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Below is a complete Picket Fences episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Picket Fences episodes are listed along with the Picket Fences episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Picket Fences episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of items like “Down the Tubes” and “Saint Zach.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Picket Fences episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.


Sugar & Spice Apr 29 1993 - Attraction to a girlfriend confuses Kimberly. Max and Kenny vie for undersheriff but Max loses out on the promotion.

Pilot Sep 18 1992 - The sudden death of the Tin Man during a community performance of The Wizard of Oz throws the normally sleepy town of Rome, Wisconsin, into chaos and throws Sheriff Jimmy Brock right into the ...more

The Green Bay Chopper Sep 25 1992 - The FBI comes to town to search for a serial killer who chops off the right hand of his victims. Max's diligence in investigating on her own pays off when she is allowed to assist in his

Mr. Dreeb Comes to Town Oct 02 1992 - Michael J Anderson guests as a circus performer who "steals" an elephant from the circus to rescue him from ongoing abuse by the trainers. Also, a beloved teacher from the high school ...more

The Autumn of Rome Oct 16 1992 - Things get crazy in Rome when the mayoral race between Mayor Pugen and Douglas Wambaugh takes an ugly turn. Jimmy temporarily joins the race in order to seize an opportunity to publicly chastise ...more

Frank the Potato Man Oct 23 1992 - The townspeople of Rome are plagued by a mysterious "serial bather" who sneaks into their homes while they are out and takes a bath. The pressure is on for the Sheriff's department to ...more

Remembering Rosemary Oct 26 1992 - It's Halloween and Jimmy decides to reopen the ten year old suicide case of Rosemary Bauer when Karina Shaw, her former maid who hasn't spoken since the death, suddenly utters the word ...more

The Contenders Oct 30 1992 - Jimmy considered it before but now Jill decides she will run for mayor after Bill Pugen ignores women's rights once too often. At a police speed checkpoint, Max and Kenny stop a man with false ...more

Sacred Hearts Nov 06 1992 - Max searches for a nun suspected of killing an elderly leukemia patient. When the nun is caught, she confesses to committing a series of mercy killings and the furore over prosecuting her ...more

Thanksgiving Nov 13 1992 - Jill's father arrives for Thanksgiving with a young love in tow. Wambaugh has his wife Myriam arrested after he catches her in bed with Harold Lundstrom. It all adds up to a typically riotous ...more

The Snake Lady Dec 04 1992 - Jimmy, Max and Kenny investigate the mysterious death of a woman who may or may not have committed suicide. Suspects in her death are her snake-raising sister and her own husband, who gets ...more

Pageantry Dec 11 1992 - Zach's teacher, Louise Talbot, defies a court-ordered ban of the annual Christmas pageant on public property, after which disturbing facts come to light about her.

High Tidings Dec 18 1992 - Brock catches Kimberly in bed with her boyfriend, arrests him and cancels Christmas in the household. At the Sheriff Station, Max and Ginny are held hostage at gunpoint by an elderly man dressed ...more

Frog Man Jan 08 1993 - Investigating a burglary with Max, Kenny is shot and seriously injured by the Frog Man, a burglar who leaves live frogs at the scene of his crimes.

Bad Moons Rising Jan 15 1993 - When Alice Freeman is charged with murdering her estranged husband by running him down with a steamroller, Wambaugh defends her by claiming insanity as the result of the menopause. The onset of ...more

Nuclear Meltdowns Jan 22 1993 - When a school friend gets pregnant, Kimberly tells her parents she thinks it resulted from incest. Kenny's girlfriend meets her long-lost twin and Cynthia Parks' pet duck is sacrificed.

The Body Politic Feb 05 1993 - An HIV-positive dentist sues the city of Rome after being fired. A man and his mother-in-law battle over whether to keep his brain-dead pregnant wife alive.

Be My Valentine Feb 12 1993 - Max goes undercover to catch a vicious serial killer named 'Cupid' who murders women he meets through classified ads.

Fetal Attraction Apr 01 1993 - Jill asks Dr David Williams, her ex-fiance, to perform a controversial foetal tissue transplant on a man suffering from Parkinson's Disease.

Sightings Apr 08 1993 - A corpse found in the Brocks' trash is found to be a sheriff who mysteriously disappeared 38 years earlier. Carter believes he may have been killed by radiation emitted by a UFO, bringing alien ...more

Rights of Passage Apr 15 1993 - A group of heavily armed Chippewa Indians declares war on Rome and takes over the courthouse, as a dispute over enlarging the golf course gets violent. Ginny accuses Jill of discrimination when ...more

The Lullaby League May 06 1993 - Zach plays horn for an ailing blues legend but Jill is frustrated when the woman takes ill and fails to appreciate medicine's ability to keep her alive. Max delivers a criminal's baby and begins ...more

Sugar and Spice Apr 29 1993 - Attraction to a girlfriend confuses Kimberly. Max and Kenny vie for undersheriff but Max loses out on the promotion.

