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Below is a complete Playboy After Dark episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Playboy After Dark episodes are listed along with the Playboy After Dark episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Playboy After Dark episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Carmen McRae; The Dillards; John Gary” and “Steppenwolf; John Hartford; Gig Young; Dolores Hall; McCall & Brill.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Playboy After Dark episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Sammy Davis Jr.; Anthony Newley; Jerry Lewis; Bill Cosby; Peter Lawford Dec 19 1968 - Show #22 (taped 19-Dec-68) --Checkmates Ltd. - ""Hey Jude"" --Bill Cosby --Sammy Davis Jr. - ""I've Gotta Be Me,"" ""Who Can I Turn ...more

Bob Newhart; Bill Cosby; O.C. Smith; Pickle Brothers Sep 09 1968 - Show #7 (taped 9-Sep-68)Guests: --Bob Newhart (comedian)--O.C. Smith - ""Little Green Apples"" --Bill Cosby--Gary LeMel--The Pickle Brothers--Rod Piazza Group (rock group ...more

The Byrds; Marvin Gaye; Pat Henry; The Committee Sep 28 1968 - Show #9 (taped 28-Sep-68)Guests:--Pete Barbuti (comedian)--The Committee--Pat Henry (comedian)--Sally Marr (Lenny Bruce's mother) - talks about her son, with clips of Lenny on ...more

Tommy Smothers; Buffy St. Marie; Louis Nye; John Stewart Sep 29 1968 - Show #10 (taped 29-Sep-68) Guests: --Tommy Smothers --Buffy St. Marie --Louis Nye --John Stewart --Dr. William Schultz --The Buddy Miles Express Aired 21-Feb-1969 on KTLA-5, Los Angeles, CA, ...more

Joan Baez; Don Adams; Tommy Smothers; Avante-Garde Nov 11 1968 - Show #16 (taped 11-Nov-68)Guests: --Don Adams--Larry Hankin--David Hemmings--Gayle Hunnicott--Tommy Smothers--Joan Baez - ""Hickory Wind"" and 1 other song --Avant-Garde ...more

Steppenwolf; Joey Bishop; Joe Williams; Joanne Vent; Skiles & Henderson Jan 26 1969 - Show #26 (taped 26-Jan-69) --Joey Bishop --Skiles & Henderson --Steppenwolf - ""Chicken Wolf"" and ""Don't Cry"" --Joe Williams --Joanne Vent - ...more

Jan. 22, 1969 Jan 22 1969 -

Canned Heat; Shari Lewis; Buddy Greco; Max Lerner; Johnny Janis Jan 20 1969 - Show #24 (taped 20-Jan-69) --Canned Heat - ""On The Road Again"" + 1 other song --Colvin & Wilder --Buddy Greco --Johnny Janis - ""Love Is Like ...more

Rowan & Martin; Stu Gilliam, Paul Hampton; Clara Ward Singers Oct 22 1968 - Show #13 (taped 22-Oct-68) --Rowan & Martin--Stu Gilliam--Cathy Carlson - ""Hurts So Bad"" and 1 other song--Paul Hampton - ""The Oklahoma City ...more

Don Rickles; Bill Cosby, Doug McClure; Kelly Garrett Nov 26 1968 - Show #18 (taped 26-Nov-68)Guests: --Melvin Belli (attorney) --The Checkmates Ltd. performs ""Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay"" and 1 other song --The Collage (rock group) - ...more

Bill Cosby; Jackie DeShannon; Marty Ingels; Taj Mahal Oct 16 1968 - Show #12 (taped 16-Oct-68) Guests: --Bill Cosby --Jackie DeShannon - ""I Got The Reason"" and ""Hollywood"" --Jim Brown --Louis Belson --Marty Ingels ...more

Lou Rawls; Shelley Berman; David Steinberg; Buddy Miles Express Dec 10 1968 - Show #19 (taped 10-Dec-68) --Shelley Berman --Buddy Miles Express - ""I Got You Babe"" --Lou Rawls - ""Don't Tease Me"" + 1 other song --Joanie Sommers - ...more

Jim Webb; Gloria Loring; the Checkmates Sep 13 1968 - Show #8 (taped 13-Sep-68) Guests: --The Checkmates - ""She's Looking Good"" & ""Sunny""--Gloria Loring ""It's Too Late""--Jimmy ...more

The Grateful Dead; Sid Caesar; Noel Harrison; Sidney Omarr Jan 18 1969 - Show #23 (taped 18-Jan-69)Guest:--Sid Caesar--Elias & Shaw--The Grateful Dead - ""St. Stephen,"" ""Mountains of the Moon"" and ""Turn on ...more

Johnny Mathis, Mort Sahl; The Chambers Brothers Jul 23 1968 - Show #1 (taped 23-Jul-68) Guests: --Johnny Mathis - ""59th Street Bridge Song"" --Mort Sahl--The Chambers Brothers - ""I Wish That It Would Rain"" (and ...more

