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Below is a complete R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour episodes are listed along with the R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Scarecrow” and “Really You (2)” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Ghostly Stare Jan 22 2011 - Lauren (Emma Grabinsky) and Mark (Jason Spevack) learn that when cemeteries are disturbed, not everything stays buried. A ghost replaces Mark when he falls into a grave. Lauren sets off to get ...more

Really You (2) Oct 29 2010 - Lily's brother, Brandon (Connor Price), suspects the doll is trying to get rid of Lilly since her mother seems to love the doll more than she loves Lilly as he tries to record what she does in ...more

Really You (1) Oct 29 2010 - When a young girl's new doll takes on a mysterious new identity, her brother is forced to find out what is going on and to save his sister from the terrifying new reality.

The Red Dress Jan 15 2011 - Jamie (Linda Tomassone) is a worker at a golf course and has a crush on a handsome member of the club, Zach. Jamie comes upon a mysterious store The Raven's Chest and steals a beautiful red ...more

Nightmare Inn Jan 08 2011 - Jillian (Madeline Carroll) is forced to face her fears in a creepy inn where the staff is keeping a secret. At night, the staff of the inn are revealed to be werewolves who wish to devour her. ...more

The Dead Body Dec 25 2010 - Will (Brendan Meyer) strikes a deal with Jake (Matt Angel), the new kid, to take care of some bullies. Will soon learns Jake is a ghost, as a janitor tells him who died in a fire because of some ...more

Ghostly Stare Jan 29 2011 - Jeffery (Bobby Coleman) realizes not everyone moves out before someone else moves in. There is something in his bedroom walls in the new house he and his parents move into, that wants sugar and ...more

A Creature Was Stirring Dec 25 2010 - It didn’t matter if Timmy (Thomas Robinson) was naughty or nice. This year, he gets one Christmas present that turns out to be a dangerous gremlin-like monster. In the end however, it turns out ...more

Black Mask Mar 12 2011 - A mask tells of a very bad past, so Julie (Madison Pettis) and Bill (Ricardo Hoyos), set off to change the past of the kids who they believe died. Robbie was the only one to see a creepy man in ...more

Lights Out Apr 23 2011 - Teddy wants to prove that ghosts do not exist, so he, his sister Haley, and his friend Sean go to a supposidly haunted asyulm with a video camera to film everything that happens. It is revealed ...more

Fear Never Knocks Feb 26 2011 - Fears become real when the grandchildren of a decorated psychiatrist play around with an ancient recorder in their grandfather's office. It turns out the recorder was brought to their ...more

Scary Mary (Part 2) May 14 2011 - Conclusion. While in Scary Mary's world, Hanna refuses to be like everyone else, who have given their faces to Mary. Mary uses the girl's faces to disguise herself as one of them, hoping that a ...more

Scary Mary (Part 1) May 07 2011 - Part 1 of 2. Hanna's friends convince her into chanting the Scary Mary poem into her mirror before telling her the legend. There once was a girl named Mary who was obsessed with her looks and ...more

My Sister the Witch Mar 26 2011 - When boy scout Pete (Uriah Shelton) welcomes his teenage sister Alice (Jodelle Ferland) home from boarding school, his best friend Reggie believes she is a witch. It is revealed that Alice met a ...more

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The Perfect Brother Apr 30 2011 - Josh always knew that Matt was the perfect son in the family. But when Matt's star begins to fade, Josh thinks that what his parents propose may be taking things to the extreme. It is revealed ...more

Best Friend Forever Mar 05 2011 - Jack accidentally raises a zombie from the dead , but instead of getting help, he keeps it as a pet. In the end, the zombie kidnaps Jack and Jack becomes the pet of the zombie.

Pool Shark Apr 16 2011 - Kai must overcome his fear of the water in order to convince people there is a shark in the pool. It is suspected that the shark is actually a Nanaue (a creature that is a shark in the water and ...more

Game Over Feb 12 2011 - Kelly "Kell-razer" (Calum Worthy) and his friend Gooch (AJ Lutsky) receive a mysteriously new game called "Zee Town" that they got from a stranger, named the Game Master ...more

Afraid Of Clowns Mar 19 2011 - Clowns are no laughing matter to Chris from Night at the Museum) who has a strange feeling that the local carnival clowns are stalking him. It is shown that they are in fact stalking him. It is ...more

Catching Cold Apr 09 2011 - A boy named Marty always borrows money from his family becomes obsessed with catching a mysterious ice cream truck called "Kreamy Kold Ice Cream" that seems to haunt his neighborhood ...more

Alien Candy Feb 19 2011 - Walt (Grayson Russell) is a sixth grader who is builled by football player, Dwayne (Nico McEwon) and so is his best friend, Tim (Baljodh Nagra) and who is obsessed with aliens so when two ...more

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Wrong Number Apr 02 2011 - The two meanest girls at school, Stephanie and Taylor, prank call the next door neighbor, Mrs. Biazevich. Mrs. Biazevich warns them to be nice girls and dies the next day. Stephanie starts ...more

Walls Feb 05 2011 - A family moves into a new home, but the son soon discovers there is something wrong within the walls.

The Most Evil Sorcerer (Part 1) Jan 07 2012 - In a medieval English town ruled under a corrupt sorcerer, two teens, Ned and Sara, set out to dethrone the sorcerer and rid him of his magic.

