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Below is a complete Rab C. Nesbitt episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Rab C. Nesbitt episodes are listed along with the Rab C. Nesbitt episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Rab C. Nesbitt episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Rab C. Nesbitt's Seasonal Greet” to “Work” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Rab C. Nesbitt episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.


Fitba Jul 15 1991 - Rab gets an offer of a free trip to the World Cup in Italy, if he takes an old man with him.

Home Dec 31 1992 - Mary's cousin Shug and his wife Phoebe come to stay with the Nesbitts for Hogmanay.

More Dec 19 1994 - Xmas Special: Gash wants to get married to his new girlfriend, and Ella gets a toyboy and kicks Jamesie out on the street.

The Making Of 2008 Christmas Special Behind the scenes of the Christmas 2008 Special.

Rab C Nesbitt's Seasonal Greet Dec 22 1988 - Tis the season of goodwill and Mary is full of the Christmas spirit, whereas Rab is just full of spirits. Disillusioned with the whole idea of the festive season, Rab embarks on a one man ...more

Clean Dec 23 2008 - Christmas Special 2008: Mary goes out to work leaving a newly sober Rab to make his own tea.

John Sergeant Meets Rab C Nesbitt Nov 09 2011 - How does a worldwide recession affect a waster, a workshy scrounger, a freeloading sponger like Rab C Nesbitt? In a hard-hitting, face-to-face interview, John Sergeant travels to Govan to ...more

Rab C. Nesbitt's Seasonal Greet Dec 22 1988 -

Work Dec 22 1990 - After waiting three days for Rab to come back from the butcher shop on what should have been a routine purchase, Mary moves out and leaves Rab and their sons to look after themselves. Rab is ...more

City of Culture Oct 11 1990 - Glasgow's new image as the 'City of Culture' looks set to be tarnished by a cynical Rab.

Holiday Nov 01 1990 - The Nesbitts are in Spain on holiday, after Mary wins a competition on a packet of oven chips.

Fitba Jul 15 1991 -

Drink Oct 18 1990 - Rab is told by the doctor that he only has a year to live, if he doesn't stop drinking that is.

Rat Oct 04 1990 - Rab gets involved in the local by-elections and Mary finds a rat in the kitchen.

Offski Oct 25 1990 - The police are after Rab for outstanding payments. Gash runs off to London in search of his girlfriend and Rab also decides to do a runner to London, so he drops in on a relative, ...more

Stool Nov 09 2011 - The new minister arrives at Rab's church with two serious drawbacks - she is a woman and English.

Broke Oct 05 2011 - When Rab returns home he finds out that Mary has kidnapped the government minister for work as revenge for losing her job. The couple have no idea what to do next when and after a full-scale ...more

Fugue Oct 12 2011 - The bottom falls out of the cleaning business, so Mary and Ella put their singing talents to good use by forming a girl band - and after a successful first gig, they set their sights on winning ...more

Fight Oct 26 2011 - The drop-in centre falls victim to council cuts, so Rab fights back, but when a spot on local radio and a meeting with the council leader amount to nothing, he feels it is time for a grand ...more

Cuts Oct 19 2011 - Jamesie's philandering ways finally catch up with him when he learns he is about to become a father - and when he comes clean to Ella, she performs a spot of amateur surgery on her unfaithful ...more

Role Nov 02 2011 - Peaches chooses Rab as her role model for a school project, but when he recognises her teacher as a fellow member of his self-help group, he wonders how he can live up to her expectations when ...more

Country May 14 1992 - Rab decides to take the family up to the highlands for the weekend.

Home Dec 31 1992 -

Lesson May 21 1992 - When Rab is released from prison, and Mary doesn't want him back, he moves in with Jamesie and begins to have flashbacks to his days at school and his first love Isobel.

Ethics Jun 11 1992 - Rab is stalked by a homeless man after preventing the man's suicide attempt.

Life Has Meaning Jun 18 1992 - Rab has an argument with the devil worshipper who lives next door, and gets a curse put on him.

That's Entertainment Jun 04 1992 - Rab comes into contact with Social Services reject and local headcase Young Young McGurn.

Domestic May 28 1992 - When Rab returns home to find his bairns have been taken into care, he's so upset he can hardly finish his kebab.

Rich Nov 23 1993 - Mary lands a job with a lecherous boss, and Rab, fearing she may dump him, turns to his pal Jamesie Cotter for advice on improving his love life.

Cell Dec 23 1993 - Rab is thrown into a grimy police cell for being drunk and disorderly and is shocked to find a guard pointing a gun at him.

Gifted Nov 30 1993 - A strange new affliction is visited on the Nesbitt household. Rab's younger son Burney has been diagnosed as gifted and begins attending weekend classes for advanced tuition. But as his talent ...more

Touch Nov 16 1993 - Mary has a new job, but her boss seems a bit too friendly, which makes Rab think that she's having an affair.

Right Dec 14 1993 - The beer-swilling Scottish sage decides to behave respectably on his release from jail. But with Burney adopting fascist tendencies, Gash on drugs, Mary at her wits end, and a new Tory local ...more

Wean Dec 07 1993 - With Ella's biological clock ticking loudly and husband Jamesie less potent than a seedless orange, parenthood seems a pretty unlikely prospect. Fortunately, Rab offers to supply the wherewithal ...more

Love Sep 19 1994 - Rab is back living with his mother, because he is unable to say to Mary that he loves her. Family member Screech is living with the Nesbitts. Rab and Jaimsie go out on the town to pick up

More Dec 29 1994 -

Test Oct 10 1994 - Rab needs to wear glasses after having his eyes tested and Mary is reluctant to go for another smear test.

Eorpa Oct 17 1994 - The Govan local tv station gets excited when both Rab and Jamesie are accused of committing murder.

Further Oct 24 1994 - Norrie the barman can't find anyone to volunteer for the brewery sponsored charity walk across Scotland, until he mentions free drinks.

Buckfast Oct 03 1994 - Rab and Jamesie take a spiritual trip to the Buckfast Abbey brewery.

Mother Sep 26 1994 - Rab is living rough out on the local dump, when he gets some sad news concerning his mother.

New Aug 21 1998 - The thought of a new Labour government and a new daughter-in-law, makes Rab start to feel his age.

Back Sep 25 1998 - Rab is suffering from a bad back, but that doesn't stop Jamesie from sticking an emotional knife into it.

Property Sep 11 1998 - Mary gets mugged while out walking, and Gash decides to leave his wife and go off with her sister.

Cocktails Aug 28 1998 - The relief barman at the pub is an ex Broadmoor resident called Mad Dog, who quickly leaves Rab and Jamesie struggling with a problem involving 'fashionable drugs'.

Duel Sep 04 1998 - Rab goes on a booze cruise to Millport which opens up some old wounds for him.

Community Sep 18 1998 - Everyone in Govan is sad at the news that Country singer Marilou Devine has tragically passed away, except for Rab who has just been sentenced to community service.

Heat May 14 1999 - After serving a jail sentence for setting fire to the house because Mary had gone off with Jamesie, Rab gets a job as a dishwasher but is still planning to get his revenge.

Trips Jun 18 1999 - Rab is trying to organise the invitations to Barney Feeney's birthday booze-up, where the men are hoping to run riot and raise hell, for a change.