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Below is a complete Relic Hunter episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Relic Hunter episodes are listed along with the Relic Hunter episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Relic Hunter episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Three Rivers to Cross” and “Wages of Sydney.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Relic Hunter episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Incognito Nov 12 2001 - Event: NEW GUINEA 1522 A.D. Sydney and Nigel are on the run from headhunters after recovering a lancet, which Nigel cuts himself with. They are confronted by a rival Relic Hunter who is a dead ...more

Treasure Island Oct 15 2001 - Event: THE SPANISH MAIN 1790 A.D. The wife of a deceased criminal relic hunter, Jamie Palmerston, approaches Sydney and asks for her help recovering the real-life treasure that Robert Louis ...more

Warlock of Nu Theta Phi Jan 14 2002 - Event: NEW ENGLAND COLONIES 1692 A.D. Hundreds of years in the past a Wiccan ceremony is interrupted by the locals. In the present, the amulet used in the ceremony is given to Sydney's student ...more

All Choked Up Nov 19 2001 - Event: GREECE 800 B.C. Sydney is grabbed by mysterious men, who lock a necklace on her. The next morning, under the influence of Carson Inez, she declares an indefinite leave of absence and ...more

The Light of Truth Oct 08 2001 - Event: ARABIA 843 A.D. A man preparing to shoot one of Sydney's students is killed by a mysterious assassin...who turns out to be the bodyguard to the student, Prince Shareem. Shareem is looking ...more

Devil Doll Nov 05 2001 - Event: CENTRAL AMERICA 1488 A.D. Sydney and Nigel are in Central America with a guide, Carlos, tyring to get into an Aztec pyramid. They succeed and recover a ruby-eyed statue. Carlos betrays ...more

Arthur's Cross Apr 15 2002 - Event: ENGLAND 455 A.D. Nigel and Sydney are called in to investigate a man bludgeoned to death with what turns out to be a relic: the Cross of Arthur. Winston Hubbard has been seeking the ...more

Vampire's Kiss Oct 29 2001 - Event: CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1720 A.D. In the past, a vampiric count disappears with a chalice, just ahead of an angry mob. In the present day, sexy vampire writer and lecturer Lucas Blackmer asks ...more

Mr. Right Sep 24 2001 - Event: BALI, INDONESIA 1459 A.D. After recovering an artifact in Bali, Sydney meets an old friend, Gray, and decides to remain there on vacation with him while Nigel heads back to the states. ...more

The Warlord May 06 2002 - Event: BEKKASTAN, 1401 A.D. A horse rider asserts her right and ability to lead the clan seated upon a remarkable saddle. Back in the present, Sydney and Nigel uncover a wall-painting of the ...more

Under the Ice Feb 18 2002 - Event: ARCTIC CIRCLE 1355 A.D. Sydney and Nigel are called to an Antarctic research base. Traveling there with a mechanic and an accountant (actually a secret NIA agent), they find the corpses ...more

Fountain of Youth May 13 2002 - Event: PASCUS FLORIDA, WEST INDIES 1521 Sydney and Nigel are in Seville when a mysterious woman wants a letter from the Duke from Nigel. She escapes, and it turns out Nigel's brother Preston was ...more

Hunting with the Enemy Feb 04 2002 - Event: CAMBODIA 1952 While waiting to meet with Professor Cho in Cambodia, Sydney and Nigel are hijacked by Masters, a demolition expert who takes them to meet with Sydney's nemesis Fabrice De ...more

Faux Fox Apr 22 2002 - Event: ROYAL PALACE, MADRID 1808 Nigel is making time with a beautiful young student, Lorraine, with an interest in relic hunting in the office when Sydney is hit over the head by a thief, who ...more

Women Want to Know Jan 21 2002 - Event: SOUTHEAST ASIA 1075 A.D. Sydney is out in the field looking for a relic while accompanied by a women's talk show hostess and her cameraman. Nigel and Karen are back at the office. Sydney ...more

Star of Nadir Oct 22 2001 - Event: PALACE OF THE TALIBS, ENDOSTAN 1423 A.D. Sydney and Nigel travel to the Middle East to meet an old friend of Sydney's, who is now a queen, only to discover that she has died in a ...more

