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Below is a complete Playing the Field episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Playing the Field episodes are listed along with the Playing the Field episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Playing the Field episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Episode 5,” “Episode 3”, and many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Playing the Field episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Mar 08 1998 - Theresa Mullen is about to be married to her fiance Eddie Ryan, but things don't always turn out as you plan.

Episode 2 Mar 15 1998 - Theresa and Eddie have returned from their honeymoon in Cornwall and are looking forward to spending some time together in their new house, but when the arrive home they find that Theresa's ...more

Episode 3 Mar 22 1998 - Shazza lives in Beaumont House, a residential home. Today is her 20th birthday and she is told it is about time she found somewhere else to live independently. Shazza is upset by this news and ...more

Episode 4 Mar 29 1998 - Jo is taking the news that her mother is really Theresa badly. She refuses to speak to her as she cannot believe that such a big secret has been kept from her for 19 years. It is a week after Jo ...more

Episode 5 Apr 05 1998 - The team have returned from their match at London, but for Geraldine there is no cause for celebration. Dave knows all about her affair with Rick and confronts her. They end up in a heated ...more

Episode 6 Apr 12 1998 - Geraldine and Dave are back together and are trying hard to make their relationship work. Eddie has a proposition for the Mullen family when he asks for their help to plan a surprise wedding for ...more

Episode 7 Apr 01 1999 - Eddie and Theresa are back in their own house at last after Ryan, Matt and Luke have finished repairing it, and Eddie thinks now is the perfect time to think about starting a family. Theresa ...more

Episode 2 Feb 25 1999 - Luke is still suspicious of Shazza and demands to know where she has been going all the time, which leads to a argument and Mrs Mullen doesn't make things any better when she tells them the ...more

Episode 1 Feb 18 1999 - 7 months later and Geraldine is well on the way to giving birth to her first baby. Jo has finished her training in London and is heading back to Castlefield when a young man named Ryan sits next ...more

Episode 3 Mar 04 1999 - Rita's daughter Vicky shocks Rita when she tells her that she has decided to quit college and find a job instead. Rita wanted more for her daughter and didn't want her ending up like herself ...more

Episode 4 Mar 11 1999 - Rita is still reeling after sleeping with her ex husband Graham and goes home to John who has been out searching for her. In her anger she tries to cause an argument with John over Mikey who he ...more

Episode 5 Mar 18 1999 - Shazza still hasn't gave Luke an answer over whether she will marry him or not, which is frustrating him as he needs to know, good or bad! Angie has applied for a promotion at work, and to prove ...more

Episode 6 Mar 25 1999 - Shazza gets her job back on the buses, as the company are short staffed and cant afford to lose another driver. Geraldine goes to see the doctor to see why she is having so much trouble losing ...more

Episode 2 Feb 08 2000 - Rick is back at Diane's much to her dismay and he makes it obvious that he has no intention of leaving and tells her that there is no way she will sell the house. Shazza is feeling stifled by ...more

Episode 3 Feb 15 2000 - Everyone is at the hospital eagerly awaiting news on Luke, and Shazza is relieved when it turns out he has only got mild concussion. She wouldn't have been able to forgive herself if anything ...more

Episode 1 Feb 01 2000 - It is the day of Ryans's court case over the stolen van, and he is panicking that he is going to go to jail. Unbeknown to everyone he and Jo are still together, but Jo is torn between her family ...more

Episode 4 Feb 24 2000 - It's Rita's day of reckoning; Shazza struggles to cope with married life; Scott turns his attentions elsewhere; The truth about the stolen van is revealed when Ryan's cousin appears.

Episode 5 Mar 02 2000 - Mikey announces she is pregnant, but Rick thinks he is infertile. At the clinic his fertility is confirmed. Mikey, realising his indifference to her pregnancy, wants an abortion. Heidi lets slip ...more

Episode 6 Mar 09 2000 - Eddie's new-found success means a difficult decision for Theresa. Shazza feels increasingly trapped as the wedding looms; she resorts to desperate measures for freedom.

Episode 1 Jul 13 2000 - Mr and Mrs Mullen are happily preparing for Luke and Shazza's return from their honeymoon, and Mr Mullen has planned a surprise for them when he shows his wife Mary the caravan he has bought for ...more

Episode 6 Aug 17 2000 - All hell breaks loose when Rick blackmails Geraldine into meeting her. Pauline pressurizes Matthew to publicize Luke and Kelly's relationship.

Episode 4 Aug 03 2000 - Tempers are running high between Holly and Scott as they try to decide how they feel about each other. A visit to the hospital could mean the end for Chris and Kelly.

Episode 3 Jul 27 2000 - It is the day after Jo and Ryan's engagement and Jo is still trying to make sense of what she saw between Ryan and his cousin Jason. She goes to his caravan to confront him, but they just end up ...more

Episode 7 Aug 24 2000 - A face from the past returns to Castlefield with some interesting news. Rita and Geraldine decide whether to go to the police as Rick fights for his life.

Episode 2 Jul 20 2000 - Ryan asks Jo to marry him, but his determination to impress the Mullens backfires; his parents also have mixed feelings about the move.

Episode 5 Aug 10 2000 - Holly's feelings for Scott are muddled; the secret of her home life is revealed.

Episode 4 Jan 27 2002 - Holly is puzzled over carer Ruth's lack of contact with her son. To celebrate success of the under-thirteen football tournament, Lee takes Holly away for her birthday, much to Ruth's

Episode 2 Jan 13 2002 - The first day of the court case comes to an end after Rick's shocking revelations about George's paternity.

Episode 1 Jan 06 2002 - Now the proud mother of Jessica, Jo finds herself on the Blues sub's bench thanks to new coach Gordon.

Episode 5 Feb 03 2002 - Jim and Francine are struggling to come to terms with the factory going into receivership, but they put on a brave face at the women's professional football league function. Martin persuades ...more

Episode 6 Feb 10 2002 - The clubhouse has burnt down and Jim's business has gone under. The team falls apart amid accusations and guilt, whilst Pauline tries to win over Matthew's priest as the wedding approaches.

Episode 3 Jan 20 2002 - Holly becomes exhausted trying to combine work with looking after Lee and the house, so they decide to hire a woman carer, but she is not all that she seems.