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Below is a complete Ramar of the Jungle episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Ramar of the Jungle episodes are listed along with the Ramar of the Jungle episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Ramar of the Jungle episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Lady of the Leopards” and “Dark Venture.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Ramar of the Jungle episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Evil Trek Jan 01 1952 - While researching a medical project. Dr. Reynolds and Prof. Ogden learn of an area ruled by a woman called The White Goddess, who uses a witch doctor's secret formula to remain young and rule ...more

White Man's Magic Aug 29 1953 - Conway, a somewhat crazed ventriloquist, wanders into Ramar's camp after having been lost in the jungle. The natives, seeing Conway's dummy, believe it to be a god, steal it, and bring it to ...more

The Mask of Kreenah May 23 1953 -

Thunder Over Sangoland Oct 03 1953 -

Tribal Feud May 16 1953 - Trudy Van Dyne has been kidnapped by a wandering tribe, and her father asks Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Ogden to help find her. They eventually trace her to a village, but discover that the local witch ...more

The Flaming Mountain Jul 22 1953 - While archaeologists are attempting to recover a golden tablet, they are captured by natives, who accuse them of breaking a sacred taboo. Reynolds and Ogden must find them and rescue them before ...more

Valley of No Return Oct 10 1953 -

Drums of the Jungle May 02 1953 - An American trader can't convince the chief of a native tribe to exchange their ivory for gold. However, the village's corrupt witch doctor is more than happy to make the trade and, unknown to ...more

The Doomed Safari May 09 1953 - Jeff Sharpe, an old college friend of Dr. Reynolds, arrives in Africa in search of a rumored vast uranium deposit. Reynolds warns him that another scientist who had come seeking out the same ...more

White Savages Apr 25 1953 - Ramar hears about a rare substance that halts the effects of aging. The only problem is that it is in territory controlled by The White Goddess, where white men are forbidden to enter. ...more

Mark of Shaitan Jun 27 1953 - Prof. Ogden is attacked by a member of the sinister Shaitan devil-worshiping cult, and when he awakes he has the mark of Shaitan burned into his hand. The legend is that when the mark disappears ...more

Lady of the Leopards Aug 08 1953 - Dr. Reynolds finds a woman dressed only in leopard skins who is held captive by her husband. The husband explains that during a full moon, the woman turns into a man-eating leopard. A suspicious ...more

Jungle Treasure Jul 04 1953 -

Voice of the Past Sep 05 1953 - Dr. Reynolds treats a man whose wife has just died in an accident. When the natives begin hearing voices coming out of the darkness and see what they believe to be ghosts, they fear that the ...more

Burning Barrier Jun 06 1953 -

Savage Fury Sep 26 1953 -

The Voice in the Sky May 30 1953 - Ramar investigates when he hears that tribesmen are bringing their daughters to be sacrificed at a jungle altar after being ordered to by a voice that comes out of the sky.

The Blue Treasure Jul 11 1953 - Dr. Reynold and Prof. Ogden are suddenly attacked by a tribe whose members are wearing a distinctive blue face paint, something neither of the men has ever seen before. The attackers are driven ...more

The Golden Tablet Aug 01 1953 - Dr. Reynolds and a beautiful young woman run into a greedy explorer who believes that the inscription on a golden tablet he discovered is the key to a treasure of unimaginable wealth, and he ...more

Zombie Terror Sep 12 1953 - A mad scientist turns Prof. Ogden into a murderous zombie, and sends him on a mission to murder Dr. Reynolds.

Mark of the Bola Jul 18 1953 - A safari ends disastrously when all the native guides and their leader are mysteriously murdered. The only survivor is the leader's wife, and the superstitious natives believe she is a witch who ...more

Curse of the Devil Doll Jul 25 1953 - Chief Matumbo sends for Dr. Reynolds to try to help an explorer who is dying from a mysterious illness. When the doctor arrives at the village, however, the natives try to kill him. It turns out ...more

The Unknown Terror Jun 13 1953 - Ramar travels to a teak lumber camp in the jungle to investigate a series of seemingly unexplainable accidents.

Danger in Disguise Jun 20 1953 - Ramar and Prof. Ogden come across two botanists who have just, they claim, killed their native guide in self-defense. Believing their story, the men are offered lodging for the night at Ramar's ...more

Drums of Doom Aug 15 1953 -

Savage Challenge Sep 19 1953 - Willy takes Dr. Reynolds to Kangaland to meet his people, but when they get there they discover that a witch doctor has seized control during the chief's sickness. Reynolds gives the chief a ...more

Dark Justice Oct 24 1953 - Ramar is asked to examine a buried body hidden in a grave in the jungle. He discovers the man was poisoned and exposes the murderer.

