - Jennifer has been given a promotion but if she accepts it, she has to move to LA. Larry refuses to tell her how he feels as a fear of rejection but later that evening, he has a dream about being ...more

Coach Potato Dec 02 1987 - When Larry and Balki get cable TV, Balki becomes glued to the TV and won't stop watching it to the point where he forgets about his job, sleep, and never goes out anymore. So Larry must make an ...more

The Graduate Mar 09 1988 - Balki manages to graduate night school at the top o his class but soon finds out that there is no graduation ceremony. So Larry talks to the principal and arranges one.

Night School Confidential Nov 18 1987 - Balki is cheated by a con artist who sold him counterfiet watches. And after getting no help from the police, Larry and Balki go undercover to expose the con artist and put him out of business.

The Break In Dec 09 1987 - Balki accidently delivers Larry's offensive article to the publisher. So they break in late at night to retrieve it and end up on the ledge dealing with someone trying to commit suicide.

My Brother, Myself Mar 18 1988 - Larry's successful brother Billy (Ted McGinley) comes down for a visit, and Larry is upset because he brags about his success. So he tricks Balki into lying to Billy to make him think Larry is ...more

The Horn Blows at Midnight Nov 04 1987 - When a famous psychic visits the Chronicle, She goes into a trance and predicts that a bog storm will come and Larry will die at midnight after sitting on a sheep and eating a golden ring. Larry ...more

Bye Bye Biki Feb 24 1988 - Balki is excited because his 106 year old grandmother Biki is coming to America to see him but when she switched planes in New York, she died at the airport and Balki has a hard time accepting ...more

The Pen Pal Jan 27 1988 - Vince Lucas the racketeer that Larry and Balki testified against has been paroled and Balki invites him into their apartment after writing to him ever since he went to prison. Even though he ...more

Karate Kids Nov 11 1987 - While at a happy hour restaurant, Larry and Balki get beaten up at a bar by a bully who hit on Jennifer. So they decide to take karate and after several weeks of fine training, Larry insists on ...more

Pipe Dreams Feb 10 1988 - Jennifer asks Larry if he can call a plumber for her to fix her shower head while she's away. Larry decides that to impress her he'll fix it himself and as Larry and Balki try and put everything ...more

You Gotta Have Friends Mar 25 1988 - While Larry is doing some important research, Balki goes out to the races and when he gets back, he tells Larry about meeting Carl Lewis but Larry doesn't believe him since he has taken Balki's ...more

Just Desserts Feb 03 1988 - After Balki serves Larry, Jennifer, and Mary Anne some ""bibi-bobkas"" (Mypoian cream puffs), Larry suggests selling them but baking them cannot be rushed.

All News That Fits Sep 22 1987 - Larry gets a job at the Chicago Chrinicle local newspaper as a reporter and brings Balki to find a job. Mr. Burns the city editor hires Balki in the mail room but Mr. Gorpley the mail room boss ...more

Your Cheatin' Heart Oct 28 1987 - Jennifer is planning on buying a surprise typewriter for Larry and asks Balki for help barganing at a clearance sale. Larry gets suspicious after he sees Balki and Jennifer sneaking around, and ...more

Weigh to Go Buddy Sep 29 1987 - When Larry discovers that he has gained 7 pounds, He goes on a diet that won't work. So Balki gives him a Mypos diet but Larry has trouble following it and Balki won't let him quit.

To Be or Not to Be Jan 06 1988 - When Larry and Balki are chosen to be in the commercial for the Chicago Chronicle, Larry takes his acting abilities too far and goes overboard.

Taking Stock Oct 14 1987 - Balki buys one share of stock in a cereal company and discovers that there isn't enough raisins in a box that they advertise. Knowing that the company is cheating the public, he decides to go to ...more