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Below is a complete Queer Eye episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Queer Eye episodes are listed along with the Queer Eye episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Queer Eye episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Queer Eye for the Shy Guy: Sean K” to “Never too Late to Celebrate: Chris L” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Queer Eye episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Radio Ralph: Ralph S Feb 17 2004 -

For Better and Verse: Vincent T Aug 05 2003 - Vincent is a studio manager by day, but by night he is a keyboard player and back-up vocalist for The Cleftones with a desire to step into the spotlight as a solo vocalist. The Fab Five's ...more

Training Day: James M. Mar 23 2004 - James needs help. His mother has helped him decorate by sending him stuff from Korea. The furniture is vile and the house smells like fish and James's dog is a nightmare. He has a girlfriend, ...more

You Never Forget Your First Straight Guy: Lawson C. Apr 13 2004 - The fab five at are at it again, good ole Carson,Ted,James,Sam and Charlie.Wait, who the %$#! are Sam,James,and Charlie? the originals who were asked to leave.This episode is filled with ...more

Apr 06 2004 - Freddy Krueger's alive!how? he created Mark,whose hair is one of Kyan's nightmares.It is a mullet,kept together with loads of cheap products.Mark's stepdaughter Karly is leaving for college,and ...more

Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Length of Hair: Jeff T Nov 18 2003 - Jeff Toale,husband,dad,taxidermist,outdoors man,former model,postal worker, this is a outgoing guy. Except he has one problem he desperately needs a makeover since he has a 30 year mustache and ...more

Compose Yourself: Warren L. Mar 02 2004 - Warren is a musical theater composer,and he's STRAIGHT! anyway,This former Oklahoma baby faced boy has come to make it big in the big apple. Problems:He bites his nails, his clothes make him ...more

Law & Disorder: John V Aug 19 2003 - The Fab Five take a shot at remaking a New York Policeman, John Verdi, to help rekindle the romance with his model girlfriend of 3 years.

Make Over for Daddy: Tom M Sep 16 2003 - Tom is a two time divorced dad who spends most of his spare change on his kids and not on his house or appearance. problem: tom is 6'6, and set in his ways. So it begins with Carson bringing ...more

He's a Little Bit Country: John B Jul 29 2003 - John is currently a part time contractor and car transport driver, but at various times has also been a plumber, an elevator technician, a fireman, a carpenter, a short order cook, an EMT, a ...more

My Big Fat Greek Haircut: George Katsigiannis Aug 26 2003 - The FAB 5 take a shot at a man who was once shot at. When he was younger, George took a bullet for his mom after an encounter with an armed robber. After a successful surgery and years of ...more

Stand Up and Deliver: Kevin D. Feb 24 2004 - Kevin loves 3 things: his girlfriend Matilda,stand up comedy,and vintage stuff.Because Matilda's #1 he's asking her to marry him. Problems:His apartment is CHAOS!his clothes are old yet bad,and ...more

Meeting Mildred: Rob M. Mar 19 2004 - Rob's life consists of 2 women:his godmother Mildred,and his girlfriend of a year Terri.He wants them to meet.Rob likes wearing dashikis,jeans and Tye dyed shirts,His apartment shows that he ...more

A Great Mess in Great Neck: Adam Z Jul 15 2003 - Adam is a successful Long Island entrepreneur who runs his own computer business, but his house is a disaster, his wardrobe is out of date and he has a bad habit of forgetting his wife's ...more

Nov 25 2003 - Rich Miller,a lawyer who believes in being yourself isn't even following his own advice,Mr.Miller has a toupee, and his wife and kids have never seen him without it.That's a big part of the ...more

Create an Officer and a Gentleman: Ross M. Dec 09 2003 - Ross, a ex marine wants mix with his girlfriend Thersea who is more socially active has drafted the Fab five into helping. Carson who decides that Ross shall have a military-civilian mix ...more

Make Room for Lisa: Tom K Jul 22 2003 - Tom is a guy who has grown older but forgot to grow up. He has pizza boxes under the couch, beer in the fridge and dishes piled high in the sink. His wardrobe consists mostly of old t-shirts, ...more

Queer Guy for the Skate Guy: John Z. Mar 09 2004 - This is the most romantic QEfSG yet! John is an Olympic medal winner,so is his lovely wife Sylvia who just for John,left her family in Italy to live in America.So to show just how much he loves ...more

Jul 15 2003 - The first episode of a new series and it comes off spectacularly. Carson immediately assumes the position of leader of the 'fab five' and is easily the most humorous of the the group, while fans ...more

Helping the Hard-Rocking Host: Steven S. Dec 02 2003 - Steven is a rock music expert who dresses like an 80's band reject has fried tri- colored hair,a apartment that's been overpowered by his girlfriend Jackie's stuff,and a diet that's needs more ...more

Radio Ralph Feb 17 2004 - Ralph is a radio host and a part time DJ in a strip club, he lives with his twin brother Joey and well,his half of the apartment's a mess, his clothes are too flashy and he's been dating nothing ...more