Pete Seeger; Bill Cosby; Carmen McRae; Jack E. Leonard Oct 15 1968 - Show #11 (taped 15-Oct-68) Guests: --Pete Seeger --Bill Cosby --Jack E. Leonard --Carmen McRae --Teddy Neely Aired 9-May-1969 on KTLA-5, Los Angeles, CA, Friday 9:00pm (REPEAT: 28-Nov-1969, ...more

Roman Polanski; Sharon Tate; Della Reese; Don Adams Jul 24 1968 - Show #2 (taped 24-Jul-68) Guests: --Roman Polanski (director of ""Rosemary's Baby')--Sharon Tate (actress, wife of Roman Polanski) --Della Reese sings ""No Experience ...more

Don Adams; Deep Purple; Brenton Wood; Lynn Kellogg Oct 23 1968 - Guests: --Don Adams --Jackie Gayle --David Hemmings --Gayle Hunnicut --Deep Purple - ""Hush"" and 1 other song (instrumental song) --Lynn Kellogg - ""Old Man ...more

Gore Vidal; Three Dog Night; Pat Collins; John Hartford Nov 10 1968 - Show #15 (taped 10-Nov-68) Guests: --Pat Collins --Gore Vidal --John Hartford - ""Natural To Be Gone"" and 1 other song --Three Dog Night - ""Nobody"" and ...more

James Brown; Three Dog Night; Bill Cosby; Soupy Sales Nov 25 1968 - Show #17 (taped 25-Nov-68)Guests: --Bill Cosby--Jack Carter--Soupy Sales--Clay Tyson--James Brown - ""I Rule The World"" and ""Say It Loud I'm Black and I'm ...more

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; Lou Rawls; Pat Morita; Frankie Randall Dec 11 1968 - Show #20 (taped 11-Dec-68) --Shelley Berman --Pat Morita --The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - ""Washington at Valley Forge"" and ""Alligator Man"" --Frankie ...more

The Grass Roots, Rich Little; Billy Eckstine; Paul Mazursky Dec 17 1968 - Show #21 (taped 17-Dec-68) --Sammy Bow --Bobby Doyle sings ""Blowin' In The Wind"" and a medley. --Billy Eckstine - ""Loves Sweet Love"" and ...more

Bill Cosby; Bill Medley; Iron Butterfly; Kaye Stevens Aug 08 1968 - Show #3 (taped 8-Aug-68)Guests: --Bill Cosby--Bill Medley - ""Brown Eyed Woman"" and ""Let The Good Times Roll""--Iron Butterfly - ""In A Gadda ...more

Buddy Rich, James Cotton Blues Band, Joe Williams Aug 29 1968 - Show #5 (taped 29-Aug-68) Guests: --Buddy Rich--James Cotton Blues Band--Joe Williams--Sue Raney--Pat McCormick--Ray HastingsAired 12-Apr-1969 on WOR-9, NYC, Saturday 11:30pmAired 25-Apr-1969 on ...more

Michael Caine; Meredith MacRae; Sir Douglas Quintet; Mort Sahl Jan 25 1969 - Show #25 (taped 25-Jan-69) --Dr. George R. Bach --Michael Caine --Meredith MacRae sings ""Goin' Out Of My Head"" --Greg Mullavey --Sir Douglas Quintet - ...more

Otto Preminger; Harry Nilsson; Norm Crosby; Rich Little Aug 30 1968 - Show #6 (taped 30-Aug-68)Guests: --Norm Crosby--Rich Little--Otto Preminger (director of the film ""Skidoo"") --Harry Nilsson - performs ""Together,"" ...more

Tony Bennett; Steppenwolf; George Plimpton Aug 09 1968 - Show #4 (taped 9-Aug-68)Guests: --Tony Bennett - ""Yesterday I Heard the Rain""--Steppenwolf - ""Berry Rides Again,"" ""Sookie ...more

Johnny Mathis; Modern Jazz Quartet; John Stewart Mar 18 1970 - Show #41 (taped 18-Mar-70) Guests include: --Johnny Mathis--Modern Jazz Quartet--John Stewart Aired 28-Apr-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

Buddy Rich; Al Frazier Show #52 --Al Frazier --Buddy Rich Other guests unknown.

Sonny & Cher; Vic Damone; Canned Heat; Larry Storch; Dick Shawn Nov 20 1969 - Show #30 (taped 20-Nov-69)Guests:--Canned Heat - perform 2 songs--Vic Damone (singer)--Dick Shawn (comedian)--Sonny & Cher - ""For Once In My Life"" and ""Can't ...more

Tony Bennett; Mitch Miller; Joe Williams; George Kirby; Moe Koffman Nov 20 1969 - Show #31 (taped 20-Nov-69) Guests: --Tony Bennett - ""Because of You,"" ""Blue Velvet"" and ""Rags to Riches""--George Kirby--Moe ...more

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles; Marty Ingels; Noel Harrison Feb 20 1970 - Show #39 (taped 20-Feb-70) Guests:--Vic Damone (singer)--Noel Harrison (actor-singer)--Lloyd Haynes--Marty Ingels (comedian)--Smokey Robinson and The Miracles - medley of 'sad songs': ...more

