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TV episodes Full List of Pie In The Sky Episodes

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Below is a complete Pie in the Sky episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Pie in the Sky episodes are listed along with the Pie in the Sky episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Pie in the Sky episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “Doggett's Coat and Badge,” “The Mystery of Pikey” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Pie in the Sky episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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A Matter of Taste May 01 1994 - Henry uncovers two separate wine scams in Middleton.

The Best of Both Worlds Mar 13 1994 - Henry lets Hooperman escape, and Fisher takes the opportunity to suspend his retirement.

The Truth Will Out Mar 20 1994 - A delusional cop seeks to bring Fisher's ally down, and Henry recruits a new waiter.

An Innocent Man Mar 27 1994 - Pie in the Sky becomes the scene of a corruption sting, but Henry acts in favour of his customer.

Once a Copper Apr 03 1994 - Henry cooks a banquet for a visiting Japanese delegation, and tracks down a criminal from his past, who was presumed dead.

A Shot in the Dark Apr 10 1994 - A narcotics investigation ends in a bitten hand for Fisher, and Henry finds a new source of escargots.

Who Only Stand and Wait May 08 1994 - Henderson's neighbour finds a dismembered corpse, which may prove the innocence of an imprisoned man.

Undesirable Elements Apr 17 1994 - Steve investigates the burglary of Pie in the Sky, while Henry does battle with murderous private sector cops.

Endangered Species May 15 1994 - Margaret and Henderson side with Reynard the Fox in opposing a new bypass, while Henry must question his loyalties.

Passion Fruit Fool Apr 24 1994 - The girlfriend of Henry's dry cleaner is kidnapped by a psychotic ex-lover.

Coddled Eggs Feb 04 1996 - Car crime is on the rise, with most of the vehicles being stolen from the car park at the railway station. Henry's problems mount as he not only has to deal with two separate sets of thieves, ...more

Game Pie Jan 07 1996 - Henry supplies the catering at his friend Alistair's pheasant shoot, where Fisher is among the guests. Another member of the party is shot and killed and it looks as if Fisher accidentally shot ...more

Money Talks Dec 31 1995 - The restaurant is heavily in debt, and the Crabbe's new bank manager is unsympathetic. Steve and John have left for pastures new, and an agency chef is unsatisfactory. Crabbe learns that Dudley ...more

Irish Stew Jan 14 1996 - The large family of much-married Irishwoman Kit Kelly book the restaurant for a wedding banquet for her and her new husband, American television writer Byron De Goris. Byron's briefcase is ...more

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This Other Eden Jan 28 1996 - Di Crabbe and DS Cambridge are assigned to investigate a spate of garden thefts carried out while the owners are away for a few days. It's not just a few plants that are being stolen - whole ...more

Doggett's Coat and Badge Jan 21 1996 - Charles Rider, a wine-loving regular at Pie in the Sky, is being threatened. It turns out he is really Joseph Webb, an ex-burglar turned supergrass, and now in witness protection. His collection ...more

New Leaf Oct 06 1996 - When Fisher allocates Henry to guard Sasha Wilkes,due to testify against her gangster husband, in the police 'safe house',D.C.I. Harding,who had expected the job,is resentful. Sasha is initially ...more

Devils on Horseback (1) Sep 15 1996 - Henry and Margaret spend a day at the races with her new client Bob Bishop, who is resisting a take-over bid for his cider brewery. A mysterious man shadows Henry and then the corpse of stable ...more

Chinese Whispers Sep 29 1996 - The Chen family appear to be victims of racial harassment when their Chinese takeaway is set fire to but widowed Mr. Chen will not go to the police so his daughter Mei asks Henry for help, It ...more

Breaking Bread Oct 13 1996 - The 'Happy Ploughman' food chain has won the franchise for the Police canteen, but is being subjected to deliberate vandalism. An obvious suspect is Flora McKee, a local baker who was not only ...more

Devils on Horseback (2) Sep 22 1996 - Liz claims the money is winnings from a bet and Henry releases her but notes that Jerry too has a healthy bank balance and surmises he was trading inside information for cash. Tony apologizes to ...more

