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Below is a complete Playhouse 90 episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Playhouse 90 episodes are listed along with the Playhouse 90 episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Playhouse 90 episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “Days of Wine and Roses” and “Topaze.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Playhouse 90 episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Interviews with Cast of Requiem for a Heavyweight

Interviews with Cast of the Days of Wine and Roses

Sincerely, Willis Wade Dec 13 1956 - Wealthy mill owner, Henry Harcourt, finances the college education of a poor but ambitious boy, Willis Wayde. The young man is in love with Bess, Harcourt's daughter.

The Big Slide Nov 08 1956 - When a second-rate vaudeville comic becomes a silent movie star, the conflict between his love for an actress and the demands of his career brings tragedy and heartbreak to the clown.

The Miracle Worker Feb 07 1957 - The episode retells the first encounter of Annie Sullivan and young Helen Keller, unable to hear or see since the age of two. It was later remade for theatrical release.

The Blackwell Story Feb 28 1957 - A drama about the numerous obstacles faced by a young student who is intent on becoming the first woman doctor in the United States. Set in the late 1830's, the program examined her dedication, ...more

Invitation to a Gunfighter Mar 07 1957 - Hugh O'Brian is a gunfighter terrorizing a small western town. The townspeople finally pool their money to a hire another gunfighter (Gilbert Roland) to drive O'Brian out of town (which he ...more

If You Knew Elizabeth Apr 11 1957 -

Clipper Ship Apr 04 1957 - A romance on the high seas revolving around the comely widow of a shpping magnate, and her growing love for a handsome young political prisoner who was scheduled to be put to death when the ...more

Sizeman and Son Oct 18 1956 - Sizeman owns a dress-manufacturing business in New York City. When his son was born, he addded the words ""and Son"" to the name of the company, hoping that they would work ...more

So Soon To Die Jan 17 1957 -

The Hostess with the Mostest Mar 21 1957 -

Heritage of Anger Nov 15 1956 - Industrial mogul Eddie Hanneman finds that his two sons are uninterested in taking over the family business though they want the rewards.

One Coat of White Feb 21 1957 -

Clash by Night Jun 13 1957 -

Massacre at Sand Creek Dec 27 1956 - A drama set in 1860s Colorado about the tragically manipulative ways of a U.S. Army colonel who forces the Cheyenne to fight a battle they want to avoid. Seeking fame and the rank of a general, ...more

Snowshoes. A Comedy of People and Horses. Jan 03 1957 -

The Helen Morgan Story May 16 1957 -

The Ninth Day Jan 10 1957 - After World War III a small group of people live in the desert. A young man rebels against the group and tries to run away, hoping to find other communities of survivors, but is told by the ...more

Without Incident Jun 06 1957 - Captain Russell Bidlack, commander of a U.S. Cavalry unit in 1870, determines to complete a rescue mission through dangerous Indian territoy. In the course of the mission, he rescues the wives ...more

Circle of the Day May 30 1957 -

Charley's Aunt Mar 28 1957 -

Three Men on a Horse Apr 18 1957 -

The Fabulous Irishman Jun 27 1957 -

The Star Wagon Jan 24 1957 - Story about a timid inventor who works for an exploitive boss and spends company time collaborating with his boyhood friend on a time machine. When the boss fires the inventor and orders the ...more

Forbidden Area Oct 04 1956 - Heston stars as a one-eyed colonel intent of solving the mystery of the exploding bombers. Soviet agents have infiltrated a secret air base and are busy doing away with American aircraft.

Rendezvous In Black Oct 25 1956 - The unexplainable death of a young man's fiancee while waiting for him on a street corner sets off a series of seemingly unrelated murders in the city.

The Greer Case Jan 31 1957 -

Made in Heaven Dec 06 1956 - A married couple get into a petty quarrel that leads to their separation, after which the wife entertains a handsome European from the cocktail party and the husband begins to fall for an ...more

Child of Trouble May 02 1957 -

The Country Husband Nov 01 1956 - After a close brush with death, a businessman intends to live each and every day to the fullest without regard to his wife and child. When he falls for the babysitter he considers running off ...more

Confession Nov 29 1956 - After the death of a wealthy community leader, a reporter is preparing a series on his life. When he interviews the deceased's son and daughter, they are withholding information from him. ...more

Homeward Borne May 09 1957 - A drama of a refugee orphan, who was both wanted and unwanted in the family of a returning war hero. The wife fought against her own happiness to take in the orphan. To the orphan, the husband ...more

Ain't No Time for Glory Jun 20 1957 -

Four Women in Black Apr 25 1957 -

Winter Dreams May 23 1957 -

Eloise Nov 22 1956 - Eloise was a little girl who lived in the Plaza Hotel in New York. A memorable sequence involved her ordering one raisin from room service for her tiny pet turtle. The entire play was

The Family Nobody Wanted Dec 20 1956 - Carl and Helen Doss, are unable to have children of their own, so they wind up adopting several youngsters of mixed races.

Mar 14 1957 - Monroe Stahr heads a movie studio apparently headed for financial trouble. He is under pressure from the stockholders to produce a box-office hit. While he turns his attention to their latest ...more

Requiem for a Heavyweight Oct 11 1956 - Requiem for a Heavyweight was originally a teleplay written by Rod Serling and produced for the live television show Playhouse 90 on October 11, 1956.

Feb 14 1957 - Sammy Hogarth has reached the top of his profession as a TV comedian. But though his audience loves him, his co-workers hate him. They know him as an egotistical, petty tyrant. What keeps them ...more

Verdict of Three Apr 24 1958 - A murder trial is followed through different jurors and their reactions.

The Gentleman from Seventh Avenue Jan 30 1958 - Mr. Golden talks with Nathan in the Turkish bath, lamenting that perhaps life has passed him by. He then returns home to his wife and finds out that he is to become a grandfather.

Mr. and Mrs. McAdam Oct 31 1957 -

Rumors Of Evening May 01 1958 -

Portrait of a Murderer Feb 27 1958 -

The Dark Side of the Earth Sep 19 1957 -

Panic Button Nov 28 1957 - A Civil Aeronautics Board investigation determines that the reason a plane crashed, killing all aboard except one of the pilots, is that either the dead pilot or the survivor became ...more

The Thundering Wave Dec 12 1957 -

Around the World in 90 Minutes Oct 17 1957 - For this week only, Playhouse 90 suspends its usual dramatic format to telecast a remote from Madison Square Garden. There producer Michael Todd is throwing a big party for some 18,000 guests to ...more