Sydney at Ten Oct 01 2001 - Event: ST. BEATRICE'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 20 YEARS AGO In flashback we find out that Sydney's mentor at boarding school was an archaeologist, and was murdered over an Egyptian necklace. Young ...more

Wages of Sydney Sep 17 2001 - Event: QUAN SHU FORTRESS, MANCHURIA 1359 A.D. Sydney and Nigel are hot on the trail of a Chinese ""dragon's egg"" concerning an early contact-explosive like nitroglycerine. ...more

Fire in the Sky Jan 28 2002 - Event: PACIFIC NORTHWEST 1398 A.D. Sydney is approached by a businessman, Bobby Green, who wants Sydney to investigate the finding of a strange piece of a metal in a dig in Washington State. ...more

Antianeiral Feb 11 2002 - Event: ASIA MINOR 1200 B.C. A professor/mentor of Sydney's is killed and a staff piece stolen from him. Sydney and Nigel head off to Istanbul to investigate where they run up against Natasha ...more

Pandora's Box Apr 29 2002 - Event: AN-NAJAF, PERSIA 422 A.D. Mac Hollingsworth, an old-school relic hunter, leaves a key to Pandora's Box to Sydney in his will. She and Nigel travel to Baraq, where they are befriended by a ...more

So Shall it Be May 20 2002 - Event: STONEHENGE, ENGLAND 121 A.D. Sydney is plagued by dreams of De Viega as they meet with a druidic expert in England to get hold of a map leading to Druid astronomicon - the ...more

Nine Lives Feb 26 2000 - Event: EGYPT 1895 Elizabeth Ruckeyser, the curator of New York's Crawford Institute, summons Sydney and Nigel to track down a ancient Egyptian relic, the sacred statue of the cat goddess Mafdet ...more

Transformation Nov 06 1999 - Event: SALZBURG, AUSTRIA 1946 A military officer persuades Sydney and Nigel to join him on an undercover mission to locate the Paracelsus scrolls, fabled to contain the formula to turn lead into ...more

Possessed May 13 2000 - Event: LIBYA 1300'S Sydney and Nigel rush off to Brussels to search for Zeus' sacred sundial, at the request of Sydney's old friend, author Eric Dalt. Eric is convinced that his girlfriend is a ...more

A Good Year Apr 22 2000 - Event: PARIS 1792 The discovery of a hidden scroll sparks a mission to recover the lost crown jewels of France. The message points Sydney and Nigel to a winery, Chateau Halezan founded by Jerome ...more

The Book of Love Nov 20 1999 - Event: CASANOVA'S HIDEAWAY, ITALY 1749 Sydney and Nigel are persuaded by soccer player Roberto Giannini into launching a search for Casanova's Book of Love. Sydney begins to suspect that the ...more

Etched in Stone Nov 13 1999 - Event: NORTHUMBRIAN COAST 935 A.D. Stewie Harper shows up at the university posing as a visiting professor. He's got a lead on an ancient fortune but needs Sydney's expertise. Sydney, Nigel and ...more

Thank You Very Much Oct 23 1999 - Event: GERMANY 1960 A musician appeals to Sydney to help him find his lost guitar given to him by Elvis Presley. The three head first to Nashville, then Germany. Sydney fans an old flame for ...more

Irish Crown Affair Feb 05 2000 - Event: IRELAND 1000 A.D. Sydney's former classmate Molly fears the life of an online acquaintance is in danger and begs Sydney to help. Sean Bolger discovered an ancient scroll that could lead ...more

The Myth of the Maze Nov 27 1999 - Event: ATHENS, GREECE 3000 B.C. Stavros dangles an ancient trinket in front of both Claudia and Sydney in Athens. Stavros claims that the marble charm is the key to the fabled Minotaur's Maze. ...more

Memories of Montmartre May 27 2000 - Sydney's grandmother Isabelle's trunk of things sparks a trip into the past for Sydney, who's been fascinated with Isabelle who once sang at Paris' Moulin Rouge. Falsely accused of stealing a ...more

Diamond in the Rough Oct 30 1999 - Event: FENWAY PARK, BOSTON 1946 Arrogant baseball star Frank Newhouse hires Sydney to find the magical glove of former baseball great Jimmy Jonesboro, stolen more than 50 years ago. Sydney and ...more

