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Below is a complete Rejseholdet episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Rejseholdet episodes are listed along with the Rejseholdet episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Rejseholdet episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Assistancemelding A-3/01” to “Assistancemelding A-4/01” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Rejseholdet episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Assistancemelding A-6/00 Oct 22 2000 - When an elderly lady is murdered in Nakskov, details emerge from her younger female lodger, who says she saw an unfamiliar man leave the house just after the crime. Fischer's relationship with ...more

Nov 05 2000 - Ulla, a teacher from Roskilde, has celebrated her 30th birthday with a big party among friends and relatives. On her way home from the party she disappears without a trace. Her husband calls the ...more

Oct 29 2000 - A young couple's wedding day is ruined by a murder. The killing seems unfeasible and the forensics experts are perplexed when Unit One arrives. Soon, many of the villagers are under suspicion. ...more

Assistancemelding A-21/99, del 1 Oct 08 2000 - The deceased, a pub owner from Horsens and an old acquaintance of the police, was discovered after being liquidated. He also has outstanding business with the local bikers. But Ingrid thinks the ...more

Assistancemelding A-19/00, del 1 Nov 19 2000 - A whole town is in fear because a masked man has been assaulting elderly women who live on their own. The assaults are becoming increasingly violent and everyone is afraid that the next one will ...more

Assistancemelding A-19/00, del 2 Nov 26 2000 - The disguised man who attacks elderly women strikes again. But he is constantly one step ahead of the police, who are at a loss. Ulf arrives and demands a result, and is confronted by IP. ...more

Assistancemelding A-17/00 Nov 12 2000 - Fischer and La Cour have taken a holiday on the North Sea with Fischer's family. Their holiday is soon ruined when the local force receives an anonymous tip-off that a homicide has been ...more

Assistancemelding A-21/99, del 2 Oct 15 2000 - Fischer and La Cour find Grue, the biker president, who is carrying a sawn-off shotgun around which resembles the murder weapon from their case. But the revelation that follows is not what they ...more

Assistancemelding A-19-00 (1) Nov 19 2000 - En hel egn er opskræmt, efter en hætteklædt mand gennem længere tid har forgrebet sig på ensomt boende ældre kvinde – overfaldene ...more

Assistancemelding A-19/00 (2) Nov 26 2000 - (Fortsat).Det lykkes den hætteklædte gerningsmand, som overfalder ældre kvinder stadigt grovere, at slå til igen. Men hvordan kan han hele ...more

Assistancemelding A-15/99 Oct 01 2000 - Chief of Investigation of Unit One, Torben Rønne, is found murdered in his house along with Henning Ravn, a friend of his who was temporarily living at Torben's. Ingrid Dahl is promoted ...more

Assistance Report A-21/99, part 1 Oct 08 2000 -

Assistance Report A-21/99, part 2 Oct 15 2000 -

Assistancemelding A-31/00, del 1 Apr 15 2001 - The body of the 10-year-old is found in a stream in the woods just outside of Hellebæk. No boy of the description is missing. La Cour dreams of a bag that is found at the harbour and has ...more

Apr 22 2001 - La Cour is taken into custody and is ordered home to Copenhagen. In the mean time, the investigation team contacts Karin, the sister of Andersen who tells them that the man that visited Andersen ...more

Assistancemelding A-31/00 (1) Apr 15 2001 - The body of the 10-year-old is found in a stream in the woods just outside of Hellebæk. No boy of the description is missing. La Cour dreams of a bag that is found at the harbour and has ...more

Assistancemelding A-31/00 (1) Apr 22 2001 - (Fortsat).Det er nu fastslået, at de myrdede drenge er blevet misbrugt af den samme mand.Men samtidigt er gerningsmanden blevet fundet hængt - og la Cours fingeraftryk ...more

Assistancemelding A-30/00 Apr 08 2001 - Local police overhears a shooting. A teenage girl comes running against them yelling "They're gonna kill me, they're gonna kill me!". The female police officer finds the body of Irana ...more

Assistancemelding A-24/00 Mar 11 2001 - A young boy is kidnapped on his 9th birthday. The team discovers him alive and well, but getting him back to his mother is not simple. Ulf and Kirsten take a trip to London.

Assistancemelding A-26/00 Mar 25 2001 - The owner of a chocolate factory is found murdered. Did his murder have something to do with his appetite for young women and kinky sex, or is there something else at play?