James Brown; Norm Crosby; Chambers Brothers; Jack Jones Jan 07 1970 - Show #36 (taped 07-Jan-70) Guests:--Vicki Anderson (singer)--James Brown - ""Georgia"" and ""By the Time I Get To Phoenix""--The Chambers Brothers--Norm ...more

Don Adams; Lesley Gore; Fleetwood Mac; Arte Johnson Jan 08 1970 - Show #37 (taped 8-Jan-70)Guests: --Don Adams--Fleetwood Mac - ""Rattlesnake Shake"" --Lesley Gore - ""Hello Young Lovers"" and ""Didn't ...more

Robert Goulet; Rich Little; Shari Lewis; Frankie Randall Mar 03 1970 - Show #40 (taped 03-Mar-70) Guests: --Marilyn and Alan Bergman--Robert Goulet--Michael Legrand--Shari Lewis--Rich Little--Frankie Randall Aired 5-May-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

B. B. King; Mel Torme; McCall & Brill; Barbara McNair Apr 15 1970 - Show #46 (taped 15-Apr-70) --Pete Barbutti --B. B. King - ""So Excited"" and ""The Thrill Is Gone"" --Mitzi McCall & Charlie Brill (comedy team) ...more

Billy Preston; Sammy Davis Jr.; Bill Medley; Moms Mabley Apr 20 1970 - Show #48 (taped 20-Apr-70) --Sammy Davis Jr. --Moms Mabley --Bill Medley - ""Hold On, I'm Coming"" --Billy Preston - possibly ""Everything Must Rust"" ...more

Buddy Miles Band Apr 29 1970 - Show #49 (taped 29-Apr-70) Guests include: --The Buddy Miles Express other guests unknown

Carla Thomas; Don Adams; Bill Dana; The Checkmates; Amazing Kreskin Nov 05 1969 - Show #29 (taped 05-Nov-69)Guests: --Don Adams--The Amazing Kreskin--The Checkmates - ""Sweet Caroline"" and ""Proud Mary"" --Bill Dana--Biff Rose - ...more

Milton Berle; Barrie Chase; Jo Anne Worley; Tommy Joe White Feb 18 1970 - Show #38 (taped 18-Feb-70) --Milton Berle --Barrie Chase --Muscatel --Tommy Joe White --Jo Anne Worley Aired 14-Apr-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

Steve Allen; O.C. Smith; Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; The Blossoms Dec 17 1969 - Show #34 (taped 17-Dec-69) Guests:--Steve Allen--The Blossoms - ""You've Lost That Loving Feeling"" --Clair and McMahon (comedians) --O.C. Smith - ""The Learning ...more

Steppenwolf; John Hartford; Gig Young; Dolores Hall; McCall & Brill Dec 17 1969 - Show #35 (taped 17-Dec-69) Guests:--Dolores Hall - ""Something"" and ""Just Because Of You""--John Hartford--Mitzi McCall & Charlie Brill (comedy ...more

Bill Cosby; The Grass Roots; Edie Adams; Robert Clary Mar 19 1970 - Show #42 (taped 19-Mar-70) --Edie Adams - ""Everybody's Talking"" --Bill Cosby --Robert Clary --The Grass Roots - ""Walkin' Through The Country"" and ...more

George Carlin; Lou Rawls; Spanky Wilson; Bossa Rio Apr 30 1970 - Show #50 -- 1970 (taped 30-Apr-70) --Bossa Rio (a Bossa Nova group) --George Carlin --Lou Rawls - ""You've Made Me So Very Happy"" --Spanky Wilson - ...more

Sarah Vaughan; Trini Lopez; R.B. Greaves; Jackie Gayle Mar 20 1970 - Show #43 (taped 20-Mar-70) --Jackie Gayle --R.B. Greaves - ""Always Something There To Remind Me"" and ""Danny Boy"" --The Jet Bunnies --Trini Lopez - ...more

Frankie Lane; Marty Allen; The Cowsills; Sue Raney May 14 1970 - Show #51 (taped 14-May-70) --The Cowsills - ""Where Is Love?"" ""Two By Two"" and ""Poor Boy"" (some sources list the last song as ...more

Linda Ronstadt; Country Joe & the Fish; Woodstock highlights Apr 16 1970 - Show #47 (taped 16-Apr-70) Guests include: --Country Joe & the Fish --Linda Ronstadt Plus, Woodstock highlights Aired 9-Jun-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

Carmen McRae; The Dillards; John Gary Apr 01 1970 - Show #44 (taped 01-Apr-70) --The Dillards - ""Hey Boys"" --John Gary --Carmen McRae Aired 26-May-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

March 31, 1970 Mar 31 1970 -

Lou Rawls; Tony Randall; Grand Funk Railroad; Cannonball Adderly Quintet Dec 03 1969 - Show #32 (taped 03-Dec-69) Guests: --Cannonball Adderly Quintet - ""Hamba Nami"" & ""The Country Preacher""--Grand Funk Railroad - ""Mr. ...more