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Below is a complete Peyton Place episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Peyton Place episodes are listed along with the Peyton Place episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Peyton Place episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “PP-16,” “pp-80” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Peyton Place episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

pp-84 Jul 01 1965 - After meeting Steven at the inn, Rodney admits to Allison that he never liked Steven. Betty reports her date with Reverand Jerry Bedford to Julie, confessing that it was refreshing to get out ...more

PP-39 Jan 28 1965 - Allison buys a new shade of lipstick at the pharmacy, but a pious Calvin Hanley tells her that it makes her look cheap. Matt overhears the conversation and suggests that Calvin is projecting his ...more

pp-91 Jul 16 1965 - At Doctor's Hospital, Markham collapses, and Rossi learns that the patient is Claire's husband. Betty nurses Steven's minor injuries. Coevring the accident for The Clarion, Matt thinks is a hero ...more

pp-46 Feb 23 1965 - Allison wishes Eli a bon voyage before his trip to Florida. Elliot reveals to Eli that Allison is his granddaughter, the product of his affair with Connie 18 years ago. Allison argues with ...more

pp-59 Apr 08 1965 - Paul drops George off at the Harrington mansion and tells him that Leslie killed Elizabeth Carson. Dr. Morton discovers that Claire isn't registered at the hotel where she said she'd be staying. ...more

PP-42 Feb 09 1965 - Rodney visits Betty at the Anderson home and offers to help her anyway he can. Connie drives Elliot to the hospital where Eli is having gallbladder surgery. Connie confesses to Elliot that she ...more

pp-62 Apr 20 1965 - Leslie offers to pay Elliot's medical bills in gratitude, but Elliot states that he only wants his good name back. Leslie promises to clear Elliot of Elizabeth's murder. Rodney learns from Betty ...more

pp-105 Aug 20 1965 -

pp-72 May 25 1965 - Rodney lectures Norman about frugality after Norman buys a car with his allowance. Rita models a new outfit for Ada and states that she wants to change image, implying it is for Norman's ...more

PP-21 Nov 26 1964 - Old Eli Carson suffers an angina attack in the town square and is attended to by Dr. Rossi, who instructs Laura to have Catherine Harrington's autopsy rescheduled. Chief of Staff Dr. Morton ...more

pp-52 Mar 16 1965 - Attorney Wainwright suggests Leslie drop the codicil fight since Elliot is in possession of evidence that implicates Leslie in Elizabeth's murder. At the Shoreline Cafe, Rita Jacks and her ...more

PP-3 Sep 22 1964 - Betty tells Dr. Rossi she believes that she may be pregnant.

pp-45 Feb 18 1965 - Leslie gives Rodney a copy of Detective Blaine's report on Betty, but Rodney rips it up without reading it. Connie celebrates her birthday. Connie declines Elliot's dinner offer as she already ...more

pp-64 Apr 20 1965 - Allison vows to never speak again to Constance if Elliot doesn't survive the surgery. Ada tells Paul he's still a troublemaker, just like he was as a child. Paul responds that he was always good ...more

PP-29 Dec 24 1964 - Norman overhears Leslie urging Dr. Morton to proclaim Catherine incompetent when she ordered the codicil to her will, but Dr. Morton declines Leslie's request. Laura visits Rossi at his cottage ...more

pp-88 Jul 09 1965 - Norman finds Joe annoying Rita at the soda fountain in the pharmacy and threatens him. Doris invites Steven to a dinner party at the mansion, later reminding David that Steven is their only link ...more

pp-103 Aug 17 1965 -

pp-50 Mar 09 1965 - Betty interviews with Nurse Choate at Doctor's Hospital, but Choate is skeptical about Betty's commitment to nursing. Allison offers Paul sympathy over his father's death, though Paul is ...more

PP-7 Oct 06 1964 - As Betty is insisting there is something she must tell him (her pregnancy), Rod spies Allison and leaves Betty to be with his date. Upset over this recent rejection, Betty accept Norman's offer ...more

PP-9 Oct 13 1964 - Catherine Peyton Harrington takes ill at Sunday brunch and retires to her room, where she is attended to by Dr. Morton. Norman, Catherine's favored son, sits with her. At her mother's ...more

PP-31 Dec 31 1964 - Allison admits to Connie that she doesn't believe that Elliot Carson murdered his wife, prompting Connie to remark that Allison is becoming obsessed with Carson's case. Betty visits Julie at the ...more

pp-89 Jul 13 1965 - Elliot rescues Rita from Joe, who tries to force her into his car. After Elliot wrestles with him, Joe flees. Rita tells Elliot not to call the police and admits that Norman has already ...more

PP-13 Oct 27 1964 - George Anderson has pipe dreams of quitting the Peyton mill and starting up an insurance company with wife Julie as his secretary. Rodney reassures Allison that, despite whatever happens, he ...more

PP-32 Jan 05 1965 - Elliot is paroled from the state prison and released. Leslie meets with Mr. Blaine, a private detective, who informs him that he has tracked down Betty to a hotel in Boston. Rodney doesn't ...more