Assistancemelding A-28/00 Apr 01 2001 - A woman dies in a house fire. Her 8 year old daughter fights for her life in hospital. Was the fire an accident or arson?

Assistancemelding A-25/00 Mar 18 2001 - A lawyer with a history of getting defendants to retract confessions uses the technique to exonerate the perpetrator of a crime that the team previously investigated. Then the lawyer and his ...more

Assistancemelding A-12/01 Feb 17 2002 - When local crime boss Bob is found murdered in his own S&M dungeon in a custom made monkey cage in Fredericia, the unit is involved in a case of revenge and jealousy.

Assistancemelding A-7/01 (1) Jan 27 2002 - En midaldrende entreprenør, kaldet Farmand, bliver fundet død kort tid efter, han er blevet løsladt fra Horsens Statsfængsel. En af de mænd han har haft et ...more

Assistancemelding A-9/01 Feb 10 2002 - Et ældre par tager ind på en smuk kro til en romantisk weekend. Senere på aftenen ringer manden anonymt til Ingrid og fortæller, at han har dræbt sin kone. Men hvad ...more

Assistancemelding A-19/01 (2) Apr 01 2002 - The Indian has kidnapped Gaby, and La Cour and Fisher is on their tail, IP is trying to protect The Indian's ex-girlfriend who are also the murdered student's sister; this dramatic episode was ...more

Assistancemelding A-13/01 Feb 24 2002 - En hel familie har tilsyneladende udslettet sig selv - men så enkelt er det ikke. Rejseholdet må rykke ud, da alt tyder på, at én udenfor familien har begået ...more

Assistancemelding A-16/01 Mar 10 2002 - På Bornholm kommer en 15-årig pige ikke hjem som aftalt efter en fest - næste morgen bliver hun fundet myrdet, og Rejseholdet bliver tilkaldt. Meget tyder på, at mordet ...more

Assistancemelding A-7/01 (2) Feb 03 2002 - Kåre har tilstået, at det var ham, som dræbte to mennesker, da han forsøgte at røve en pengetransport, uden hjælp fra andre. Rejseholdet tror ikke på ...more

Assistancemelding A-15/01 Mar 03 2002 - Da Finn en morgen ankommer til sin fiskeforretning, ligger hans kone myrdet indenfor. Det ligner en reel likvidering, og Rejseholdet bliver tilkaldt. Har Finn noget med mordet at gøre, ...more

Assistancemelding A-17/01 Mar 17 2002 - When Johnny finds a couple of Polish girls in the back of a truck near Slagelse the unit is getting involved in a case of human trafficking and quickly tie it to the Polish mafia.

Assistancemelding A-19/01 (1) Mar 24 2002 - En 17-årig dreng er forsvundet og eftersøgt af det lokale politi. Det bliver La Cour, som via sit tilhørsforhold til drengens skole, og sit særlige talent, sætter ...more

Assistancemelding A-2/01 Dec 30 2001 - A psychology student meets up with one of her regular chat friends. After she disappears it takes six months before Unit One is on the case.

Assistancemelding A-3/01 Jan 06 2002 - Christian and Andreas Dahl are shot when they confront two famous criminals in burying stolen money in Kalundborg. Tina Lauritsen, the wife of Christian, is later found with her throat slit. The ...more

Assistancemelding A-6/01 Jan 20 2002 - A hotel is set on fire in Nyborg, killing 32 people. A local pyromaniac, Henning Jørgensen, is taken into questioning, but fails to answer where the fire started. In a side story, a ...more

Assistancemelding A-4/01 Jan 13 2002 - Unit One is called to Aabenrå when parts of a woman body is found in Knapsø. As Unit One checks the German Missing List, a witness tells of a silver Audi from where a man tossed a ...more

Assistancemelding A-05/03 (2) Jan 01 2004 - Rockerpræsidenten Jack og hans hjælpere har fået spærret Fischer og Johnny inde og afskåret deres kontakt med resten af holdet - der er lagt op til en likvidering, ...more

Assistancemelding A-05/03 (1) Dec 25 2003 - Et sted i Danmark bliver en prostitueret kvinde fundet myrdet og lemlæstet. Alt tyder på en yderst kompliceret sag, med forbindelse til landets justitsminister. Ingrid, som nu er ...more