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Below is a complete Rental Magica episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Rental Magica episodes are listed along with the Rental Magica episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Rental Magica episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Rebellion of the Demon Gods” and “Faith Etiquette.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Rental Magica episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Renting Useful Magic Oct 07 2007
The members of Astral fail in their efforts to capture a demonic hound due to the incompetence of its president, Itsuki Iba, and the hound is claimed by Adilisia Lenn Mathers, the head of ...more
Witch's Oath Oct 14 2007
As the Astral members converse about dates and corresponding unluckiness, Itsuki complains about the responsibilities of becoming president. As he takes a walk from the city, he is confronted by ...more
Purification of the Gods Oct 21 2007
Itsuki arrives late for an appointment at a shrine due to allowing Mikan to buy souvenirs at a festival. The request is from Shinogi Minagi, who requests a saniwa, or spirit medium to convene ...more
You Are Not Alone Oct 28 2007
Itsuki is in the hospital with a broken leg, where he converses with Manami Kuroha, a ghost inhabiting the hospital. Kuroha is overjoyed that someone can talk with her, and she asks Itsuki about ...more
Magi Night Nov 04 2007
Due to the low amounts of jobs Astral has taken since Itsuki took over, Kagezaki threatens to disband Astral if they do not take on a difficult mission. They are assigned to remove the magical ...more
Glam Sight Nov 11 2007
Kagezaki confronts Adilisia over a rumor that a Goetia member broke a taboo, but Itsuki's interjection convinces him to leave. Itsuki forms an alliance with Adilisia to destroy her father. ...more
Red-Headed Girl Nov 18 2007
Itsuki meets a girl in a park, and seeing her alone, gives her his food and his business card. She later goes to the Astral residence, asking to obtain a basilisk eye, shocking the Astral ...more
Hot Spring Magic Nov 25 2007
he Astral members go to a hot spring in order to cure Itsuki's eye, as hot springs are situated on magical ley lines, but note that the magic is too weak. They travel up the mountainside, and ...more
Father's Successor Dec 02 2007
Adilisia raids Tholoide's lab, but is defeated by Tholoide and Lapis. Back in Japan, Kagezaki brings an item once owned by Tsukasa Iba, Itsuki's father, that the Association was holding to ...more
Tears of the Homunculus Dec 09 2007
Lapis uses her basilisk eye to steal Itsuki's sight, preventing him from using his Glamsight. However, she retreats after Adilisia arrives, and Adilisia dispels Lapis' spell. Elsewhere, Honami ...more
The Flower that Blooms on the Dead Dec 16 2007
Astral is approached by Diana, the president of the magic items provision corporation Trismegistus, to find a special flower that is seeded within a human body and blooms after their death. As ...more
Requiem for the Holy Night Dec 23 2007
With all the Astral members busy, Itsuki goes into the city. Diana later comes to the Astral mansion, and tells Honami and Kuroha that Itsuki asked what girls liked for presents. Immediately ...more
Faith Etiquette Dec 30 2007
In a flashback, Honami recalls how she attended a wizarding school in Britain, and was widely considered a failure. Despite the criticism, she was fully committed to learning Celtic magic. ...more
Memories of the Stars Jan 13 2008
Astral is contacted by Kei Isurugi, a member of the school of Onmyōdō that Nekoyashiki once attended, to perform a ceremony at a mountain. Itsuki accompanies Nekoyashiki and Mikan, but they are ...more
Legend of the Mermaid Jan 20 2008
Shinogi and Moroha Minagi request that the Astral members return a funadama they found to a shrine on a beach. When Itsuki and Kuroha attempt to return it, they are sucked into the past due to ...more
Red Spear Jan 27 2008
While training in the mountains, Itsuki is attacked by a larva, a magical creature that makes nightmares reality, and is saved by Sekiren, a traveling member of Astral. On Itsuki's request, ...more
Rebellion of the Demon Gods Feb 03 2008
A Goetia ceremony to summon the demon Asmodai fails due to the interference of a former member, Clive Roland, once a disciple of Adelicia's father. Adelicia goes missing as a result and Daphne ...more
The Bond of Solomon Feb 10 2008
Daphne begins searching for Clive in order to find Adelicia, meeting Gara, Goetia's secretary, in the city. Gara is not aware of Clive's location, but after he leaves, Sekiren appears, and ...more
The Miko's Hometown Feb 17 2008
Mikan and Nekoyashiki return to Mikan's family, and their extended absence causes Itsuki to inquire as to their status. Suzuka Katsuragi, the head of the family and Mikan's grandmother, refuses ...more
Demonic Festival Feb 24 2008
The oni traps Kaori and is subsequently trapped in the Katsuragi ceremony; however, Kaori receives severe pain when the Katsuragi clan members remove one of the oni's horns. Suzuka calls Mikan ...more
White Dress and Black Dress Mar 02 2008
Adelicia is forced by the Association to either appoint a new head of Goetia or get married to legitimize her claim. To resolve this, she offers a marriage proposal to Honami. She explains to a ...more
Sleeping City Mar 09 2008
Sekiren becomes concerned after the Sekiren is disturbed by the errosion of a Buddhist idol that crumbles under his touch. Itsuki and Adelicia are enjoying a date. Itsuki and Adelicia are ...more
Changeling Mar 16 2008
Honami travels throughout the city, writing runes in her blood for the dragon summoning ceremony. Nekoyashiki explains to the remaining Astral members that Itsuki's father, Tsukasa Iba, chose ...more
Astral Mar 23 2008
The members of Astral go to the tower, and are confronted by the dragon. Sekiren, Mikan, and Kuroha begin to battle it, and the others continue into the tower. Nekoyashiki arrives first, but is ...more
A Requiem Offered on Christmas Eve Dec 24 2007
With all the Astral members busy, Itsuki goes into the city. Diana later comes to the Astral mansion, and tells Honami and Kuroha that Itsuki asked what girls liked for presents. Immediately ...more