Nothing but the Truth May 20 2000 - Event: THE BARBARY COAST 1534 Sydney's former mentor, Professor Chandler, passes away before finishing recovering the Ruby Chalice of Truth, his life's work, a long-fabled relic imbued with ...more

A Vanishing Art Mar 11 2000 - Event: BUDAPEST 1897 Magician Rex Rolands seeks out Sydney's expertise to locate a jewel-encrusted staff that belonged to the Hungarian royal family, Hungary's Cursed Scepter. The journal of a ...more

Flag Day Oct 16 1999 - Event: CALIFORNIA 1846 Sydney and Nigel see an old photo of the Pioneer's Bear Flag of California, believed to have been destroyed during the struggle to control the state in 1846. Tracking the ...more

Buddha's Bowl Sep 25 1999 - Event: NEPAL 523 B.C. Sydney and Nigel go to Nepal searching Buddha's bowl for villagers building a shrine to Siddhartha, the original Buddha. But Sydney's rival, Stewie Harper, is also ...more

Affaire de Coeur Mar 04 2000 - Event: SCOTLAND 1430 Sydney and Nigel head to the Scottish Highlands searching the missing half of the twine-ing rings that belonged to lovers from the 15th century. In legend whoever wears the ...more

The Last Knight Apr 29 2000 - Event: PARIS, FRANCE CIRCA 1300 Sydney and Nigel are off to Paris to authenticate both the find and the legend behind, after monks deliver a Knights Templar medallion to Dr. Jaebert, curator at ...more

The Headless Nun Oct 09 1999 - Event: NOVA SCOTIA 1600'S Sydney crash lands at a convent in Nova Scotia, while returning from an expedition. The Sisters of Mercy ask for help in finding the remains of Sister Evangeline, whose ...more

Afterlife and Death Feb 19 2000 - Event: EGYPT 1425 B.C. Sydney and Nigel go to Cairo to chase down the real tomb raider, when Sydney's old friend Bruce Farrow is framed for plundering the tomb of Thutmose III and pocketing the ...more

Smoking Gun Oct 02 1999 - Event: CHICAGO 1930 Sydney is persuaded to locate Al Capone's diamond encrusted gun by the grandson of a man framed for murder 70 years ago, which he hopes will clear his grandfather's name. ...more

The Emperor's Bride Feb 12 2000 - Event: HUANG RIVER, CHINA 1000 B.C. Sydney and Nigel investigate a Chinese antiquity that washed ashore in Alaska, more than 3000 miles from its origin being lost over 3000 years. In legend a ...more

Love Letter May 06 2000 - Event: A SMALL VILLAGE SOUTH OF PARIS 1789 Sydney and Nigel's graduate student Nicole Chamfort is convinced that young lovers from her ancestral hometown in France, were secretly married on the ...more

Midnight Flight Apr 23 2001 - Event: GERMANIA CIRCA 400 A.D. Sydney's old friend from the Louvre Museum begs to join the hunt for a ruby-encrusted scepter once wielded by Gunther the Brave. They discover afterwards that this ...more

The Legend of the Lost Oct 14 2000 - Event: VANUATU ISLANDS 4800 B.C. Government agent Derek Lloyd, who tricked Sydney and Nigel into a mission once before, lures Sydney to New Guinea by kidnapping Nigel. Sydney and Nigel don't ...more

Last of the Mochicas Oct 07 2000 - Event: SOUTH AMERICA 662 AD After recovering a vessel believed to contain the Great Warrior Spirit of the Mochicas and hopping a flight to Lima, Sydney and Nigel assume their adventure is ...more

Eyes of Toklamanee Feb 10 2001 - Event: MISSISSIPPI VALLEY 1605 Sydney's graduate student Adam Grant unearths a lead on the never found but most famous of all Native American artifacts: the legendary Eyes of Toklamanee. Adam's ...more

Roman Holiday Nov 11 2000 - Event: ROME 44 BC Sydney's colleague Professor Penrose has a lead on Caesar's breastplate, believed to render the wearer invincible, and heads for Rome to have an ancient text translated. ...more

Lost Contact Nov 25 2000 - Event: BURMA THE BRITISH-BURMESE WAR 1824 To rescue a relic-hunting team hired by billionaire entrepreneur Rod Thorson to locate an ancient sacrificial bowl, Sydney, Nigel and Thorson parachute ...more