Stage Fright Jan 14 2012 - A high school drama club is doing a play based on the story of Hansel and Gretel, but the cast suspects their drama teacher of being a witch after several misfortunes befall the cast and one of ...more

Creature Feature (Part 1) Oct 01 2011 - A classic film lover named John (Joel Courtney) gets sucked into a 1950s B-movie called I Was A Teenage Tick Monster playing at a haunted drive-in.

Mascot Nov 19 2011 - Willie and his friend Drake hate their school mascot Big Yellow and decide to have it replaced with a wolf....which doesn't sit well with Big Yellow himself.

The Most Evil Sorcerer (Part 2) Jan 07 2012 - When Ned and Sara discover that the sorceress who helped them dethrone the evil sorcerer was the one who taught him black magic, Ned takes revenge against the sorceress, and Sara worries that ...more

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Bad Feng Shui Nov 26 2011 - A Chinese girl named Jessica hates how strict her mother is right down to rearranging her room. When Jessica decides to arrange the room the way she wants it, dark forces begin haunting her ...more

Sick Nov 12 2011 - Alex has to stay home from school, thanks to a bad cold – and soon finds that he's not alone in the house. To make matters worse, two morning news show anchors begin talking to him from the ...more

Dreamcatcher Dec 17 2011 - The camp legend of a mysterious creature who feeds on nightmares appears to be true after a cabin full of girls have a recurring nightmare that terrorizes them so badly, it leaves them unable to ...more

Pumpkinhead Oct 29 2011 - A girl and her brothers investigate a pumpkin patch said to be tended to by a murderous farmer who kidnaps children and switches their heads with the pumpkins in his gardens.

Creature Feature (Part 2) Oct 08 2011 - Nathan and Lisa get sucked inside the B-movie to rescue John and stop the evil Dr. Mangle from releasing his creation on the world.

The Return of Lilly D Feb 04 2012 - The evil doll Lilly D. (from the series premiere "Really You") is being beaten up by boys when a young girl named Natalie takes her home to her grandfather.

Brush with Madness Nov 05 2011 - When comic book geek Corey gets yelled at by his favorite artist Allan Miller (Mackenzie Gray) during a comic book convention, Corey steals Allan's brushes and comes up with his own creation – ...more

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The Hole Dec 03 2011 - Rob and Carrie's family move to a new house which they find by the help of a video is haunted by a father who went insane during a barbecue and killed his family in a car wreck.

Headshot Jan 28 2012 - An ice cream shop girl named Gracie Wilde dreams of being the prettiest face in the world -- a wish that a ruthless teen magazine photographer named Cassandra is more than willing to grant ...more

Flight Oct 22 2011 - A boy named Josh on his first flight learns that the Grim Reaper (posing as an old woman) is a fellow passenger and an undead man only the boy can see is trying to escape her.

Swarmin' Norman Oct 15 2011 - A bullied boy named Norman discovers that he has god-like power over insects and uses them to get revenge on his tormentors – only to discover (the hard way) that absolute power corrupts

Scarecrow Dec 10 2011 - A farmer named Jenny has trouble ridding her crops of an infestation of crows, so she buys a scarecrow from a mysterious salesman -- and soon discovers that the scarecrow has the power to scare ...more

Night of the Mummy Jan 21 2012 - When a rare Egyptian exhibit comes to town, Seth discovers a horrible secret that connects him with the mummy of The Boy Pharaoh.

The Cast Oct 20 2012 - When Lex (Robert Capron) rats out his friends for egging the house of a mysterious cat lady, her cats begin to follow him and take interest in his increasingly itchy arm cast.

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Grampires (Part 1) Oct 13 2012 - When Mike (Mitchell Kummen) and Cristen (Chanelle Peloso) visit their grandpa (Christopher Lloyd) at his retirement community, they soon discover why its residents only come out at night as the ...more

Grampires (Part 2) Oct 13 2012 - The grandpa must protect and save his grandchildren from the bloodthirsty residents of his retirement community.

The Weeping Woman Oct 27 2012 - Chi (Rico Rodriguez) learns the scary folk tale of the child-stealing river witch called "La Llorona." He soon comes face to face with the terrifying creature and must defeat her to

The Golem (Part 1) Dec 08 2012 - Jeremy and Bonnie are saddened to learn of the passing of their grandmother and travel to her homeland of Russia to spread her ashes. But soon after they arrive, a bewildering secret is ...more

My Imaginary Friend Nov 24 2012 - Shawn (Ryan Lee) is happy to make friends with a mysterious being named Travis, but soon the two are faced with a dilemma when Shawn's brother begins to butt heads with Travis, who just so ...more

The Golem (Part 2) Dec 08 2012 - After arriving to his late grandmother's homeland of Russia to spread her ashes, Jeremy must use what he knows about a certain secret from her past to save the village and his sister from a ...more

Intruders Nov 03 2012 - A young girl, who's been unhappy ever since the birth of her baby brother, makes a deal with a seemingly harmless forest creature who promises to give the girl a better life with a new family in ...more

Red Eye Nov 17 2012 - It's always a good day for Georgia (Mackenzie Foy) when she gets a postcard from her traveling father away in another country, but soon she has reason to believe that he is being followed by ...more