Queer Eye for Our Production Guy: Andrew L Aug 12 2003 - This week the Queer Eye turns its gaze on one of its own: show utility grip and sometime camera operator Andrew. Andrew's problem is his dormroom-look apartment, which he shares with his ...more

Romancing the Coach: Mark Fi Apr 20 2004 - The Fab Five has gotten used to receiving letters,calls,and emails from desperate wives,moms,and girlfriends pleading to change their significant men,so when the Pelham High School Girls ...more

A Very Queer Eye Holiday: Holiday Special Dec 16 2003 - The Fab 5 are having a party! and they're inviting some of their past projects: Butch,George, John B.,and Adam. Just before the party, each of them went to a straight guy's house and see if they ...more

Talk, Dark, & Dancin': Josh D Sep 02 2003 - Josh has been working hard already to improve his own looks. He just lost about 100 pounds, but still needs further help from the FAB 5. His apartment is very thirft store furniture decorated, ...more

Meet the Folks: Alan C Sep 23 2003 - Kids, meet Alan a sweet guy who is a penny pinching (scooby doo)Shaggy look like. He and his girlfriend Katie are planning to have their parents meet,so the Fab Five is off.Carson,after throwing ...more

Dharma Dad: Michael C Jun 15 2004 -

A Pigskin Proposal: Brian M Jan 18 2005 -

Queer Eye for the British Guy: Simon B Jan 25 2005 -

An American Straight Guy in London: Darin D Feb 01 2005 -

The Dude Gets a Haircut: Brud L Feb 15 2005 -

Mike the Mechanic: Mike S Feb 23 2005 -

A Closet Thespian: Alex M Mar 01 2005 -

Minor League Loser to Major League Schmoozer: John D Mar 08 2005 -

From Minor Disaster to TV SportsCaster: Kord S Mar 15 2005 -


An Overdue Reunion: Joe H Apr 05 2005 -

Home on the Ranch: Scott B Apr 12 2005 -

Straight Outta Brooklyn:Philly R. Jun 22 2004 - Philly is man who knows what he likes:his car,Britney Spears,and beer.The event:a dinner with friends and co workers then taking his Ex back to his apartment.Problems:He trashed his knee and ...more

Senior Seeking Style: John K Jul 20 2004 - John is a widower who has a ""lady friend""named Joan.Problems:has a tiny and dark apartment,he has lived on frozen food and instant coffee,recently lost 45 pounds but he ...more

Never too Late to Celebrate: Chris L Jul 27 2004 - Chris and Michelle Lim are happy newlyweds and love telling the story of how they met and about their TINY,SIMPLE hurried wedding as Chris had gotten a great job in the US (they're both from ...more

Queer Eye for the Shy Guy: Sean K Aug 31 2004 - Sean is a guy who at first seems wouldn't need any help from the Fab 5.He's cultured,young and fairly cute,BUT he is a:toy collecting,chronic razor burning,Ramen noodle eating freelance ...more

It's Only Rock&Roll: Ari V Sep 14 2004 - Ari is the lead singer in the fledging rock group the Pelicans.The pelicans have been doing little club gigs and concerts so it's a good thing Ari has a salesman's job to keep his tiny,crammed ...more

A Queer Eye Thanksgiving Nov 23 2004 - The Fab Five are having a Pre - Thanksgiving Dinner! They invite three straight guy's families: The Bravo Twins, The Toales and The Goldmans. They each get a brown apron with their names, Ted ...more

Queer Eye for a Not-So-Straight Guy:Wayne H. Jun 29 2004 - A HISTORIC EVENT! Wayne is gay, except he's depressed.He hasn't been on a date in 3 years,he lives in a tiny apartment,has oily skin,he collects plastic bags,and he doesn't like veggies.The ...more

Raising the Stakes: John S. Jul 06 2004 - John loves a good game of poker.Problems abound for this Ex cop:He loves going to the beach,but he has NEVER used sunscreen,he wears old t-shirts and shorts all year round,his house consists of ...more

The Brady Bunch Does Christmas: Richard M Dec 07 2004 - Richard and his lovely wife Megan have been together for 3 years.They have 5 kids,and loads of Christmas traditions.However their holiday happiness has a couple hitches: each half of the family ...more

An Opening Night to Share: Winston S Sep 07 2004 - Tonight's culture should be a visit to a mental institution.Why? Winston,a Wall Street exec MBA quit his very nice job to open a restaurant in the East Village with his girlfriend ...more

Taking on the Twins:Brandon & David B Jun 01 2004 - The Fab 5 are manhandled(not in the way they'd like) in this episode by a pair of wrestling twins David and Brandon, who want to throw their grandpa a birthday party.The duo have almost no ...more

Conquering the Catwalk:David G Jun 08 2004 - for David the catwalk is a chicken run. David's wife is a handbag designer and tonight's her big show she would love to have David walk with her but at the last show he bolted. Their house is ...more