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Full List of Proton Models

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Below is a list of all Proton cars & models that have come out so far. This Proton vehicle model list includes photos of Proton vehicles along with release dates and body types of each car. Did you used to drive one of the old Proton cars on this list? The company has had hits and misses, but definitely have put out some great cars. Everything from Proton Wira to Proton Savvy is included on this list. This list of car models made by Proton is a great way to see how Proton has evolved over the years. Proton types also have car class information available if you click on their names and go to their dedicated page.
  • The Proton Savvy is a supermini hatchback produced by Malaysian carmaker Proton. The car was introduced in June 2005 as a successor to Proton Tiara....  more
  • The Proton Tiara is a Malaysian automobile based on the Citroën AX, built under licence by the automobile manufacturer Proton between 1996 and 2000....  more
  • Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    The Proton Waja is a saloon car manufactured by Malaysian automotive company, Proton, first released in August 2000. The Waja is the first Proton car to feature a majority of body parts and components which were designed in-house. Although certain key features such as the various engines in the early models were outsourced, the Waja is still best known as the first Malaysian-designed car. More than 300,000 Proton Wajas have been sold, making it among Proton's most commercially successful products. The name Waja, which means steel in Malay has both physical and abstract connotations. In the United Kingdom, it was sold as the Proton Impian, in which Impian was another derivative of the Malay...  more
  • The Proton Wira, also as known as the Proton 400 Series is a car manufactured by Malaysian carmaker Proton. It was produced in four-door saloon and five-door hatchback guises and is based on the Mitsubishi Lancer platform. Proton made minor changes to the taillights, bumpers, and dashboard. 5 trim levels were available. The 1.6 and 1.8 litre model were equipped with rear disc brakes, front and rear armrests, electric mirrors, folding rear seats, electric windows on all doors, and a high quality interior. Proton redesigned the saloon to make a 5-door hatchback variant during the mid-1990s, basing the car on the saloon Wira and sporting similar tail lights. The entry-level 1.3 and 1.5 models...  more