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Full List of Playboy After Dark Episodes

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Below is a complete Playboy After Dark episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Playboy After Dark episodes are listed along with the Playboy After Dark episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Playboy After Dark episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Carmen McRae; The Dillards; John Gary” and “Steppenwolf; John Hartford; Gig Young; Dolores Hall; McCall & Brill.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Playboy After Dark episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Sammy Davis Jr.; Anthony Newley; Jerry Lewis; Bill Cosby; Peter Lawford

    Dec 19 1968
    Show #22 (taped 19-Dec-68) --Checkmates Ltd. - ""Hey Jude"" --Bill Cosby --Sammy Davis Jr....
  • 2

    Bob Newhart; Bill Cosby; O.C. Smith; Pickle Brothers

    Sep 09 1968
    Show #7 (taped 9-Sep-68)Guests: --Bob Newhart (comedian)--O.C. Smith - ""Little Green Apples""...
  • 3

    The Byrds; Marvin Gaye; Pat Henry; The Committee

    Sep 28 1968
    Show #9 (taped 28-Sep-68)Guests:--Pete Barbuti (comedian)--The Committee--Pat Henry...
  • 4

    Tommy Smothers; Buffy St. Marie; Louis Nye; John Stewart

    Sep 29 1968
    Show #10 (taped 29-Sep-68) Guests: --Tommy Smothers --Buffy St. Marie --Louis Nye ...
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    Joan Baez; Don Adams; Tommy Smothers; Avante-Garde

    Nov 11 1968
    Show #16 (taped 11-Nov-68)Guests: --Don Adams--Larry Hankin--David Hemmings--Gayle...
  • 6

    Steppenwolf; Joey Bishop; Joe Williams; Joanne Vent; Skiles & Henderson

    Jan 26 1969
    Show #26 (taped 26-Jan-69) --Joey Bishop --Skiles & Henderson --Steppenwolf - ""Chicken...
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    Jan. 22, 1969

    Jan 22 1969
  • 8

    Canned Heat; Shari Lewis; Buddy Greco; Max Lerner; Johnny Janis

    Jan 20 1969
    Show #24 (taped 20-Jan-69) --Canned Heat - ""On The Road Again"" + 1 other song --Colvin &...
  • 9

    Rowan & Martin; Stu Gilliam, Paul Hampton; Clara Ward Singers

    Oct 22 1968
    Show #13 (taped 22-Oct-68) --Rowan & Martin--Stu Gilliam--Cathy Carlson - ""Hurts So Bad"" and...
  • 10

    Don Rickles; Bill Cosby, Doug McClure; Kelly Garrett

    Nov 26 1968
    Show #18 (taped 26-Nov-68)Guests: --Melvin Belli (attorney) --The Checkmates Ltd. performs...
  • 11

    Bill Cosby; Jackie DeShannon; Marty Ingels; Taj Mahal

    Oct 16 1968
    Show #12 (taped 16-Oct-68) Guests: --Bill Cosby --Jackie DeShannon - ""I Got The...
  • 12

    Lou Rawls; Shelley Berman; David Steinberg; Buddy Miles Express

    Dec 10 1968
    Show #19 (taped 10-Dec-68) --Shelley Berman --Buddy Miles Express - ""I Got You Babe"" ...
  • 13

    Jim Webb; Gloria Loring; the Checkmates

    Sep 13 1968
    Show #8 (taped 13-Sep-68) Guests: --The Checkmates - ""She's Looking Good"" &...
  • 14

    The Grateful Dead; Sid Caesar; Noel Harrison; Sidney Omarr

    Jan 18 1969
    Show #23 (taped 18-Jan-69)Guest:--Sid Caesar--Elias & Shaw--The Grateful Dead - ""St....
  • 15

    Johnny Mathis, Mort Sahl; The Chambers Brothers

    Jul 23 1968
    Show #1 (taped 23-Jul-68) Guests: --Johnny Mathis - ""59th Street Bridge Song"" --Mort...
  • 16

    Pete Seeger; Bill Cosby; Carmen McRae; Jack E. Leonard

    Oct 15 1968
    Show #11 (taped 15-Oct-68) Guests: --Pete Seeger --Bill Cosby --Jack E. Leonard ...
  • 17

    Roman Polanski; Sharon Tate; Della Reese; Don Adams

    Jul 24 1968
    Show #2 (taped 24-Jul-68) Guests: --Roman Polanski (director of ""Rosemary's Baby')--Sharon...
  • 18

    Don Adams; Deep Purple; Brenton Wood; Lynn Kellogg

    Oct 23 1968
    Guests: --Don Adams --Jackie Gayle --David Hemmings --Gayle Hunnicut --Deep Purple...
  • 19

    Gore Vidal; Three Dog Night; Pat Collins; John Hartford

    Nov 10 1968
    Show #15 (taped 10-Nov-68) Guests: --Pat Collins --Gore Vidal --John Hartford -...
  • 20

    James Brown; Three Dog Night; Bill Cosby; Soupy Sales

    Nov 25 1968
    Show #17 (taped 25-Nov-68)Guests: --Bill Cosby--Jack Carter--Soupy Sales--Clay Tyson--James...
  • 21

    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; Lou Rawls; Pat Morita; Frankie Randall

    Dec 11 1968
    Show #20 (taped 11-Dec-68) --Shelley Berman --Pat Morita --The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -...
  • 22

    The Grass Roots, Rich Little; Billy Eckstine; Paul Mazursky

    Dec 17 1968
    Show #21 (taped 17-Dec-68) --Sammy Bow --Bobby Doyle sings ""Blowin' In The Wind"" and a...
  • 23

    Bill Cosby; Bill Medley; Iron Butterfly; Kaye Stevens

    Aug 08 1968
    Show #3 (taped 8-Aug-68)Guests: --Bill Cosby--Bill Medley - ""Brown Eyed Woman"" and ""Let The...
  • 24

    Buddy Rich, James Cotton Blues Band, Joe Williams

    Aug 29 1968
    Show #5 (taped 29-Aug-68) Guests: --Buddy Rich--James Cotton Blues Band--Joe Williams--Sue...
  • 25

    Michael Caine; Meredith MacRae; Sir Douglas Quintet; Mort Sahl

    Jan 25 1969
    Show #25 (taped 25-Jan-69) --Dr. George R. Bach --Michael Caine --Meredith MacRae sings...