PP-8 Oct 08 1964 - Rossi is invited into the Mackenzie home, where he observes the photo of ""Mr. Mackenzie"" on the mantel. Allison returns to find Constance with Rossi and appears pleased by ...more

pp-78 Jun 15 1965 - Allison prevents Kim from running away again. Steven meets Doris Schuster in the Colonial Inn bar. Dining with Rossi at the inn, Norman is surly and rude to Theodore Dowell, who extends a dinner ...more

PP-12 Oct 22 1964 - Rodney and a badly hemorrhaging Betty are rushed to Doctor's Hospital, where Rossi attends to the patients. Rodney, uninjured in the accident, confesses to his father that Betty is pregnant with ...more

pp-79 Jun 17 1965 - After dinner with the Dowells, Doris worries that it is only a matter of time before people discover that she is David's second wife. Steven has a drink at Ada's tavern. Realizing he is Hannah ...more

PP-26 Dec 15 1964 - Matthew Swain journeys to the Massachusetts State Prison to visit inmate Elliot Carson (played by Tim O'Connor), who declares his innocence and the belief that his wife's murderer is still at ...more

pp-99 Aug 05 1965 -

PP-38 Jan 26 1965 - Elliot runs into Elizabeth's younger brother Paul Hanley on the streets of Peyton Place. Having studied in Cambridge, Paul has returned to teach at Peyton College. They discuss Elizabeth's ...more

PP-28 Dec 22 1964 - Rossi is summoned to the Anderson home and quickly sums up the domestic situation. George is taken to Doctor's Hospital where, when ordering x-rays for his patient, Rossi is reminded that his ...more

pp-56 Mar 30 1965 - Paul visits Leslie and accuses him of murdering Elizabeth. Dr. Morton receives a phone call from Claire, who arrives at Miami International Airport. Norman asks Rita out on a date, but she tells ...more

pp-66 May 04 1965 - Rodney encounters Constance at Elliot's cottage and confesses that he knows who killed Elizabeth; Connie reassures him that Leslie loves him. Leslie prepares to leave for Boston, where he plans ...more

PP-19 Nov 19 1964 - Newlyweds Rod and Betty dine at the Inn with her parents, unaware of the drama being enacted at the Harrington home. With Dr. Morton away in Boston, Rossi attends to the ailing Catherine ...more

pp-95 Jul 27 1965 - Ada senses something is terribly wrong when Rita arrives home in disarray with the wrinkled prom dress, but Rita insists she's fine. Rossi reveals to Claire that Vincent is suffering from ...more

pp-85 Jul 02 1965 - Elliot invites Rodney into the house for coffee and cake after his date with Allison, then tells Constance that everytime he looks at Rodney, he sees Leslie -the man who cheated with his wife ...more

pp-109 Aug 31 1965 -

PP-14 Oct 29 1964 - Although Julie Anderson wanted her daughter to tell Rodney about the miscarriage, Betty plays out her deception and marries Rod before a Justice of the Peace in nearby White River. The following ...more

pp-107 Aug 26 1965 -

pp-101 Aug 12 1965 -

pp-54 Mar 23 1965 - Julie and Betty nervously welcome George home from the sanitarium. Rita visits Norman in the hospital and meets a disapproving Rodney. Elliot promises Leslie he won't use Elizabeth's diary ...more

PP-17 Nov 12 1964 - George Anderson informs his employer, Leslie Harrington, that he is returning to the insurance business. Leslie tries to convince George to stay on at the mill until his business is established, ...more

pp-75 Jun 03 1965 - Norman reveals his identity to Doris, who admits she is lonely too and invites him to return and talk anytime. Rodney and Allison phone Doris with the news that Kim has been found. Julie hints ...more

pp-93 Jul 22 1965 - Rodney meets Allison at the playground where Kim encounters two little girls who taunt her. Dr. Morton talks with Vincent to understand why his marriage to Claire failed. Rita models the new ...more

PP-22 Dec 01 1964 - Despite suffering a backlash of patient cancellations, Dr. Rossi remains convinced that Catherine Harrington's autopsy will confirm his diagnosis. Leslie Harrington appears somewhat suspicious ...more

pp-108 Aug 27 1965 -

pp-57 Apr 01 1965 - Elliot is served with a subpoena, ordering him to produce Elizabeth's diary at Leslie's court hearing to void the codicil to Catherine's will. Matt discourages Elliot from burning the diary to ...more

pp-96 Jul 29 1965 - Still shaken from Joe's attack, Rita is uneasy and distant at the prom. Rodney invites Allison back to his apartment for a late-night breakfast. Rossi helps Vincent check into the inn and phones ...more

pp-53 Mar 18 1965 - Leslie gives Constance one day to hand over Elizabeth's diary or he'll expose Allison's true parentage. Allison interrupts Connie, who is attempting to contact Elliot with news of Leslie's ...more