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Below is a complete Postman Pat episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Postman Pat episodes are listed along with the Postman Pat episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Postman Pat episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “Postman Pat And The Magic Lamp,” “Postman Pat And The Pirates” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Postman Pat episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.


Postman Pat and the Giant Snowball It's snowing in Greendale. Pat must warn the Greendale Rocket about the Giant Snowball on the track.








Postman Pat Has Too Many Parcels May 22 1997 - Mail order madness has taken over Greendale, meaning Pat has a lot more parcels than usual. Ted devises a motorised scooter to make Pat's job easier but it proves to be more trouble than it's

Postman Pat Has The Best Village May 08 1997 - The villagers prepare to enter a best village competition. Will Greendale win first prize - and where has Ted's lorry got to?

Postman Pat And The Beast Of Greendale Sep 05 1997 - Who is this strange creature causing havoc all over Greendale?

Postman Pat In A Muddle Apr 17 1997 - A huge parcel arrives at the Post Office and it squashes Pat's glasses after he puts them down on the counter. Mrs Goggins lends Pat one of her old pairs of glasses. Pat still can't see ...more

Postman Pat And The Hole In The Road Apr 03 1997 - Mr Pringle has been teaching the children about volcanoes and earthquakes. The next day this makes Pat think about holes in the road. While on his rounds, he gets diverted round in a big circle. ...more

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Postman Pat And The Mystery Tour Sep 08 1997 - Pat is to take Mr Pringle and the school children on a Mystery Tour. Where will they end up?

Postman Pat And The Suit Of Armour Apr 10 1997 - Garner Hall is opening to the public. Ted builds a shiny suit of metal armour and when he decides tries the suit on, he can't see where he's going! He crashes about, making an awful clanking

Postman Pat And The Barometer Sep 04 1995 - Pat's barometer says snow is due. No-one believes him but as Mr. Pringle and the schoolchildren are out on a hike it turns out the barometer was right after all...

Postman Pat Misses The Show Apr 24 1997 - The villagers prepare for a Greendale arts show. Ted lends Pat some clay but it makes a mess! Pat makes a clay sculpture of Jess. When he is travels to the art show, his van runs out of petrol. ...more

Postman Pat And The Big Surprise May 29 1997 - Pat does some gardening before work. When he tries to remove a weed, he sprains his back and Sarah calls Dr Gilbertson in. Pat needs a day in bed so Sarah offers to take the post instead. ...more

Postman Pat Follows A Trail May 01 1997 - Pat finds a long string across the road and follows it to see where it leads. It leads to a tree where Katy and Tom's kite is stuck. Pat needs to find someone with a ladder to rescue the kite.

Postman Pat Paints The Ceiling May 15 1997 - Pat offers to paint the ceiling for Granny Dryden. Some paint spills down Pat's trousers! Pat goes home to change and gets an odd pair of trousers and Sarah can't help laughing. During his ...more

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Postman Pat And The Toy Soldiers Dec 25 1991 - Pat goes to the Post Office to collect his brand new vehicle, a Royal Mail Post Bus. He has offers to take some of his friends on a shopping trip into Ingledale.

Postman Pat Takes The Bus Jan 02 1992 - There has been a robbery at Garner Hall and the Major Forbes' toy soldiers have been stolen. Pat calls to deliver a parcel with some new toy soldiers but leaves the wrong parcels and when he ...more

Postman Pat Takes Flight Sep 01 1997 - The Major Forbes prepares for a film show about his balloon flights across the world. When Pat arrives at Garner Hall, the Major asks Pat to climb onto the roof, untangle the string and cast him ...more

Postman Pat And The Tuba May 29 1995 - Pat goes to search Granny Dryden's attic and finds an old tuba, which gives him a bright idea for Greendale's annual fete. When Pat learns to play the tuba, it makes an awful noise!

Postman Pat And The Robot Jun 05 1997 - Ted invents a new robot postman to help give Pat a rest. When it goes out for its test run and arrives at the Post Office, it scares Mrs Goggins. When it gets loaded with post, it causes havoc ...more



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Postman Pat The Secret Superhero Mar 16 2006 - Charlie and Bill are eager to see a superhero in Greendale but can't find one. Then, the post falls out of his van and Pat goes to extraordinary lengths to retrieve it!

Postman Pat And The Grand Custard Race Mar 27 2006 - At the annual sports day, Bill realises that taking part is more important than winning, and is rewarded with a Best Team Player rosette. Then, the adults have a mucky custard race, which ends ...more



Postman Pat And The Lucky Escape Mar 28 2006 - Pat and the Reverend are accidentally locked in the vestry. While PC Selby and the others chase after Dr Gilbertson to retrieve the vestry key, Pat and Reverend Timms find a way to escape ...more



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Postman Pat And The Record Breaking Day Mar 30 2006 - Ajay bets Pat that he can't deliver all the post by teatime. The loser has to run around Greendale in their pyjamas. Pat wins the bet. Meanwhile, the kids are enjoying a different sort of maths ...more




Postman Pat's Missing Things Mar 31 2006 - PC Selby has a busy day when Jess, Mabel the sheep and the Greendale Rocket go missing. Helped by Pat, he finds them in the Greendale Tunnel, where clever Jess stopped the train before it hit a ...more


Postman Pat And The Flying Post May 10 2006 - It's Nikhil's birthday. Ted ties helium balloons to Pat's postbag, and it goes flying off into the air. Pat and PC Selby give chase. Ted is able to make use of his hover-backpack to reach the ...more

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Postman Pat's Pied Piper Mar 13 2006 - A group of mice are causing trouble.



Postman Pat's Great Big Party Everyone in Greendale is helping to arrange a surprise party for a special someone's birthday... Postman Pat! The preparations are underway with kids, adults and even Ted's machines helping out. ...more

Postman Pat And The Bowling Buddies Mar 20 2006 - Pat and PC Selby plan a bowling night on the village green, Ajay and Ted both want Pat to be their bowling partner, and Sarah is upset when Lucy gets an imaginary friend.