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Below is a complete Rad Girls episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Rad Girls episodes are listed along with the Rad Girls episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Rad Girls episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Rad Serves; Wax the Beaver; Palms Thai Restaurant; Smellevator; Wheel of Puke” and “Preggers Strip Party; Rad Girls Anti-Smoking Campagin; Burrito Roulette; Old Man Make Out.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Rad Girls episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Behind the Scenes Get to know the Rad Girls better! Go behind the scenes and see clips of "Hot Sauce Shots" and "Stripper Auditions".

Fart In Mouth; Fat Guy Sushi; Stripper Auditions; Crane Wedgies; Turd Batting Cages; Hot Sauce Shots; The Cyst May 01 2007 - Ramona asks people from the street if she can fart in their mouth;The Rad Girls eat sushi off of a fat guys body parts; Ramona and Darling audition to be stip club strippers. In the process they ...more

Bridal Boxing; Nipple Slip News; Los Luchadores; Guess My Lunch; No Bathroom Break May 08 2007 - Munchie and Ramona go boxing in wedding dresses; It's Rad Girls Action News with Dee Clementino! Darling interviews people on the street while her nipple is exposed; Munchie and Ramona wrestle ...more

Rad Girls vs. Supermodels; Marco Polo; Human Bouquet; Blow Me Jun 05 2007 - The Rad Girls do multiple tasks against models to see who is better. Featuring a song by the Hazzards; The girls play a game of marco polo throughout the town and it's stores; The girls make ...more

Rad Serves; Wax the Beaver; Palms Thai Restaurant; Smellevator; Wheel of Puke Apr 21 2007 - Darling serves tennis balls to Munchie and Ramona's butts; Ramona waxes her pubic hair with a car; Ramona covers herself with water and flops on the ground like a fish, while making dolphin ...more

Super Yeast Infection; X-Rated Mimes; Tumble Dry; Lube Luge; Pizza Porn; Show Me Your Junk May 15 2007 - It's Rad Girls Action News with Dee Clementino! Darling interviews people on the street while itching her pubes. She then reveals her hand covered in yeast; The girls do extremely inappropriate ...more

Hot Sauce Bath; Belly Flop Contest; Rad Tattoo; Wasabi Facemask Jun 19 2007 - "Rad Girls Theme" music video by The Hazzards; Clementine takes a bath in hot sauce, then a shower in milk; Ramona, Munchie, and Clementine do belly flops off of a diving board and get ...more

Best of (2) Jul 03 2007 - Burrito Roulette; May I Fart in your Mouth?; Staircase Slide; No Bathroom Break

Best of (1) Jun 26 2007 - Wax the Beaver; Bridal Boxing; Wheel of Puke; Old Man Make Out; Cream of Corn Run

Staircase Slide; Bovine Bistro; Meat Bikini; Cream of Corn Run; Pop Snorting; Dutch Oven May 22 2007 - The Rad Girls slide down the stairs on surfboards, in sleeping bags, and in tubs; Ramona makes Munchie and Darling a bull ball and camel penis meal; Darling walks around in a bikini made of ...more

Preggers Strip Party; Rad Girls Anti-Smoking Campagin; Burrito Roulette; Old Man Make Out May 29 2007 - The Rad Girls try to freak out a male stripper by trying to convince him to marry Clementine; The girls go out and spray fire hydrants and pour water on people on the street's cigarettes; The ...more

Breakfest Bong; Fun in Burqas; Bikini Trespassing; Lunch Bong; Open Mic Night(Mare); Dinner Bong Nov 28 2008 - Munchie Beer bongs her breakfest; The girls don Burqas and go about their daily fun; The Girls strip down to bikinis and go about trespassing in places; Munchie continues with the meal bonging, ...more

Security!; Catwalk Catastrophe; Catgirl Munchie; Invisible Rope; Gas Station Beer Bong; Sand Monster; Bay Bar Follies Dec 19 2008 - Ramona dresses up as security and polices a swap meet; The Girls don bikinis for a catwalk; Munchie dresses up as a cat and does cat like things; The Girls do the "Invisible Rope" ...more

All Dolled Up; Belching Ali; Balut; Waitress On Wheels; What Would Jesus Do? Dec 05 2008 - Clem goes to a salon to get her hair did; The Girls team up with Belching Ali and impresses people on the boardwalk; Clem impersonates a Sonic waitress on wheels; The Girls dress up like Jesus ...more

Mace in the Face; Prego Crowd Surf; Eating Bugs; Period Stain; Brain Damage; Pepper Puss; Munchie eats a Toenail Dec 12 2008 - Ramona takes Mace to the Face; Clem dons a prego suit and goes crowd surfing; Munchie eats dead bugs from the tour bus; Ramona makes it appear as she has period blood on her shorts and legs and ...more

Clem's Colostomy Bag; Red Carpet Rips; ¬°Bailamos!; Assless Ski Bibs; Senior Shuffleboard; Netti Pot Dec 26 2008 - Clem wears a bikini and a colostomy bag and trys to converse with people on the beach; Munchie randomly pulls out rips while being interviewed on the red carpet; Ramona dresses up like the ...more

Vegetable Battered Women; Geisha Gangsta; Hot Shocks; Clem's Bull Ride; Dippin' With Todd Nov 14 2008 - Ramona and Clem beat each other with vegetables; Ramona plays gangsta in a sushi restaurant; The girls play with a Cattle Prod; Clem rides her first bull; The girls try tobacco chew for the ...more

ABC Gum; Wacko Wake Surfing; Ramona Gets Tasered; The Space Invader; Munchie Chugs Pee Nov 07 2008 - The Girls Chew "Already Been Chewed" Gum; Clem Surfs in alligator filled waters while chum gets thrown on her; Ramona gets tazed; Jenny Jenn Pants invades peoples space on a beach; ...more

The Panhandler; Hot Wings Face-off; CA$H vs. VASQUEZ Nov 21 2008 - Clem panhandles on the street for a white collar job; the girls have a hot wing eating challenge; Ramona steps into the ring with a 12 year old boxer Vasquez.