The Crocodile God of Kaa Feb 06 1954 - The brutal Crocodile cult of Kaa is kidnapping villagers and threatening to sacrifice them if a ransom is not paid. The cultists have superhuman strength, and Dr. Reynolds sets out to discover ...more

Jungle Terror Apr 03 1954 - A small plane crashes in an area ruled by a tribe of murderous cannibals. Ramar sets out to rescue the survivors before they become they become the main entrée on the cannibals' dinner

The Lost Safari Dec 19 1953 - Ramar attempts to locate a noted scientist and his assistants who have disappeared in the jungle.

The Tiger's Claw Feb 13 1954 - A plantation owner is killed in an apparent tiger attack, but Reynolds and Prof. Ogden don't believe it was a tiger. They set out to determine who the real killer is before they themselves ...more

The Mystic Pawn Feb 27 1954 - Ramar helps a businessman whose daughter has joined a cult whose leader is trying to extort money from her.

The Road of No Return Mar 13 1954 - After stopping to drink at a jungle well, Ramar and Prof. Ogden fall into a stupor, and are taken prisoner by a strange tribe.

Dark Venture Dec 12 1953 - A beautiful but evil scientist plans to test her latest discovery, atomic gas, on the local natives. Dr. Reynolds finds out about her despicable scheme and sets out to stop her.

The Hidden Treasure Jan 30 1954 - A doctor's houseboy is murdered, and all the clues lead to a missing talisman and the mysterious Kaali cult.

Queen of Sidonis Oct 31 1953 - A jungle queen fiercely defends her precious jewels. Ramar comes to her aid when her throne is threatened by traitors.

Jungle Vengeance Jan 09 1954 - Ramar rescues a young woman missionary from the perils of the jungle.

Urn of Destiny Jan 23 1954 - After an American explorer removes the the sacred "Urn of Destiny" from the Tomb of Akara, he is suddenly seized by murderous rages, but then has no recollection of anything that he ...more

The Forbidden Village Feb 20 1954 - While traveling through the jungle in search of the Forbidden Village, Ogden and Reynolds come upon an American photographer who has just been chased from the village. The villagers believe that ...more

The Bride of the Idol Mar 06 1954 - A friend of Zahir is kidnapped by members of the Shanda cult, who intend to make her the bride of their murderous god. Reynolds and Prof. Ogden set out to rescue the girl from a fate worse than

The Sacred Monkey Dec 26 1953 - Tom and Howard come across a savage tribe that worships a breed of monkeys that they say lives longer than human beings do. Wanting to investigate this further, the pair seek out the tribe's ...more

Evil Strangers Oct 17 1953 - Kidnappers hide a wealthy industrialist in the jungle and choose Ramar as the contact for the ransom.

The Tree of Death Nov 07 1953 - A missing wrist watch worn by a native provides the only clue to a jungle mystery. The solution is buried beneath the tribal tree of death.

Flower of Doom Mar 20 1954 - Two men who have stolen the sacred tablets of an ancient tribe suddenly come down with a sickness that makes them waste away.

Idol Voo-Doo Nov 28 1953 - An American explorer has stolen sacred idols from the Ngoma village, which the villagers believed protected them from illness and evil spirits. When the natives began to come down with ...more

Contraband Mar 27 1954 - Two poachers plan to attack and rob a convoy of natives who are bringing ivory tusks to a nearby trading post.

Striped Fury Apr 10 1954 - Wild animal hunter Jack O'Malley arrives in the area searching for two tigers that have escaped while being transported to India. The beasts are attacking and killing the natives, and the locals ...more

Blind Peril Jan 02 1954 - Ramar arouses the natives to protect themselves against unscrupulous outlaws.

The Devil's Soul Jan 16 1954 - Ogden and Reynolds come upon a local funeral, and are shocked to see that the "dead" man on the funeral pyre is very much alive. The natives believe that they have just seen the ...more

Trail to Danger Nov 11 1953 - A local postman is attacked and stabbed by two men hoping to intercept a map to an unclaimed diamond mine being sent to a man and his daughter. Learning of the circumstances from the dying ...more