Gary's Cake Oct 20 1996 - An armed hold-up at 'Pie in the Sky' while jewel-rich Mrs. Burdett is present brings DS Stringer to investigate. His abrasive manner alienates all the restaurant staff, including the normally ...more

The Mystery of Pikey Mar 12 1995 - There's a spate of burglaries, the local police station's closed down and the great and good of Middleton, headed by Mr. Chukky Chicken' Barry Wilkes, want Crabbe to catch the thief, popularly ...more

The One That Got Away Feb 05 1995 - Bill Pritchard, an old friend of Henry's and the supplier of fish to the restaurant, is accused of murder when his girl friend's car is found abandoned and the ashes in his smokehouse show ...more

Lemon Twist Mar 19 1995 - Crabbe has to join ACC Fisher and DS Cambridge on a management development seminar, but Fisher is having a crisis of confidence in 'The Job' and after a rave review, 'Pie' has customers queuing ...more

Brown Bread Jan 22 1995 - A diner collapses and dies in the restaurant's toilet. But when the police arrive the body has disappeared. Soon on the scene are two detectives from the Crime Squad, who have a long standing ...more

Hard Cheese Jan 15 1995 - Henry investigates a prowler fond of older ladies, and begins to suspect the celibate supplier of his cheese.

Dead Right Feb 12 1995 - Medium Faith Revelle has received a number of threatening letters and seeks police help. Freddy Fisher, having once sought advice from her in solving a case, wants the whole matter dealt with ...more

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The Policeman's Daughter Jan 29 1995 - Fisher's younger daughter has left home after a row and thrown in her lot with a group of squatters. He asks Crabbe to find the girl and try and persuade her to return home. Henderson has bought ...more

Swan in His Pride Feb 26 1995 - Fisher drags Crabbe down to the West Country to investigate the apparent murder of an undercover woman police officer. While Henry is away a burst pipe causes havoc in the restaurant's kitchen.

Black Pudding Feb 19 1995 - In a moment of weakness famous cookery writer Hilary Smallwood has given her unscrupulous nephew Colin a Power of Attorney. He has sold her house and put her into a retirement home; now he is ...more

The Mild Bunch Mar 05 1995 - The man who shot PC Ian Lefebvre is due for release so Fisher wants to keep Lefebvre busy. What better than sending him off with Crabbe in search of two OAP con-women and the perfect bread and ...more

Return Match Jul 27 1997 - Henry has to solve a series of thefts from lorries and gets unexpected help from private security firm Troubleshooters. Their accuracy is such that he is suspicious of how they came to know of ...more

Pork Pies Jul 13 1997 - Fisher sends Henry and the squad to a meat factory where animal rights protesters are demonstrating against the owner,Mr. Trubb's use of veal in his Trubbs' Thunderbolt sausages. However, Henry ...more

The Apprentice Aug 03 1997 - As Fisher launches a campaign to make the police more popular with young people a boy called Nicky comes to Pie in the Sky, claiming he is there for work experience. Henry uses him in the ...more

Smelling of Roses Aug 17 1997 - As Henry mysteriously loses his sense of smell he is intrigued when Fisher seems obsessed with arresting tyre exporter Peter Watson and suspects that Fisher, about to divorce his wife, is having ...more

Cutting the Mustard Jul 20 1997 - Henry and his team are called to a private boarding school where police Commander Colin Stilwell's son Alex has been beaten up by local youths. Henry initially encounters a wall of insular ...more

Squashed Tomatoes Jun 29 1997 - DI Crabbe's first job with his new team of PC Guthrie and WPC Morton is to guard a new housing development which has been subjected to vandalism. Nearby villagers claim that one of the houses is ...more

In the Smoke Aug 10 1997 - The Crabbes holiday in London in a flat owned by ex-policeman Nick Spencer whilst he is in America on business. However Margaret finds his packed suitcase under the bed and hears an ...more

Ugly Customers Jul 06 1997 - Henry Crabbe (Richard Griffiths) is posted to guard a jury deliberating in a fraud case, who have been sequestered in a ghastly hotel. Crabbe has to find out who is intimidating the jurors, and ...more