Picket Fences Sep 18 1992 - The sudden death of the Tin Man during a community performance of The Wizard of Oz throws the normally sleepy town of Rome, Wisconsin, into chaos and throws Sheriff Jimmy Brock right into the ...more

Turpitude Oct 22 1993 - Mayor Pugen is caught between a Brock and a hard place when the Sheriff arrests him for murdering a disarmed carjacker, leaving him to rely on Wambaugh for his defense. Frightened at the level ...more

Duty Free Rome Oct 28 1993 - Wambaugh appeals Mayor Pugen's conviction and uncovers a technicality that could secure a new trial. Max's therapist admits his attraction to her and the feeling is mutual, raising ethical ...more

Unlawful Entries Oct 29 1993 - Things don't add up when a math teacher says he was a date-rape victim. Jimmy locks horns with a new mayor and Max decides to prosecute her therapist.

Under the Influence Nov 05 1993 - Still reeling from her relationship with Dr. Shreve, Max allows a drunken driver to continue on home. She then feels indirectly responsible when a traffic accident occurs involving the driver, ...more

The Dancing Bandit Nov 12 1993 - Marlee Matlin guests as Laurie Bey, the Dancing Bandit who has become a bit of a folk hero for her heists where she and her very talented gang rob from rich bureaucrats and give back to families ...more

Dairy Queen Nov 26 1993 - Jimmy, Jill, Rachel and Father Barrett debate employing a scantily-clad pin-up model, a battered wife, to help promote the dairy industry in Rome. Kimberly considers getting breast implants.

Cross Examination Dec 03 1993 - Some members of the community don't know what to believe when a woman pulled from a submerged vehicle is discovered to be pregnant - even though she is technically a virgin. Matthew decides to ...more

Strangers Dec 10 1993 - A jury must decide if it's murder or a mistake after Leonard Taylor, a man with a brain disease that distorts vision, shoots and kills his own brother Brian, when the sibling enters his home in ...more

Blue Christmas Dec 17 1993 - The drug war comes to Rome in place of Santa: controlled substances are found on the high school campus during a drug sweep, Kimberly's friend is arrested and a federal witness turns up in town. ...more

Paging Doctor God Jan 07 1994 - Jill does her best to uphold the Hippocratic oath when she performs emergency surgery on a pregnant Christian Scientist, who has refused care and whose husband takes the fight to court. Zach ...more

Guns 'R' Us Jan 14 1994 - Embarrassed by a prank, Matthew tries to get even with some boys, but the practical joking gets out of hand, which may result in paralysis for him. Meanwhile, budget cuts hit the sheriff's ...more

Remote Control Jan 21 1994 - The debate over crime reaches a fever pitch Wambaugh blames violence in the media for his client's assault on Matthew. Rachel launches a war on crime and moves forward with new legislation to ...more

Abominable Snowman Jan 28 1994 - With his mind failing due to Alzheimer's, Howard Buss proposes that doctors harvest his heart for the transplant his son needs. Meanwhile, Wambaugh pleads with the city to house Frank the Potato

Supreme Courting Feb 04 1994 - Valentine's Day brings love and controversy to assorted age groups: Max helps Carter woo a widow he is smitten with, Zack finds his first love but gets in trouble for kissing her, and Kimberly's ...more

Divine Recall Feb 11 1994 - Mayor Rachel scolds Father Barrett for giving a pep talk colored with religious ideals to a public school's hockey team. Meanwhile, a risque video from Rachel's past jeopardizes her career as ...more

Terms of Estrangement Mar 04 1994 - Sheriff Brock tries to remain professional when Kimberly is kidnapped---and his onetime partner, who he once testified against, is the prime suspect.

Squatter's Rights Mar 11 1994 - When an obese woman confesses to murdering her husband by sitting on him, Max has some doubts about the motive. A synagogue ostracizes Wambaugh.

System Down Apr 01 1994 - Jimmy becomes the unlikely foreman of a jury deciding the case of a suspect accused of murdering two policemen.

Buried Alive Apr 08 1994 - A visit by Jill's father leads to a lively evening of therapy in the Brock household. Jimmy invites Max to dinner after she arrests Jill's father for disorderly conduct.

My Left Shoe Apr 29 1994 - Father Barrett may lose his parish after Jimmy and Kenny find women's shoes in his closet. Things get worse when the Mayor criticizes the Father on public-access cable, prompting a lawsuit. ...more

Frosted Flakes May 06 1994 - The parents of a dying boy try to get the court's permission to use an unorthodox procedure to save the child's life.

Howard's End May 13 1994 - Howard's struggle with Alzheimer's affects his family and the town. Jill's decision during surgery may revoke her hospital privileges.

Survival of the Fittest Sep 23 1994 - Community pressure mounts to convict the prime suspect in a teen girl's murder.

Systematic Abuse Sep 30 1994 - Littleton feels Brock's department is hampering the investigation of a girl's murder.

The Bus Stops Here (1) Oct 07 1994 - As temporary co-mayor, Jill copes with racial tensions from a judge's decision to bus tough black students from Green Bay to Rome's schools.